Bitcasino Registration: Sigh-Up Guide, Welcome Bonus, Problems

The Bitcasino online gaming service has a user-friendly interface and fast sign-up. In this article, I will be discussing how users can easily get registered on the Bitcasino online sportsbook.

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About Bitcasino

Bitcasino is an online gambling company, which is operated by moon technology, and licensed by the Government of Curaçao. This online gambling site provides bettors with lots of exciting gaming experience, 24/7 quality service, and easy withdrawals with no withdrawal traffic. 


How To Register With Bitcasino?

An image of the Bitcasino  sign-up form
Bitcasino sign-up form image

For users who want to enjoy this excellent gaming site, you need to get registered online via the Bitcasino licensed page, and below is a bit-by-bit process in which the user is to follow:

  • Users need to first be of legal gambling age of 18 and over;
  • Visit the Bitcasino verified page via laptop or telephone;
  • Hit the titled register button on the Bitcasino official site;
  • For more information see the terms and conditions;
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Bitcasino Registration Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are for users registered on the Bitcasino page for a clearer knowledge of the do's and don ts of the Bitcasino online gaming marque, for accessible usage of its gaming platform:

  • Users must be over 18 years of age, which is the official age for gambling and betting, granting them the capacity to participate fully in gambling-related fields, and not limited in any form of legal position;
  • The ToU of the Bitcasino gambling site comes into effect as long as users completed the registration process. To do this users must make sure that they have checked the tab section of the Terms and Conditions area;
  • User must adhere to the Bitcasino requirement that a registered user must operate and run one single account, as recognition of another will lead to the account being blocked;
  • Users must recognize that Bitcasino reserves the right to disallow the use of procedures contradictory to fair play such as fraud, screen capture methods, and other forms of vices;
  • Users must agree that Bitcasino has the right to restrict bets and also change games that are via its page;
  • Users are advised to pay attention to the terms and conditions of the Bitcasino online betting platform, by reading through it, and also users can at their discretion decide not to join the bandwagon of Bitcasino if they do not agree with the ToU;
  • Users' involvement in the games offered by the Bitcasino betting service provider is in a user's interest only, and they must understand that taking part is for the sole purpose of fun and recreation;
  • Users can only partake in games for themselves alone, no one else;
  • Users must provide verifiable deets, and must not fail to contact Bitcasino to inform them of any change of information;
  • It is the sole duty of a user to inform and to be held accountable for taxes that may arise from wins gotten from Bitcasino;
  • Using the Bitcasino online betting service in regions that are tagged as restricted, will mar users' attempt of making bets on Bitcasino;
  • The only legal tender acceptable on the Bitcasino online gaming platform is the crypto tender;
  • Users have agreed upon registering on Bitcasino, that they have a basic understanding of crypto, and that it fluctuates steadily in the crypto market;

How To Log In To Bitcasino?

An image of the Bitcasino login page
Bitcasino login page image

Users who wish to log into their account on the Bitcasino page can follow these step by step procedures to enable them to log in with no errors;

  • Click the home page of the Bitcasino official site via laptop or telephone;
  • Click login, located on the first page of your Bitcasino page;
  • Enter verified details as provided during registration;
  • Click on the login button and access your page;
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What Account Adjustments Can I Make Upon Registration?

Upon completing their registration on the Bitcasino online gaming site, users can edit certain preferences such as removing/adding their preferred wallets, linking or removing new accounts, changing the in-game currency, and editing their active wallets.


How To Make First Deposit at Bitcasino?

An image of the Bitcasino deposit methods page
Bitcasino deposit methods image page

For users who wish to make their first and subsequent deposits on their Bitcasino user account, do well to follow these simple guidelines;

  • Click and login to the Bitcasino official site;
  • Locate the deposit icon at the top right page and hit the deposit option button;
  • A one-time deposit address will be shown on your screen, copy it and use it via your wallet, is good to note also that Bitcasino provides an option also for users to scan via the QR code as displayed;
  • Follow the steps provided and make a deposit based on your currency;
  • Users can visit the payment options segment of the Bitcasino official site to know more about depositing via various currencies and methods of payment;
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Bitcasino Registration Bonus

Bonuses are the livewire of online sports betting and gambling. The thrills associated with getting this bonus offer can not be overemphasized. Unfortunately, in the course of carrying out this research, the Bitcasino does not offer its users any registration bonus. 


Sign-Up Common Problems

There are certain challenges that users can encounter when they try to sign-up on the Bitcasino online sportsbook. Study the thread list below to learn more about the major hurdles that can be faced by users:

  • Internet network related issues;
  • The user who is trying to sign up is living in an area considered as a restricted area;
  • Incorrect and unverifiable information provided during sign-up, may mar the sign up process;
  • Another major constraint that may be the result of users not been able to sign up, may be as a result of a user not attaining legal betting age of 18 years or plus;
Sign-Up with Bitcasino


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Also ask
Does Bitcasino have a registration bonus?
Bitcasino does not have a registration bonus, rather they have the Bitcasino Loyalty Bonus, which rewards its users via tournaments and advancements. And note also that bonuses and prize money earned on the Bitcasino official site is not through bettings.
Can I register via mobile app?
Yes, users can log in to the official Bitcasino site via their mobile device to register for an online gaming and betting user account.
How long does the verification process take?
Verification of users via the Bitcasino official site takes place after documentation which includes utility bills and a valid id card, once the documents are verified, the user will receive an email of confirmation.


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