ZTE, P1, demo WiMAX and LTE on same network

Melissa Chua
21 Apr 2011

ZTE and Malaysian WiMax operator P1 have claimed to be the first to demonstrate the ability for TD-LTE and WiMaX to co-exist on the same network, using the same base stations.

The demonstration was conducted at Port Dickson, Malaysia.

According to ZTE, P1’s existing WiMax system, which was also provided by ZTE, was upgraded to TD-LTE in less than an hour, without any hardware changes. During the demo, two terminals shared 20MHz of bandwidth, with TD-LTE speeds reaching up to 130Mbps.

P1, which has 300,000 subscribers, intends to conduct a TD-LTE trial at the end of year, with a view to launching commercial services not long after.

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