Hоw tо Dероsit & Withdraw Money With Your Bеtikа Acconut

Betika offers several payment methods. Detailed information about them is presented in the article.

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Betika Payment Methods Article

Betika is an online sports betting marque founded in 2016 and legitimately operating with a Betting control and licensing Board of Kenya issued sports betting and gambling license. This sportsbook has its headquarters in Kenya but has since shifted base to a few African countries.

The main reason people venture into sports betting is that they think they can win a huge or little amount of money from bookmakers, but as we all know, you need to put money into your sports betting user account to be able to bet on them. This review is targeted at showing you the nuts and bolts on how to make deposits and withdrawals on the Betika online sportsbook.

Bet With Betika

How To Deposit Money Betika

An image of the Betika sportsbook deposit page
Betika sportsbook deposit page image

Upon successful registration of the Betika online sportsbook, the next big step to actualizing your dream of winning big in online sports betting is to top up funds into your sports betting user account follow the underlisted guide below to start depositing funds on Betika online sportsbook.

  • Browse the internet or open the mobile app of the Betika sportsbook
  • Locate and click on the “LIPA NA MESA” menu button
  • Identify and select the “pay bill” menu option
  • Input the 29090 as the pay bill digit
  • Use BETIKA as your account name
  • Input your desired top-up figure
  • And send the command to deposit.

Alternatively, users can use the online deposit method by following the bit-by-bit guide below:

  • Browse the internet or open your mobile app for the Betika sportsbook
  • Login in to your account and hit the deposit tab
  • Input your desired top-up figure
  • To complete the online deposit method hit the “Top-up” tab
Betika Sign-Up
Betika Sign-Up

Betika Deposit Options And Limits

Depositing on the Betika online sportsbook isn't a tiring process at all, as online sports betting users of this sportsbook wish to deposit funds into their account, so they place wagers for bets on their favorite teams. View the tabular representation below to know about the Betika online sportsbook deposit options and deposit limits.


Betika online sportsbook deposit options and limits table

Online Deposit Instant May vary 100 N/A
MPESA Deposit 24 Hours N/A 100
Mobile money Instant May vary 100 N/A
Over-the-counter 24 Hours N/A N/A N/A


Betika Pay Bill (Offline Deposit)

Another payment option available on the Betika online sportsbook is the offline deposit payment gateway, users can easily study the thread table below to perform an offline deposit do the below:

  1. Go to Airtel money
  2. Make your transaction
  3. Open pay bill and choose other
  4. Put “DETIKA” as the business name
  5. Put in your desired amount
  6. Enter your unique pin to finish the offline deposit


Which Credit And Debit Cards And Accepted

Mobile money (Mpesa) and over-the-counter methods are the only ways for payment options. For the mobile money transaction, the use of both Credit and Debit cards are very key in the depositing and withdrawing payment patterns on the Betika online sportsbook. 


How To Withdraw Money In Betika

An image of the Betika sportsbook withdrawal page
Betika sportsbook withdrawal page image

Online sports betting is all about winning, this should be the reason for the influx of people these days playing online sports betting. The question on the minds of bettors is that, will they get paid if they eventually win? For the purpose of this article, users of the Betika online sportsbook can win and withdraw their funds from sports betting to their bank account. Users can follow the bit-by-bit guide to withdraw their funds from the Betika mobile sportsbook. There are two ways you can do this firstly 

  • Users can type withdraw # Amount to 29029, using the registered mobile number

Alternatively, you can;

  • Open the Betika online betting site
  • Hit the “withdraw” tab on the home page
  • Input your preferred withdrawal sum and hit the “Withdraw Now” Option button


Betika online sportsbook withdrawal options

By SMS 24 Hours 12am – 6:00am 300,000 300,000
USSD Core 24 Hours 12am – 6:00am 300,000 300,000
Online method Instant 12am – 6:00am 300,000 300,000
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Betika Payment Methods FAQ

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Also ask
Does the Betika online sportsbook accept cryptocurrency?
The answer to this is an absolute No! The Betika online sportsbook doesn't accepts the use of cryptocurrency for both withdrawal and deposits transactions
Can I use a Visa/MasterCard to deposit funds on any Betika online sportsbook?
The Betika online sportsbook allows the use of Visa/MasterCard for the mobile money payment method, exclusive to deposits and withdrawals.
How long before the deposit from Mpesa is credited into my Betika account?
Deposits of funds via Mpesa takes little or no time to be credited on your Betika online sportsbook betting account.
How long for withdrawal funds to be credited to my bank account?
Normally, withdrawal of funds happens instantly, but in some cases, as a result of proper verification and other verification related processes, withdrawal of funds from your Betika online sportsbook may take 1 - 3 business working days.


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Also ask
Can I Change the Currency in My Betika Account?
Users of the Betika online sportsbook are not allowed to change the currency of the Sportsbook, as a change in currency is subject to the Betika sportsbook in countries using different currencies.
Can I Use Different Options for Deposit and Withdrawals in Betika?
Users of this online sportsbook have a few handpicked options for withdrawal and Depositing, payment methods. Bettors can either use the mobile money (MPESA) and the over-the-counter-method (Betika outlets) to deposit funds and can withdraw funds via SMS, USSD code, and the online method.
Can Deposit and Withdrawal Limits Be Changed?
Users of the Betika online sportsbook cannot weak the Deposit and withdrawal limits, as it is the Sole responsibility and sole right of the Betika online sportsbook to reform any charges of any kind.