ZTE tops optical networking in APAC: Ovum

12 May 2015

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ZTE was ranked the highest among vendors of optical networking products in the Asia-Pacific region, according to the latest report by telecommunications consultancy Ovum.

In terms of global market share in a full year, ZTE’s expanded its turf to 28% in 2014, the biggest among all vendors from Asia Pacific. ZTE was also the world’s fastest-growing optical networking vendor.

In 2014, ZTE shipments of 100G (100 gigabit per second) OTN products exceeded 10,000 sets. ZTE’s 100G OTN products are deployed in more than 150 commercial networks globally, with combined line-lengths of more than 100,000 km.

PCCW, China Mobile, T-Mobile Austria, Telkom Indonesia, Telefonica Peru, , China Telecom, China Unicom and CERNET are among customers in Asia, Europe and the Americas that have deployed ZTE’s OTN products in their 4G LTE, wireline broadband and datacenter networks. These companies benefited from increased network transport capacity and improved network performance.

Award giving bodies in the industry have recognized ZTE’s OTN products for their superior performance and capabilities. In 2013, ZTE 100G products won the “Best Optical Product – 100G” award at the 15th Annual WDM & Next Generation Optical Networking forum held in Monaco.

In 2012, ZTE deployed the national backbone commercial network for T-Mobile Austria using WDM Automatic Switch Optical Network (WASON) intelligent OTN network solution, which won the “Backbone Optical Network Innovation Award” from Global Telecommunications Business (GTB).

ZTE affirms its commitment to research and innovation to keep the company at the forefront of the market. It has set a number of new world records beyond 100G transmission technology, including 400G/1T.

In October 2013, ZTE and China Telecom jointly completed the real-time system experiment for T-bit ULH optical transmission and set the world record of 3,200 km real-time transmission. Currently the real-time optical transmission system has the longest transmission distance and highest transmission rate.

Also, in March 2014, using its patented technology, ZTE successfully accomplished a long-distance transmission for 3,600 km in single-mode fibers, setting a world record in the 400G high-speed transmission field.

In November 2014, ZTE announced that it achieved the world record of using only EDFA to transmit 16×1Tbps signals in full configuration at all C band for 3,500 km in the acceptance test of 863 Project.

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