ZTE demos SDN solutions

Staff writer
20 May 2015
Daily News

ZTE has demonstrated a new OAM (operations, administration and management) solution based on SDN architecture at the recent Broadband & TV Connect Asia conference in Singapore, showcasing capabilities to help telecom operators manage their mission-critical networks.

The new Elastic SDN IPRAN OAM solution, powered by ZTE’s Elastic SDN technology, enables operator to perform 90% of routine network OAM functions with one-touch control on mobile devices, generating at least 30% labor cost savings.

As operators globally accelerate deployments of 4G LTE networks to meet the explosive growth of mobile data demand by subscribers, it is becoming increasingly challenging to manage IP RAN mobile bearer networks.

“This problem is especially acute in Southeast Asia, where operators need to manage their IP RAN networks efficiently on outlying islands and mountainous terrain,” the company said. “ZTE’s Elastic SDN technology can effectively help operators overcome these challenges. “

By integrating SDN network architecture and adopting virtualization technology, ZTE’s new OAM solution performs unified management on access layer and aggregation layer equipment using SDN controller. The new solution also supports plug-and-play and one-touch service deployment, reducing OAM workload for engineers and increasing their productivity.

The new OAM system supports remote operation using personal computers, mobile phones and tablets, enabling users to perform network OAM out of the equipment room and complete 90% of routine OAM work using mobile terminals.

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