Valve releases free Compendium ahead of TI10

Alikhan Yakupbaev
17 Sep 2021

Valve has officially unveiled a new compendium for the upcoming The International 10.

The update features the Talent roster and Player Cards. As the event approaches, fantasy section, predictions for the main and final stages of TI10 will also become available.

It is noteworthy that all Dota 2 players have free access to Compendium. Gamers will receive ten free packs of Player Cards. Players can also purchase additional packs for $0.49 or earn another pack each day by winning a single match

Valve also announced a 50% discount on all Supporter Packs:

  • Bronze: 1 basic pack, 1 team pack
  • Silver: 6 basic packs, 2 team packs (for a total of 7 basic and 3 team packs)
  • Gold: 7 basic packs, 3 team packs (for a total of 14 basic and 6 team packs)
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