Ababet Registration: Sigh-Up Guide, Welcome Bonus, Problems

If you are new to placing your bet online, then Ababet is for you. In this article, we will provide in clear terms sign-up guides to join Ababet.

Sign-up with Ababet

About Ababet

As one of the thriving gambling companies, Ababet keeps setting its pace as a reliable betting company as it is one of the best, and easy-to-use betting websites with high odds, mobile-friendly igaming platforms around the world where is allowed.

They also provide live betting, free bets, as well as, free sure wins to their customers. Onduparaka FC in Uganda has just launched a partnership deal with Ababet for a deal worth millions, the deal will last for three years. This is still on the quest to set the pace in the betting world after a few years of running the gaming website. 


How to register with Ababet

To register with Ababet, it is crucial to know the age tag allowed by Ababet for each bettor. The age allowed to join Ababet is 18 years, if you are below the age bracket, then you will not be allowed to sign-up as some sensitive detilas will be needed while signing up. Here is a guide to register on AbaBet;

An image showing the AbaBet homepage with an arrowing indicating where you can register on website.
An image of the AbaBet home page
Sign-Up with Ababet

To register on Ababet:

  • Get to the Ababet Sportsbook Site;
  • On the page with a tab indicating register, input your name and other vital information;
  • Enter your first name;
  • Enter your other name;
  • Enter your DOD;
  • Include your sex;
  • Input your country and district;
  • Enter your email address;
  • Enter your password;
  • Proceed to click on the register after you have filled in the required details;
An image of the homepage showing how you can login and an arrow showing where to make deposit.
An image of the AbaBet home page

How to Login on Ababet

To login on to Ababet, you must have registered on Ababet and you are a verified user. Here are the steps to log in to your Ababet account:

  • Get to the Ababet sportsbook Site;
  • Input your registered phone number;
  • Enter your password;
  • Proceed on to click login to access the account.
An image showing the AbaBet webpage showing match fixtures and their home and away teams added with available odds.
An image showing the AbaBet webpage
Sign-Up with Ababet

What Changes Can You Make After Registration?

If after registration, you noticed that you had an error on some of your details, you can make amends to some of these details. You can make changes such as: 


A table showing errors and changes

Registration Errors Amendment if possible How quick
Password issued It can be rectified Very instant
Currency after deposit You can make changes to the currency during deposit Very instant

How to Make First Deposit on Ababet

After your account has been verified, you can then proceed to make a deposit.

Steps to follow are;

  • Log in to your account at Ababet Sportsbook Site;
  • After you have logged in, click on the deposit tab at the right hand of the page;
  • You will see the available method including MTN MOBILE MONEY deposit method;
  • Select your preferred method and proceed to deposit.
An image of the AbaBet homepage with the deposit tab being pointed at with an arrow.
AN image of the AbaBet homepage

Ababet Bonus

Presnetly, Ababet is not offering sign-up bonus to new users but instead is giving free bet rewards on bet placed. There do not offer sign-up bonus presently.


Sign-Up Common Problems

While others users are finding it easy to navigate the website without having problems with it. Others on the other hand are having issues getting it done without issues. Here are some of the problems faced by other users. 

  • Selecting the right contact address;
  • High traffic where the numbers of users increased;
  • Issues with deposit, others users who are having difficult time getting the deposit done in their areas due to some circumstances known to them;
  • Placing bets. Some users are having tough time getting their bets placed on the website during this time, it might arise as a result of wrong coupon or wrong entry;
  • Some users are having issues with making withdrawal, it can either be the problem with their channel for withdrawal or network issues;
  • Finally, some users can have issues with their correct details when they registered on the website or the mobile app.

All these are some of the problems faced by users on Ababet, it will be rectified as soon it is noticed if possible.

Sign-Up with Ababet


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Also ask
Does Ababet have a registration bonus?
At the moment, Ababet does not give registration bonus but gives free as a substitute
Can I register on Ababet via mobile app?
Presently, you can register on the mobile app to get your account ready. It takes few minutes to register on the mobile app.
How long does the verification process take on Ababet?
To get verified and ready to make a deposit and place a bet on Ababet, the verification is the only means to getting fully on the website as a bettor. It usually take few hours on working days while on weekends, it takes more time than expected.
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