Access Bet Play Cut One Bonus

This is probably the most special promotion that you will have the chance to try out. Find out more information in this article.

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  • You can get paid even when one game cuts the ticket;
  • Minimum of 3 selections;
  • You can select up to 3 games ie (cut 3) and still get paid;
  • Limited to 3cuts games only;
  • Available to one user only one user per house, per family, email, etc;

About The Bonus

The Access Bet online sportsbook offers its users a great bonus opportunity known as the Access Bet play cut one bonus. In this bonus offer, users can place an accumulator bet and set a preference that not more than 3 games will cut the ticket, and if your selection is correct you get paid. Users can choose from one game, cutting the ticket up to 3 tickets.

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How To Get The Access Bet Play Cut One Bonus

Getting the Access Bet play cut one Bonus is as easy as first signing up for a sportsbook betting account on the Access Bet online sports, although users must confirm that they are of legal betting age is surely the first step. If you are old enough, then meet the bonus requirements that are tied to the Access Bet play cut one Bonus, to land the bonus for free.


How To Use The Access Bet Play Cut One Bonus

An image of the Access Bet play cut one bonus
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Follow the bit-by-bit steps to learn how to use your acquitted Access Bet play cut on Bonus;

  • Open the Access Bet online sportsbook web page;
  • Make selections of various sports betting events to build an accumulator bet of not more than 20, and not less than 3 selections;
  • Navigate downwards to the bottom of your picks and choose your predicted cut games (Cut1, Cut2, and Cut3);
  • Type in your desired “total stake”k amount;
  • Hit the “Next” option button to finally wager your bets;
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Important Bonus Condition

The following are key bonus conditions of the Access Bet play Cut 1 Bonus available to all users;

  • The minimum number of picks per accumulator is 3 games;
  • The maximum number of picks in an accumulator are 20;
  • Users can choose a maximum of 3 games to cut;
  • Available to one user per house, email, credited/debit cards, phone numbers, etc;
  • Type the amount you desire to stake in the “Total Stake” column and not the stake column;


The Access Bet play cut 1 is a bonus offer available to its users. In this promotional special reward offer, users can get paid when their ticket is cut by 1, 2 and even 3 games on the ticket. Meet the bonus requirement to land this bonus offer.

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