How to bet on NCAA Football?

Alisa Barladyan
30 Mar 2021

If you like NFL betting chances are that you’ll like NCAA Football betting too. However, you’ll definitely notice the difference between these two. College kids may lack professionalism, but they sure have more reasons to fight and win. So, today we are going to explain you the basics of NCAA Football betting and see maybe you’ll consider it worth your attention.

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Betting on NFL vs NCAA

One of the main things that influence your betting decisions on NFL is the research you can easily do just by surfing the internet and learning some teams’ statistics, reading news about  injuries and replacement and so on. Can you do the same for NCAA? Hell no! There’s simply less information available on the internet about all these college football teams. Which basically means you’re on your own when making a bet. This is a huge NCAA betting disadvantage and this not even taking into account the total number of the teams you can’t literally know all of them. On the other hand, the bookies are in the same shoes as you are. They can’t be researching NCAA all the time, they have bigger things to deal with like the NFL. So, if you are in for long sleepless nights of research you might outsmart your bookie.

Types of NCAA Football bets

NCAA Football betting is just as generous on betting markets as any other sport is. It is up to you whether you want to make single-game bets or multiple-game bets. Needless to say, that with a right approach you’ll enjoy betting any kind.


The easiest type of bet is moneyline. So what the bookie does in this case it sets the line representing the favorite and the underdog. Let’s say team A has a favored line of -200 and team B has the underdog line of +180. This means that if you decide to back team A you need to wager $200 to win $100. Not very intriguing, right? On the other side, if you back team B with a $100 bet you might win $180. And that’s pretty much how the moneyline bet works, fellows!

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Point spread

Against the spread bet (ATS) or as many call it point spread is more difficult. In this case the bookie sets the spread with a favorite (-) and an underdog (+) and a number known as the vig or juice (usually -110), which basically means that a winning bet of $110 will payout $100. To win you need to cover the spread. For example: Team A scored 22 and team B scored 19  at a spread of (-4) and (+4) respectively. Although, team A won (22>19), team B managed to cover the spread by losing by less than 4 points (it lost by only 3 points).


Totals also known as under/over bets is when you wager on the final score of a game. For example: The bookie sets the odds at 45. Players should predict whether the score will be over or under 45. So let’s say team A and team B scored together 50 points. This means that an over bet won (45<50). If you were to place an under bet you would obviously lose the bet. That’s pretty much it!

Other bets (futures, prop bets)

The next two types of bets are made not just for serious betting, but for fun too. You’ll find that prop bets can be very creative and futures very distant. NCAA Football betting is a lot more generous in terms of wagering trends because there are more teams and games going on during the week.

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NCAA Football futures are related to events that are about to happen in the future. Generally, these type of bets include wagers on who will win the NCAA Football Playoff? or Which player will win the Heisman Trophy and so on. Note that futures mean that you won’t have access to the money you wagered until the season is over.

Proposition bets

Prop bets are more fun to bet on. Bookies come up with all kind of crazy bets to make the game and NCAA betting more fascinating. Here’s few prop bets you might encounter: Will team X make it to the 4 team playoff or bets on a team’s regular season wins.

Where to bet on NCAA Football games?

Betting on NCAA games should be fun, so before venturing into dubious bets weight all pros and cons. Make sure your bookie offers NCAA Football betting. It’s true that not all of them do so. Also be sure you’re within one of the eight states that do offer amateur sports betting. Choose a bookie that provides live-streaming and live-betting. Pay attention if it’s a reliable bookie with lots of betting markets. You’ll thank us later. Consider playing on different sites and taking advantage of the bonus offer.

Bet on NCAA with best bookmaker


When having second thoughts about betting on NCAA Football take into account that all those kids are super aspiring to get into the NFL and some of them do get. Rivalry here is more than just a word. Judge by yourself: there are 128 Division-I teams and 169 Division-II programs, teams are literally living the war. If you are serious about making bets on NCAA Football consider becoming a pro in small conferences. Place your bet as early as possible, but don’t bet on a team everyone wagers on. Betting on underdogs here is more fun and the payout is greater. If you’ll spend time on putting together a strategy you’ll have more chances of succeeding, that’s for sure!

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