Download & Install 4Rabet Apk from India for Android 2023

4raBet being a top betting website in India, it makes sense to see it rolling out mobile applications for its clients to use. The good thing about mobile apps is how they streamline the whole process of betting on mobile devices. Considering billions of people are always on their mobile devices, this is a good market that 4raBet has tapped into. The company offers both 4raBet Android and iOS apps. This time around we focus more on the Android app to see why it is popular and how to install it to start betting from your mobile device.

Download 4raBet Android App

How To Download & Install the 4raBet Android App?

Follow these steps to download and install the 4raBet Android app:

  • Visit the 4raBet official website from your mobile device;
  • Once on the website, look at the top right corner and you will see two icons representing the apps. One is for Android and the other is for iOS devices;
  • Tap on the Android icon to download the app;
  • It does not take long for the app to be downloaded to your mobile device. Once it is done, tap on the downloaded app to start installation;
  • At this point, follow the onscreen instructions to install the app. It would include allowing the security setting so that the app can be installed among other things;
  • Once the app is installed, it will now appear among your other apps. Tap on it to open and start using it;


4raBet Android System Requirements

App Name4raBet
Application size30Mb
Android version5.0 or later
Processor1.4 GHz or higher
Free space memory100Mb

Pros and Cons

  • Realtime update of odds
  • Get mobile notifications about the bet
  • Easy to install and use
  • Offers live streams and live betting
  • Good for fast and easy payments
  • Only supported in India
  • It needs over 100MB of free space to run

Account in 4raBet Android App


How to open your account in Android App?

In case you want an account and do not know how 4raBet APK sign-up works, here is a quick guide to help you get started. 

  • Open the 4raBet app on your Android device;
  • Looking at the top bar, you should see the Registration button;
  • Tap on the Registration button to open a signup form;
  • Input the required details, accept the terms and conditions, confirm your age and tap the Sign-Up button;
  • You should get a confirmation email or message if you use your phone number. Follow any additional instructions and you should be done;


How to fund your account in 4raBet Android App?

  • Login into your 4raBet account via the Android app;
  • On your profile, tap on the Cash In/ out button;
  • Enter the amount you want to fund and choose the preferred method;
  • Tap the Deposit button and follow the onscreen instructions;


How to withdraw from your account in Android App?

  • Once you are logged into your account, tap on the Cash In/ Out button from the profile management menu;
  • Choose the payment method for receiving your money and the amount;
  • Tap the Withdraw button and you should receive your winning based on the choice of payment method;
Download 4raBet Android App

Android App Main Features

You would not download the 4raBet APK update if you did not find it awesome. So, what is it that makes it stand out to the point people keep downloading the app? Here are the main features to expect with 4raBet APK free app. 


Live Streaming and Betting

It is possible you may want to keep watching some of the games live. That is why you would need such an app with this level of performance. Its live-stream feature is quite good to help you stay updated with all the games happening live.

You also get live-betting too. This feature is to help you analyze the game as it happens and then decide the bet to choose. It is an awesome feature to have as you can always enter an event even if it started earlier before you could bet.


Live Casino

As much as people love sports betting, there are some who also enjoy casino games. As you wait for a football match to end, you could be entertaining yourself with a good live casino game. That is what the app gives you.

Considering you also earn from playing the games, that is more money for you from the same app other than betting.


Realtime Updates

What people might not understand is that an app would be just an extension of the website. This means that the odds you see on the desktop website of 4raBet are the same on the app. The best part is how they are also updated in real-time. So, you will no longer have to worry about picking an outcome based on outdated odds.


Ease of Controlling the App

The best part about using an app is how easy it is to control. Just like the website, you should find it easy to move around the different menus and get all the information you want.

Also, the app is responsive in the sense that it fits your device’s screen. This makes it easier to work with it on various devices with ease.

Those who want to sign up, log in, and bet find it all super easy on the app. So long as you are using an updated 4raBet app, you should not have a problem at all.

Download 4raBet Android App

Fulltime Support

It is nice to know that you can get support any time you are using the app. You may find that the app is not allowing you to log in, when this happens, ensure it is updated or contact the support team for fast help.

You can still contact the support team with other questions in mind and you will get the right help to continue betting on 4raBet.

4raBet Login from India
4raBet Login from India

Sports Betting on 4raBet Android App

How to Place a bet on the Android application:

  • Log into your 4raBet Android app and start choosing the events you want to bet on;
  • Each event or sport you choose is added to the bet slip;
  • Once you are done with picking the sports, enter the amount you would wish to bet with;
  • Confirm your bet slip and now it is live;

Android App vs. Desktop Comparison

You might be wondering, whether should you get an Android app or keep using the 4raBet desktop website. Well, a number of things can easily come into play when you want to make this decision. 


How often do you bet?

If you are the kind of person who bets more often, you may want to stick to the Android app. It allows you to bet with ease from anywhere you are even if you are not close to your computer. 


Do you want live streams?

If you enjoy watching the game live, the chances are you would want a big screen. As much as an app offers the convenience of still streaming the games live, you could as well as do the same on the desktop website and enjoy bigger images. 

Download 4raBet Android App

Account safety

Your account is safe on your phone compared to when using a desktop version on a shared computer. With your phone, you are assured no one would easily access it. However, if you are the only one using the computer, then the security risk is not as high. 


Ease of use

Both platforms are easy to use. Considering many people betting are computer literate, they would not have a problem navigating the website and app. 


App updates

The biggest difference between the two is that you need to regularly update your app when a new version is released. You may not have to deal with the same if you are using the website. All you have to do is reload the website and you are good to go. 


4raBet Mobile Bonuses

Welcome bonus from 4raBet
4raBet bonuses

One thing to like about 4raBet should be its bonuses. The welcome bonus is the most notable where you can get up to 200% upon the first deposit.

The welcome bonus has a few terms and conditions to follow. Some include;

  • It is only for new players;
  • The bonus is valid for only 7 days;
  • You must fill the profile to get the bonus;
  • You can only use the bonus after the first deposit;
  • The maximum bonus amount is 20,000INR etc;

Common problems with the 4raBet Android app

The 4raBet website is generally easy to install and start using. However, you may also face a few problems here and there while using it. Here are a few examples and their solutions. 

  1. The app is frozen. When the app keeps freezing, it is possible that your phone does not meet the minimum requirements to run the app as required;
  2. Login and sign-up problems. In case you try to sign up or log in but the app does not work, it could be that you are using an unsupported version. Update the app to keep using it properly;
  3. The app does not load all games. You might be wondering why the app has no new games. First, look at your internet connection. Make sure it is working and you should get the list of updated games;
  4. The account does not exist. If you get such an error, most of the time you have entered the wrong details. Correct them and you should easily access the account. In case you have been suspended, contact the customer support team to access the account;
Download 4raBet Android App


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Also ask
Has 4raBet got an iOS mobile app?
Yes. You can easily download the iOS mobile app from the official website of 4raBet. Make sure to visit with your mobile device so that you download the app directly to your phone.
Why can’t I play with the 4raBet Android App?
Support ceases for the old version 4raBet. Ensure that your app is updated. Also, check if your internet connection is working. You cannot use the various services of the app without internet connectivity.
How to bet in 4raBet on your phone?
Once you have logged into the account, choose the sports to bet on and add them to the bet slip. Click on the bet slip to confirm it and tap Place Bet to make it go live.
What taxes should you pay for winning in the 4raBet App?
As per Indian tax laws, you have to pay a 30% tax on any income you earn from online betting.


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