Innersh1ne: I see Entropiq and Spirit in the main stage. VP has less chance to succeed

Alisa Barladyan
26 Oct 2021

Vyacheslav Innersh1ne Britwin, CS:GO analyst for shared his opinion on the upcoming majors, the change of his role and the chances of the CIS teams.

- Hi. At the upcoming major you will play as a coach for the FaZe Clan team. What are your emotions and mood for the game now?

- This is my first experience as a coach and in the LAN-tournament. Everything is a bit hectic so far and I'm a little nervous. But, I still have time to adapt. I suppose that tomorrow it will be much easier.

- Will the style of FaZe Clan's game change significantly if you replace RobbaN?

- No, I will try to replace RobbaN behind the scenes so that guys do not lose the feeling of comfort. Breaking or changing the workflow and communication process before the majors sucks.

- Where do you think you'll bring more impact - as a coach or as an analyst? Do you plan to continue to try your hand at coaching?

- You can have an impact in both roles. I don't plan to be a full-time coach at the moment, but the experience is definitely useful.

- What's your mindset for the game in general?

- Oh, I hope that we can surprise our opponents.

- A little bit of analysis. According to your opinion, Which step can be reached by each CIS-team at the majors?

- I think, NaVi and Gambit will make the playoffs. I see Entropiq and Spirit in the main stage. It is more difficult to say about VP. I believe, they have less chances of success than the others.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 will take place from October 26 to November 7 in Stockholm. Twenty-four teams will compete for a discipline record $2 million US dollars prize.

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