Paripesa 100% Bet Insurance Bonus

The Paripesa sportsbook offers to its customers a bet safety policy to offset patronage. They call it the Bet insurance bonus, Find out more about the bonus in this article.

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  • Bets are insured;
  • Available for all sporting events;
  • Insurance cannot exceed 100%;

About the Bonus

In this package the sportsbook allows clients to safeguard their bets in part or full depending on the odds to ensure that bookers have a refund of their money even when they relinquish their bet. Any customer can insure their bet in full or in part. The Paripesa insurance is a paid-for service. The cost of insurance depends on the current odds of the event to be insured. To get a clearer picture of how the bonus package works take a comprehensive peep at the table below:


A Bet Insurance Reward percent table

Percentage InsuranceOdd (Fixed)Stake (Fixed) (NGN)

Reward If A 

Bet Is Lost (NGN)


To explain the table above, let's say a 3900 NGN bet was placed at odds of 1.8. You want to insure 100% of the bet. The company offers insurance at the price of 1950 NGN. If you agree, your account will be debited for 1950 NGN. If the bet wins, the total amount of 7020 NGN is paid to you in full, but if the bet loses, 3900 NGN is paid to you because the full stake amount was insured (3900 NGN).

Several insurances can be bought for the same bet. For example, a customer can first insure 10%, then 30%, then another 50%. The total amount of all bought insurances cannot exceed 100% of the bet.

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How To Get The Paripesa Bet Insurance Bonus

To qualify for this bonus package, punters should have accomplished the legal betting as designated by the sportsbook and then proceeded to have an account with Paripesa. After which login and a deposit is made and then a follow-up on the steps below will do punters right.

  • Login to your Paripesa account with the details used in registration;
  • Select your bets either as a solitary bet or as an accumulator;
  • Select the insurance policy you wish to choose from;
  • Insurance can be in parts. for example, 10% 20%, and another 50%;
  • After selecting your insurance plan then place your bet;

How To Use The Paripesa First Deposit Bonus

Paripesa 100% bet insurance bonus image
An image of the Paripesa 100% bet insurance bonus

Fortunately, paripesa 100% bet insurance plan is open to any customer. Though customers retain the right to approve the offered circumstance or decline the bet slip at the specified price, customers who choose to accept the plan can use the percentage plan selected on their generated bet slip.

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Important Bonus Conditions

Some conditions customers should be aware of to subscribe effectively to this bonus are drawn up here. These conditions are necessary for effective usage of bet Insurance.

  • The sportsbook does not guarantee insurance coverage for all bet slips;
  • Customers reserve the right to adopt or rescind offered conditions offered at a specific price;
  • Customers can assemble numerous insurance policies for one bet in parts;
  • Customers cannot utilise the "Sell bet slip" feature for an insured bet;
  • Customers can insure their bets in full or in parts;
  • Insurance can accommodate solitary bets or accumulated bets;


For a sportsbook to come up with a policy like the Bet Insurance policy is admirable. Other betting companies should borrow a leaf from Paripesa and adopt this bonus plan. At the moment customers can take advantage of the bookie's offer and get a reward for their money and return even when a bet is lost.

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