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Alisa Barladyan
16 Sep 2021

The Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot, and Breeders cup are three of the most popular horse racing events on the planet. These events attract people from different works of life, including members of the royal family.

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image of horses speeding on the track
horses speeding on the track

Now that you know some top horse racing events to look out for, do you know why most people associate horse racing with horse betting? The answer lies in sports history, and it will help you get acquainted with how horse betting works.

Horse racing is believed to have begun around 4500 BC. And the sport’s organizers continue the tradition of setting up races, duels, and competitions with the desire to wager on the different possible outcomes.

Individuals who want an edge to increase their chances of success in online and track horse betting have come to the right place. The information on this guide will be beneficial to:

  • Amateur players;
  • Seasoned players;
  • Hobbyists and enthusiasts.

There are several tested strategies that are available to horse racing players and enthusiasts who want to enjoy rewarding, entertaining, and action-packed thrills. Sensibly betting on horses is beneficial not only to individuals enjoying the game, but also to the sport. It is also worth noting that numerous tracks and online sites that offer horse racing contribute a significant share of their earnings to improving the sport. Without further ado, let's get started with how betting works in horse racing.

The Best Sportsbooks to Bet on Horse Racing

How to Place a Wager on a Horse Race

Here is what newbies to horse racing need to do to place their first wager on a horse race. First, they need to sign up at an online casino or sportsbook that has the offering. Next, they will have to fund their account if they wish to claim cash prizes.

Image of jockey riding a horse
Jockey riding a horse

Leading online gambling establishments have lucrative bonuses for new sign-ups in the form of:

  1. Bonus funds;
  2. Free rounds;
  3. Cashbacks.

Therefore, signing up on these platforms allows new players to enjoy amazing perks, benefits, and more.

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Get Acquainted With Horse Racing

Before spending a dime betting on horses, it would be best to understand horse racing terminology. First-time players should also learn how to read and interpret horse racing statistics. Fortunately, this is possible with the help of seasoned or veteran players who share guides such as how to bet on horses for beginners.

Image of jockeys racing on the track
Jockeys racing on the track

Most expert players that share horse racing betting tips have years of experience in the sport. Consequently, the tips they share can help new players avoid rookie mistakes that might cost them their bets.

Placing Your Bets

Online gambling sites that offer horse racing betting markets have different race schedules which are categorized based on:

  • Date & time;
  • Location;
  • Live or upcoming;
  • Tournament.

Always click on the “Full Schedule” to explore horse racing events from different regions of the world. 

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Betting Tools You Need at the Horse Races

Of course, guts and instincts matter. But it is better to have betting tools while at the horse tracks. Below are three must-have online betting tools that will help you get the edge you need to maximize your horse racing winnings.

The race track’s site

Do you want to know how your favorite horse performs on rubber, earth, and sod surfaces? If that’s the case, you should visit the race track’s official website. Other information that you can get from the site includes the best performing horse on each track or hints to gate positions for an upcoming race.

Speed figures

Accurate speed figures from reliable sources can help you claim big cash prizes at the tracks. Note that speed figures come at a price. You should consider arming yourself with speed figures if you want to bet on dirt races.

Trusted stats websites

The best stats websites like Equibase excel at explaining horse races for dummies with their up-to-date data. These sites offer track, horse, and jockey stats to help individuals identify which horse is performing well and under what conditions without prejudice.

Helpful Facts for Betting on Horse Racing

It is true racetracks affect a horse’s chances of winning a particular race. If you are wondering why this is the case, note that different surfaces can affect a horse’s pace and the effort it needs to zoom down the track. With that said, here are three other angles that will help you get an edge while betting on horses under different race conditions.

Image of jockey riding a horse on the track
Jockey riding a horse on the track

Trainer Form

Top horse racing stat sites catalog a horse’s performance across different tracks and keep up-to-date trainer performance stats. So, if you want an answer to the question, how do odds work in horse racing? You should note that data from stat sites show that some trainers have superior talent and skill levels, which explains why they dominate the sport.

In most instances, the best trainers also get the chance to work with the best horses. Consequently, betting sites will offer low odds to well-bred, athletic, and expensive horses with renowned trainers since they will likely win their races.

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Jockey Form

A jockey in a horse race can be compared to a driver in a formula one race. It, therefore, shouldn’t be a surprise to find the best jockeys riding the best horses. Like trainers, the best jockeys have to prove themselves before they are entrusted with the best horses in the sport.

Speed Figures

If you want to know how to bet on horses online, the first thing that you should note is that speed matters in horse racing. Veterans in the sport claim that gamblers who have accurate insight into how fast a horse goes from point A to B are more likely to win their bets. And this is because these players have a good insight into the horse’s ability on the track.

Types of Horse Racing Wagers

Only place a bet on your preferred horse or race after finding an answer to the question “how do the odds work in horse racing?” There are numerous horse racing bets available to players, and we have covered the most popular ones below. Never bet on the sport without understanding how it works, as this can lead to unexpected losses. 

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Single-race wagers (aka "betting vertically")

Bet TypeBet Details
Win betPlayers only receive a payout when their horse wins. The bet is lost when a player’s horse doesn’t win.
Place betPlayers can only claim their payouts if their horse finishes in 1st or 2nd place.
Show betPlayers receive payouts if their horse finishes a race in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd spots.

Multiple-race wagers (aka "betting horizontally")

Bet TypeBet Details
Daily doublesPlayers bet on the winning horse after two consecutive races.
Pick 3Similar to the daily doubles, but here players bet on which horse will win three consecutive races.
Pick 4Players bet on which horse will win after four back-to-back races.
Pick 6Players bet on which horse wins after 6 consecutive races.

What To Bet

Image of trainer riding a horse
Trainer riding a horse

Our focus with this guide is providing a detailed answer to the question, “how does horse betting work?” We also understand that most players will want to wager on horse racing events after familiarizing themselves with how to bet on horse racing. And this is why we are sharing the following tips to help you maximize your winnings.

Identify Lone Speed Horses

A detailed analysis of past horse races reveals that a lone speed horse can control a race from the moment it starts to when it ends. Finding such a horse can be challenging, especially if the race has other top-performing horses. However, you will have a better chance of finding the lone speed after reviewing data from several races after considering different race conditions.

Identify The Top Closer

Some races feature mostly fast horses. Finding a lone speed in such duels can be difficult. And this explains why seasoned enthusiasts recommend finding the horse that is a consistent top closer when betting on races that boast lots of speed.

Bet On A Winning Horse Today

Unlike most sports, the horse racing calendar runs throughout the year. Many online bookmakers have fixtures of upcoming races from across the world. And some sites might even credit your betting account with bonuses and rewards if you stake on designated popular horse racing events. With that said, it is your time to shine, and the tips we have shared in this guide will help you do just that whether you are horse betting or enjoying the intense horse racing atmosphere.

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