We are just going to move on: Nash on Kyrie decision

Shubham Singh
14 Oct 2021
We are just going to move on: Nash on Kyrie decision

Steve Nash has opened up about the Brooklyn Nets’ decision to disallow Kyrie Irving from the squad until he at least gets one vaccination shot. New York mandate makes it compulsory for people at the workplace to get vaccinated and considering the precarious situation the Nets management reached the decision.

Nets GM Sean Marks, and players Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, all engaged in intense conversation and the management decided that the only way forward for Kyrie with the team is to get a vaccination jab. Considering the situation, the Brooklyn Nets also didn’t extend Irving’s contract. Kyrie has not taken the vaccination because of his political stance which has been borne out because of his personal disgust with the mandate which, as per him, curbs the choice of an individual.

Everyone had their say. It takes time to make decisions like that. This is a difficult decision. But I think it was a sound one and one that makes complete sense to everyone. We are just going to move on, and if things change, it would be incredible to have him back in the fold. It was a tenuous situation to have a player in and out like that. There's more clarity, and we can focus on the future and get going.

Steve Nash, Head Coach, Brooklyn Nets

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