Zigbee group wants more device IP connectivity

05 Mar 2008

The Zigbee Alliance is working on making more Web-based applications interoperable with devices that run on the low-power Zigbee wireless standard.

A new group formed by the alliance will look into further enhancing ZigBee connectivity to the Internet and other networks.

The goal is to make it easier for developers and system integrators to deploy ZigBee and to add additional features and functions, including support for IPv6.

This initiative will also augment existing ZigBee gateway programs that provide standard interfaces for ZigBee data.

As an open standard, ZigBee allows wireless connectivity for common home and office devices from light switches to thermostats, and electric meters to medical devices.

The initiative is part of the alliance's ongoing technology evaluation programs ensuring interoperability of ZigBee solutions, while providing support for other open technologies in the future.

In January, the alliance announced the completion of the ZigBee Smart Energy profile. Last November, it made the ZigBee Home Automation profile and ZigBee Cluster Library available for public download.

Future public application profiles in development include commercial building automation and telecommunications. The availability of these specifications is to encourage interoperability among device manufacturers.

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