Login to Your Bolabet Account Today: Welcome Bonus & Registration Guide

To bet on Bolabet you must login to your account. How to do it read in the article.

Bet With Bolabet

About Bolabet

Zambians love using Bolabet to bet on their favourite sports. This has been the trend ever since the company was launched in 2005. It came with an improved web design layout, competitive odds, and other unique features. The result is that right now the company has thousands of customers who use it daily for legal betting.

Those who are yet to join would want to know if Bolabet login is hard or easy. Our short answer is, Yes. It will be easy to log in and use the sportsbook. Below we give you more details on how to go about it.


Bolabet overview

Website https://www.bolabet.co.zm/
Founded 2005
License Lottery and Betting Control Board (Zambia)
Address Kafue Rd, Downtown Shopping Mall, 1st Floor, Shop No, F01
Operating country Zambia
Customer support Phone and email
Bet With Bolabet

How to login

Bolabet has made it easy for its users to access their accounts. If you already have an account with Bolabet, the log-in process should be simple. Here is how you do it.

How to log into Bolabet account
Bolabet login
  1. Make sure that you are on the Bolabet homepage to access the “Login” button;
  2. Click on this button to get a log-in form for using to access the Bolabet account;
  3. You are required to input your phone number as the username and a password. Verify that these details are correct or you won’t log into your Bolabet account;
  4. Once the right details have been filled in, click the “Login” button on the same form;

So far, you should find the whole process simple and straightforward. Now, it is time to give it a try. 


Why is it worth undergoing registration on the betting platform


Website layout

When you first come across a sportsbook, you want it to be easy to use. No one has the time to keep going through the FAQs just to understand the sportsbook. The best part about Bolabet is that it is easy to use. It looks like most betting platforms that people have already interacted with. As such, most users have an easy time using it right now.


Easy registration and login

The registration and login processes are both easy. Those who find themselves ready to start betting have an easy time accessing their accounts. So, you should generally go for it.

It is not common to have registration or login problems. However, in case they arise, there is a team of trusted customer support to help you.


Fast customer support

Getting quick help is key to ensuring that you can use your sportsbook account with ease. Bolabet has heavily invested in their support team. Considering they are always available regardless of the time, you should get all the help you need.


Multiple markets

Bolabet is also home to multiple markets to consider for betting. Here, you can bet on common sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, and many others. There is also the option of betting on casino games. The virtual games also make it an entertaining platform for everyone. So, you should always find something worth betting on.


Login problems and how to solve them

You are likely to face login problems from time to time. This can mostly be due to human error or there is a problem with the Bolabet system. So, what are the solutions? Here are a few potential solutions to your log in problems.


Try login with mobile Bolabet site

Logging into your Bolabet account can also be done over the mobile website. The mobile version of the Bolabet is the same as the main website you see on your desktop. So, do not sign up for a new account. Simply use the same details as you did before to see it works.

Most people find the mobile website an alternative as it helps them use their mobile devices for betting. So, do not shy away from giving it a try.

Anyone who wanted to try out the Bolabet app login might just have to consider the Android app. You can download it by visiting the website with your mobile device.


Try login on Desktop

You could as well as also give it a try on the desktop device too. If the website had a problem earlier, it could have been resolved and now you can access the account with ease. If you continue experiencing problems with your account, talk to the customer support team for comprehensive help.


What to do if you haven’t got an account?

People often encounter login problems simply because they do not have an account on Bolabet. That is not something to worry much about as the signup process is simple and straightforward.

So, are you interested in having a Bolabet account? If so, this is the process you should follow to get an account for yourself.

Signing up on Bolabet
Bolabet signup
  1. Once you are on the homepage of Bolabet sportsbook, click the “Register” button;
  2. A form appears vital for setting up the account. Here, you will be tasked with entering the account details such as the phone number, password of your option, gender, and date of birth;
  3. The form also includes the first name, last name, and email. Keep in mind that these are all optional. The platform only needs your number and password to have a functional betting account;
  4. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of Bolabet and click the checkbox next to the links to agree;
  5. Finally, click the “Send (SMS) verification code” button at the bottom of this signup form;
  6. You will receive an SMS code vital for verifying your account. At this point, you have a working account you can start using;


Other problems

Phone number is wrong

You may have used the wrong phone number details. Always confirm the phone number is correct;

Account does not exist

At times the phone number is not registered on the platform or it is banned. If it is not registered, create an account first before trying to use the sportsbook; 

Wrong password

Just like you can mess up the phone number details, the same happens to the password. So, use the correct password or have it reset where necessary; 

Website is unavailable

Yes, at times you can find the Bolabet website being unavailable. When this happens, wait until Bolabet resolves the issue and the website is brought back online; 


Customer Support

You may be facing some log-in or account setup problems and you are not sure how to proceed. When it gets to this point, you need the help of the customer support team.

The Bolabet support team can be accessed via email or phone. It claims to be available all the time, but at times you may get the lines engaged.

If you want to use a phone number for help, here are the options to use.


  • +260 97 744 9933
  • +260 77 055 2541
  • +260 77 055 2543


  • +260 96 093 0022
  • +260 76 243 7006
  • +260 76 243 7475


  • 260 95 699 8080


  • 260 07 624 37006


  • 260 96 093 0022

As for email, use [email protected] to reach the team with all your queries. Email replies are mostly within a day, so you should get most of the replies fast. Make sure you are as detailed as possible about your problem in the email to get a comprehensive answer.

Bolabet also launched agent locations too. These agents are located around Zambia. Here you can also be helped in case you have a problem with your account.

We also insist you check out the “How to” page on the sportsbook. It features frequently asked questions so that you can know more about the platform and start using it. Sometimes all the answers you need are under this section.

Bet With Bolabet
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