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Best Sports Betting Sites in Nigeria

The influx of online sports betting marquees in Nigeria has somewhat made it difficult for bettors to make up their minds on which online sportsbook is the best betting site to subscribe to in Nigeria. In this piece, we’ve rounded up the best online sports betting companies that bettors can choose from, and place their bets on.


Betking is a Nigerian online sports betting service provider, delivering quality betting services to bettors, courtesy of a license from the Lagos State Lotteries Board. This bookmaker is undoubtedly one of the fan's favorite and most popular sportsbooks there is. Providing loads of amazing betting UX for bettors, several betting markets, great odds, and lots of amazing promotional bonuses, for example, the 225% Accumulator Bonus, where a minimum of 5 selections is to be made by bettors, to be eligible for 5% up to 225% bonus.

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The 1XBet online sportsbook is another fan's favorite online sportsbook. This sportsbook is licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission in Nigeria. The 1XBet online sportsbook provides online sports bettors a series of amazing betting opportunities, such as a handful of betting markets, sports betting events, and a host of bonuses like the 300% First Deposit Bonus up to NGN 145600. 

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The Betway sportsbook has a strong fan base, as it is one of the best online sports betting sites in Nigeria. This sportsbook is tested and trusted, as it has the backing of the government to carry out its business service legitimately, courtesy of a license from the Government of Lagos State, Nigeria. Bettors are in for loads of mind-blowing betting opportunities, great odds, loads of sports, bonuses, and promotions, for example, bettors can earn a 100% first deposit bonus to a whooping NGN 100,000.00 in free bets.

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Bet9ja online sports betting business is one of Nigeria’s oldest elite and most popular betting platforms, they were the second sportsbook marque to provide on-ground betting outlets for bettors in Nigeria. They operate legally courtesy of backing licenses from Lagos State, Osun State, and every other state that deems betting as a legal activity in Nigeria. Bettors are in for loads of betting surprises on the Bet9ja sportsbook, ranging from high odds, loads of sports, a handful of markets, and promotions like the welcome bonus where bettors upon registering for an account on Bet9ja’s betting outlets are eligible for a 100% welcome bonus. 

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22bet is a relatively new sportsbook in Nigeria, but it has proved that it can deliver quality online sports betting services to bettors in Nigeria, earning them recognition as one of the most trusted and most popular sports betting service providers in Nigeria. The 22bBet sportsbook operates legally via a government-issued license from N.L.R.C, a government parastatal responsible for the regulation of online sports betting. Bettors are in for a treat on the 22Bet online sportsbook, with lots of sports to select from, boosted odds, plenty of betting markets, and bonuses, for example, the 22Bet 100% match up of your first-time deposit up to NGN 50,000.  

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Selecting the ultimate betting platform is a difficult task, as each platform offers something different, so here is the criteria we lay out when choosing sportsbooks.

⭐ Type of Bets Popular in Nigeria

It is of utmost importance for online sport betting faithfuls in Nigeria to understand the nuts and bolts of the various types of bets that are available to them. They have to understand that there are different sides to placing or making bets on sportsbooks. Bettors are not subjected to a particular type of betting system, for example placing a bet on a particular team to turn victor, they can also flex a handful of other bets types such as the total of points that were scored, the victory score margin, the player who scored, etc. Below is a thread table of these bets types:

☝ Money Line

The moneyline type is the most common and easiest to grasp form of betting. The Money Line bet or straight bet is a group of online sports betting odds, where a bettor can place bets on a particular team or player to win a match event outrightly.

☝ Spread Betting

Spread betting is another very important bet type, and fans favorite as well. Here, bettors are mandated to place their bets against the spread. When online sportsbooks hypothecate digits, to favor a particular team against the other by means of handicap to win a match event is referred to as a Spread. For the Spread betting type, bettors will have to bet on a teams’ victory margin, against placing a bet on the victor of the match event.

☝ Total Betting

Total betting is also known as the over and under bet, this is another most popular bet type that online sports betting fans use concurrently when placing their bets. The over and under bet means that bettors are betting on the total number of points that is scored by the two opposing teams.

☝ Parlay Betting

Parlay betting is a kind of betting that involves a bet combination on multiple winning bets. For bettors to cash out of a parlay bet, all selected bets on the parlay must have a winning outcome. One of the positives of placing a parlay bet is that bettors can maximize the potential winnings.

☝ Proposition

The Proposition betting type are bets made on very selected outcomes in a given match event. Bettors can place bets on the total goals scored by a particular player, they can also bet on the distance covered in a game of football, etc.

☝ Live Betting

Live betting simply means that bettors can place bets on ongoing sports events, from football, cricket, soccer, tennis, handball, etc, bettors can play all the above betting types that was discussed in the later part of this section.

⭐ Trustworthiness

Betting is considered legal in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and it is one of the country’s fastest-rising industries over the past decade, no wonder loads of online sports betting service providers are clamoring for a piece of the Nigerian betting business action. The government has constituted a handful of institutions to regulate and monitor betting activities in the country, states that deem betting as a legal activity, require these online sports betting service providers to run their business legally by obtaining operational licenses, to enable them to carry out their business in these designated states. Therefore, the A list sportsbooks such as betking, betway, bet9ja, 22Bet, and 1XBet are good to go, as the trustworthiness bar is set very high.

⭐ Odds and Lines

Odds and Lines are very intricate pieces of online sports betting, they are the money-making factors, and bettors are particular about them. Betting lines are forms of betting, used to set online sports betting odds, which are tied to several online sports betting events. Sportsbooks in Nigeria offer their users impressive and amazing sports betting odds and sports betting market lines. It is in the best interest of bettors to carefully weigh their options in terms of the best and most favorable odds and lines offered by these online sportsbooks.

⭐ Bonuses, Promotions, and Rewards

Sportsbooks in Nigeria know that to keep bettors glued and loyal, they have to offer a handful of promotional bonuses such as boosted odds, free bets, loyalty programs, birthday offers, refer a friend bonus offers, deposit and no-deposit offers, welcome bonus offer, and first-time deposits.

⭐ Usability

The competition amongst sports betting service providers in Nigeria is healthy and important. Sportsbooks in Nigeria have inculcated the habit to provide high-quality online sports betting services with great user interface and user experience to their customers. When the topic is the usability rate of these sportsbooks, it is top-notch, as well recognized and reputable sportsbooks, simply translates bettors switching to specified sportsbooks.

⭐ Deposit and Withdrawal Options in Nigeria

In Nigeria’s online sports betting world, Deposits, and Withdrawals of funds from your online sports betting user account is a very key procedure for bettors. Bettors are concerned about the simplicity of the deposit and withdrawal options, how secure their banking and financial information is, and the minimum and maximum amount that they can get off this sportsbook when bets are won. Amazingly, the best Nigerian online sports betting websites offer multiple banking options and a secure banking option, making deposits and withdrawal of funds a very simple and achievable feat.

⭐ Customer Service

One cannot overemphasize the merits of an effective customer service support channel. Sportsbooks in Nigeria are in the habit of offering top-notch customer services to their bettors. One major recurring factor as long as online sports betting is concerned is that bettors encounter various hiccups while trying to access these sportsbooks, and as such can select various support channels provided by sportsbooks.

⭐ Live Betting and Live Streaming

Bettors can't chill out when live betting is mentioned, as there are loads of surprising outcomes that may spring up. They want to be able to take advantage of these surprises that online sportsbooks in Nigeria offer through the live betting option on sports betting events. Also, bettors are thrilled when provided options to watch their desired sports events via the Live Streaming feature.

⭐ Additional Features

Furthermore, there are various additional features such as the amazing UX, directness, and unique features that must be considered when bettors want to choose the best online sports betting service providers.

In this section, the best practices on how to place bets on sports in Nigeria will be analyzed. Firstly, to be eligible to place bets on any sportsbook in Nigeria, a bettor must meet the required online betting or gambling age of their state of residence. States differ in terms of betting and gambling laws in Nigeria. With the recent acceptance rate of online sports betting, states are now drifting towards legalizing betting in their states, since they now have the right to make laws and regulate their betting market.

To completely be able to bet on sports in Nigeria, upon meeting the state’s legal betting and age requisites, bettors can head to their desired sportsbook and register for sports betting user account, then proceed by funding their betting account and select from the studded list of available sports such as football, hockey, ice skating, football, tennis, golf, etc, to place their bets.

1. Choose Your Nigerian Sportsbook

Bettors must make sure that they are thorough when selecting the best Nigerian sportsbook. When it comes to online sports betting providers in Nigeria, a bettor's anonymity is a top priority, they provide loads of sports betting events to bettors, and lots of amazing online sports betting opportunities are all readily available to bettors.

2. Register With A Sportsbook

Signing up on the best sportsbooks in Nigeria is a very simple feat for bettors, who have by all moral standards ascertained that they reached the legal age of placing bets, which is 18 years or more. Head to the official website of the desired sportsbook, locate the join now, or sign up to start your online sports betting journey.

3. Fund Your Account

Bettors must understand that funding their online sports betting user account is a very important factor in online sports betting. Upon successful registration to your desired sportsbook, you will be required to top funds up into your sports betting account. Newbies need to start their betting journey with small bets, as this will help curb heavy losses in case of a losing outcome.

4. Withdraw Your Funds

Upon winning a placed bet on your newly registered sportsbook, you will need to be abreast of the possible practices for withdrawing your funds. Bettors must familiarize themselves with the different withdrawal options that are available to them.

Study the thread below to be abreast of the various popular Nigerian sportsbook betting events that are available to bettors.

⚽ Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) Betting

The Nigerian Professional Football League is Nigeria's Premier League, and bettors can flex the various opportunities that come with placing bets on the Nigerian Professional Football League.

⚽ English Premier League (EPL) Betting

The English Premier League has a large fan base in Nigeria, and bettors savor the opportunity of being able to place bets on a handful of sports betting market lines.

⚽ Spanish La Liga Betting

The Spanish La Liga also has a huge followership fan base in Nigeria, and bettors love to take advantage of the opportunity of being able to make their bets on a huge list of sports betting odds and market lines.

⚽ Italian Serie A Betting

The Italian Serie A is another sports betting event that sportsbooks in Nigeria offer to their bettors, they can select from a huge load of sports, odds, and betting markets.

Betking Bonus in Nigeria
Betking Bonus in Nigeria

Bonuses are important to bettors, as Nigerian Sportsbooks use these offers to hold on to their loyal bettors. Study the thread below to learn about the various bonuses available to bettors, courtesy of the sportsbooks in Nigeria:

➤ Loyalty Program - True-blue bettors are always rewarded for their steadfastness, and loyalty, and are automatically positioned to receive the Loyalty Programs.

➤ Free Bet - Most sportsbooks in Nigeria offer their bettors several free bets, on selected online sports betting events.

➤ Boosted Odds - Boosted odds help bettors to increase and maximize the gains of their wins by up to 100%.

➤ Welcome Bonus - Online sportsbooks in Nigeria offer their new users bonuses up to over 100%.

➤ Promo Codes - Online sportsbooks once in a while provide bettors with promo codes for unlocking a handful of promotional bonuses.

➤ Refer A Friend - Convincing friends and family to join you in using a particular sportsbook comes with its dividends as well.

FAQ - Online Sports Betting in Nigeria

How To Bet on Sports in Nigeria?
To bet on sports in Nigeria, make sure you have attained the legal betting age of 18 years, then head to your preferred sportsbook to sign up.
How To Choose Your Sportsbook?
Bettors must make sure what offers the sportsbook has in store for bettors, such as the bonuses, deposits and withdrawals options available, top-notch customer service, the security level of the sportsbook, and several other factors.
How To Register with a Sportsbook?
Visit the official webpage of the sportsbook you wish to join, identify the registration menu button, and supply the requested information required.
Is Online Betting Legal in Nigeria?
Online gambling or betting is deemed legal, as long as sportsbooks obtain the necessary operational licenses from the appropriate institution in charge of online sports betting.
What Is the Best Sports Betting Site in Nigeria?
Betking, Betway, 22Bet, 1xBet are among the best in Nigeria.
Are Sports Betting Apps Safe?
Yes! They are, but bettors must be mindful of illegitimate bookmakers and scammers.
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