January 09, 2019 telecomasia.net

Will Wi-Fi co-exist or compete with 5G?

January 08, 2019 Telecom Asia

A look at 5G deployments in South Korea, Australia and Japan  

January 08, 2019 Telecom Asia

AI, analytics and cloud solutions are the three technologies that will have game-changing impact to telcos in 2019

January 07, 2019 Telecom Asia

A flurry of Android 5G phones are expected to hit the Asia market in 2019

January 02, 2019
Hugh Ujhazy/IDC
Vision 2019

Cloud, mobile, big data, and social platforms are driving the transformation of service provider operational models

December 31, 2018 Vision 2019

Telco executives in Asia to share their views about the market outlook, challenges and opportunities telecoms operators in the region will be facing in 2019

December 31, 2018

Huawei Marine’s Mike Constable on emerging trends in the subsea cable market

December 19, 2018 Vision 2019

The next wave of data and data consumption is going to be a huge move in 2019, predicts Analysys Mason's partner for consulting Amrish Kacker

December 18, 2018
Jurie Roux/TEOCO

Advanced techniques in analytics and machine learning can help CSPs optimize new offerings and give them the ability to plan ahead

December 12, 2018
John Lancaster-Lennox /Nokia

The potential untapped value of mobile network data is huge

November 29, 2018
Sacha Gera/Ribbon Communications

CSPs need to act fast to ensure that new innovations are rolled out in time to ride the current wave of customer demand

October 16, 2018 telecomasia.net

Telcos must change their mindset and simplify data management infrastructure, says NetApp’s John Martin

October 11, 2018 telecomasia.net

Security has been ignored in 4G and earlier, but in 5G this needs to change, say industry watchers

October 10, 2018
Robert Gerstmann / CLX Communications

To sustain their role in the A2P messaging market in the long term, mobile carriers need to be creative in pricing for RCS

October 08, 2018 telecomasia.net

5G will bring a sea change to the way telecoms operators offer services which requires careful planning and strategizing