How to Bet on NASCAR Races

Alisa Barladyan
30 Mar 2021

NASCAR is becoming the first betting choice of many bettors. This sport is appealing for its high speed, action, famous and super talented drivers. It’s very easy to fall in love with NASCAR races, especially with a precise team. Teams are everything here. All its components must work as a clock and much depends on the crew chief. So let’s learn more about this sport and the options bettor are being offered when betting on NASCAR races?

How does NASCAR work?

When we say NASCAR what do we really mean? NASCAR is hosting 3 national events in USA: the Sprint Cup Series, the Nationwide Series and the Camping Truck Series. Besides these events there are international racing events that include the Canadian Tire Series, Toyota Series, and Whelen Euro Series. In Sprint Cup Series (the most popular event) participate 21 teams with one to five drivers  The event lasts from February till November during which are held 41 races. Together with part-time teams (6) there are about 69-79 drivers.

NASCAR Betting Strategy

Bookies start offering NASCAR odds right at the beginning of the season. However, keep in mind that after the drivers qualify and run multiple practices the odds change. Practices are very important in this sport. Depending on driver’s performance (to be more exactly on driver’s track position) the odds are being changed on race day. Track position is crucial when speaking about passing other race cars. A good track positions means higher chances of winning. Pit stalls are the next thing you should be knowing about when betting on a driver. Some pit stalls are better than others, which means the driver has an advantage or disadvantage. Pay attention to the last driver’s practice that is also known by the name Happy Hour. Basically, this practice will show who’s driving according to all race conditions, meaning he/she is following the rules. Weather plays a significant role here too. High and low temperatures affect tires in different ways which means that a given driver may perform great at certain weather conditions and show a rather ordinary performance at others. Watching drivers during practice will help you detect their weak spots and weight all pros and cons of betting on him/her.

Types of NASCAR Bets

If you’re in for bets on NASCAR, bookies will gladly offer you some pretty amazing markets at some pretty good odds. Let’s check them!

Race Winners or Win Outright

This type of bet simply allows players to bet on the winner of the race. It’s similar to moneyline in other sports. The only difference is that you won’t have to choose between two teams, but rather between 43 drivers. And that’s what makes moneyline bets on NASCAR a little bit more difficult. So what you’ll see at a bookie is a list of drivers’ names with the odds attached. For example: Juan Pablo Montoya +2500. This means that a $50 bet will payout 1250$. Players can also place a so called “Field” bet which means that the driver they want to make a bet on doesn’t have individual odds.

Driver Matchups

These type of bets are quite popular. It means you wager on head to head matchups between two drivers or a group of four drivers. Again, it’s quite similar to moneyline. Your driver doesn’t have to finish first the race. As long as he is ahead of the other driver against whom he is competing your bet wins. For example: Driver A -160, Driver B +130. A $160 bet on driver A will payout $100, while a winning $100 bet placed on driver B will payout $130.

Top places finishes

One of the most fun bets is top places finishes. What makes it so popular? In this case players bet on drivers to finish in the top five or ten which is a lot easier than making a bet on an outright winner of the race.

Proposition bets

Prop bets in NASCAR are all about whether something will happen during the race. For example: Which manufacturer will win? How many caution laps will there be? and even bets on the number of crashes.


Totals in NASCAR are similar to totals bets in other sports. The bookie sets the line and players bet on whether a specific driver will finish higher or lower than that number. For example: driver A – Over 11.5 (+105) or Under 11.5 (-135). Meaning that for you to win driver A has to finish 12th, if betting on over.


Futures are all about bets on Monster Energy Cup champion. However, you can also pick the winner of a specific series or bet on a driver’s point total, or even predict how many top-three finishes a driver. Futures in NASCAR are known for being very speculative. You won’t be making a lot of cash here as it is rather difficult to make an exact prediction.

Where to bet on NASCAR races?

Bookies are usually not very original in terms of bets on NASCAR. You’ll find that bets are the same everywhere. Regarding the odds be sure to check them as soon as they are released. Odds may vary. What bettors love when betting on races is the live-streaming and live-betting, respectively. So opt in for these two features if available.


NASCAR is a 9-month long season and you need to remember this when making bets like futures. Generally, NASCAR is a lot of fun to bet on. Odds are good for every event during regular season and playoffs. You might even find odds for qualification which is pretty cool. And again, with the right strategy you really might enjoy betting on NASCAR races.


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