Zoomlion using Cloudera to boost big data platform

Computerworld Hong Kong

Chinese construction machinery and sanitation equipment manufacturer Zoomlion has adopted machine learning and analytics company Cloudera's platform to serve its growing big data demands.

Zoomlion will use Cloudera Enterprise to offer data management and analytics services to customers in over 100 countries across six continents.

Zoomlion's big data platform collects and processes a wide variety of data from three main sources, including internet of things data including real-time working conditions and location information of more than 120,000 high-tech, industrial and agricultural machines.

The platform also collects internal core business system data from enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and financial systems, as well as data collected from external sources including official websites, social media channels and data purchased and exchanged with third parties.

The platform is able to continuously analyze equipment operations, detect potential failures, provide fault warnings, and generate operational statistics whilst creating new revenue streams and enhancement capabilities.

In addition, Zoomlion uses the platform to help customers to optimize their own operational management capabilities, reducing operating cost and improving efficiency of equipment management.

“We chose Cloudera to upgrade our data and analytics infrastructure and enhance our competitiveness. Cloudera’s modern platform helps us manage and analyze data more effectively, enabling us to drive down costs and improve asset performance,” Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology big data department director Zhou Zhi Zhong said.

“We are empowered to create more value for our customers, innovate with new products and services and create new revenue streams for our business.”


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