Winbet 100% Progressive Bonus

Winbet has an exclusive promotional bonus called the Progressive Bonus. Let us know more about the bonus in the following detailed discussion.

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  • It is available for pre-match, lived as well as mixed tickets;
  • Chance to win a 100% bonus on the ticket with a minimum of 3 events;
  • Process for claiming the bonus is absolutely effortless;
  • Has an expiry period;
  • Needs selection of at least 3 events, each having a minimum idd of 1.25;

About the Bonus

Winbet offers an exclusive bonus for mixed tickets, through which you can win as much as a 100% bonus on tickets with at least three events. This bonus has an expiration period, and it extends from 3.02.22 until 30.04.2022, until 23:59. It has specific terms and conditions for claiming, which we will be discussing below.

The bettor must select at least three events, and the bonus percentage depends on the number of events selected. For three events, the bonus percentage is 2%, for four events, it is 3%, for five events, it is 5%, and in the like manner, the bonus percentage can extend up to 100% for 20 or more events selected.

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How to Get Winbet Bonus

Before knowing the terms and conditions of claiming this bonus, let us know how you can claim it also where you can use it. The following are the steps that will help you claim the Progressive Bonus at Winbet.

  1. Select at least three events, each having a minimum odd of 1.25
  2. Bet with a minimum bet of 1 RON

How to Use Winbet Progressive Bonus

The Progressive Bonus at Winbet and its details
Progressive Bonus at Winbet

You can use the bonus boost you would get in your bets. The bonus starts from 2% for three events and extends up to 100% for 20 or more events.

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Important Bonus Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions that a bettor must fulfil for claiming the Progressive Bonus at Winbet.

  • This promotional campaign is not available for any minor, partners of the organisation, any person associated with it or any employee;
  • The promotion is not available for the system bets;
  • The bettor must select a minimum of three events and each of the events must have a minimum odd of 1.25;
  • The bonus per cent increases with an increase in the number of events selected;


This was about the Progressive Bonus of Winbet. We have summed up all the important aspects of this promotion in the following table.

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