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UFC 269 – Bruno Silva vs. Jordan Wright – Fight Analysis & Predictions

Saba Sozashvili
10 Dec 2021

Two finishers will share the octagon in the prelim card in the middleweight bout. Jordan Wright and Bruno Silva will share the octagon, and no one expects decision victory in this about.

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Bruno Silva
Bruno Silva

Bruna Silva already held 2 bouts in the UFC and earned victories in both battles. Firstly, he defeated Wellington Turman in the first round via TKO, and in the second bout, he earned 3rd round TKO victory over Andrew Sanchez. Before fighting in the UFC, he participated in the M-1 Global, and during the signing, in the UFC, he had 3 years break. Most likely, the main reasons are Doping and injuries. In other promotions, Doping is not prohibited, but in the UFC, it is. It takes some years to leave the blood, so many fighters have a break during the joining UFC. How good is he in the UFC if he used prohibited substances?

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Jordan Wright is one of the most promising fighters, but Joaquin Buckley destroyed all the hype around Jordan when he served his first-ever loss via KO in the second round. However, Jordan managed and returned when he earned another first-round finish against Jamie Pickett. His massive weapon is his clinch, where he can land many knees and elbows. He won both fights in the UFC from the clinch. His first battle was in the light heavyweight, where he earned victory and even had a reach advantage in that division. His reach is 196CM, which is massive, and 8 CM longer than his rival's reach.

Bookmakers think Jordan is an underdog, and I know why they think like that. He earned 11 out of 12 victories in the first round, and his second and 3rd round game is not promising. However, he also lost against Buckley's great boxer, believing the same would happen. But one thing makes me think that Jordan will earn another victory. Jordan Wright has earned more than 40% of his victories via submissions, while 5 out of 6 losses or Bruno Silva. This fight will be a banger battle, where two strikers will try to knock each other out, but I think Jordan will try to earn another submission victory.

Wright is massive underdog with odd 2.75, betting only wright without specifying the method is a good idea, from my point of view.

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