ZTE will launch 6 more tablets in 2011

Mark Jones/Rethink Wireless
20 Oct 2010
Daily News

ZTE has announced plans for six more tablets in 2011 after revealing its first tablet offering - the ZTE Light - at a telecom exhibition in Beijing last week.

Offering some decent specs at a reasonable price, there was no confirmation that it would launch overseas, though it seems certain given the company's recent smartphone strategy and rumored orders from foreign sellers.

The announcement came after remarks made to the Chinese press by Wang Yong from ZTE on Monday were confirmed to be true.

Little is known about what kind of hardware the six tablets will feature but ZTE is off to a good start with the Light device.

With a Galaxy Tab sized 7" screen, 512MB of RAM, Wi-Fi and GPS, as well as the ability to make calls, it's not the most impressive offering but it does come with a competitive price tag estimated to be around $449.

It is slightly behind the times running Android 2.1 but next year should see the release of Android 3.0 so hopefully there will be at least one of the six with better hardware and the new platform.

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