Download & Install Fun88 App for Android and iOS 2023

Fun88 Mobile App is India's latest mobile betting application; however, it has the potential to become one of the best in the sports betting business. The bookmaker’s odds are excellent and contains more than 200 games and tables among different types of sports betting markets. The online page is a proof of its multipurpose application.

Download Fun88 Mobile Apps

Fun88 Mobile Apps Pros & Cons

  • The minimal system needs;
  • The application does not consume much memory space on your device;
  • New users receive bonuses in the application;
  • Multiple games to bet on;
  • All usual methods of deposit are supported;
  • The app support does not speak Hindi;

How to Download & Install Fun88 Mobile App

The Fun88 Mobile application is available to download on either Android or iOS phones. Starting with the risk-takers to the bookmaking amateurs, they have some absorbing online betting games for everyone.

An image of the homepage of Fun88 App
Homepage of the Fun88 App

Download Fun88 Mobile App for Android

The Fun88 Mobile application is unavailable to download from the play store. However, you can follow a few easy steps to download this app on your smartphone:

  • Go to the official website of Fun88 India and open the mobile app page;
  • Start the downloading process. Download the installation APK for Android;
  • Modify your phone settings. Go to the security settings of your smartphone and allow the app installation from unknown sources;
  • Open the downloaded APK file and complete the installation process;


Fun 88 App Android System Requirements

Android version5.0
Memory space100 MB
Processor1 GHz
Fun88 Sign-Up
Fun88 Sign-Up

Download Fun88 Mobile App for iOS

The betting software has developed a working client that supports many iPhone and iPad versions. If you have got an iOS smartphone or tablet, you can also get the app downloaded on your device. The installation process is similar to that of the Android operating system. You need to implement the following procedure for that:

  • Go to the application page by opening the official site of Fun88 India in the browser of your iOS device and go to the application section;
  • Get the installation package file downloaded by going to the iOS app item on the website or App Store;
  • Complete the installation of the application software client by opening the downloaded file like any other iOS application;


Fun88 App iOS System Requirements

iOS version
Memory space100 MB
Processor1 GHz
Download Fun88 Mobile Apps

Fun88 Mobile Version

The betting application has a mobile version besides the apps for Android and iOS and supports all kinds of bets and website features. However, you have to use it via the main page. One can do it by going to the Fun88 India website, entering your login and password details, and starting betting.


Advantages of the mobile version of the site

  • The layout is flexible and adjustable to the screen size for maximum user convenience;
  • By using a safe SSL certificate, encrypts all the private data of the users and restricts the outflow of those details;
  • By employing a cash register directly through a browser, the process becomes relatively more straightforward;

Fun88 Mobile App Main Features

The Fun88 mobile app is designed to take all the features of the leading website platform and boil them down to the simplest form. Here are some of the main features of the Fun88 Mobile app;


Easy payments

When you make significant sports bets on casinos, live events, or Esports, immediately joining the betting pool is extremely important. However, the simple fact is that desktop betting takes far longer and is filled with extra steps that might lead you to miss crucial advantages. Henceforth the Fun88 Mobile app gives you instant payment support and makes betting easy.


Instant log in

In the desktop version of the Fun88 login procedure can be far slower and less secure than the mobile counterpart. You can use the fingerprint sensor or use a four-pin code digit to login into the app. As a result, players can quickly start their journey of sportsbook booking to earn many profits.


Mobile-specific offers

You will be able to take advantage of the mobile-specific offers and promotional activities that happen on the Fun88 app. Getting specific promotions over the platform's desktop version makes the app extremely popular.


Mobile betting

Being stuck on your desktop can become an extreme chore and make the betting laborious. The Fun88 Mobile allows players to hang out in groups and turn online sportsbook betting into a social activity. One can also bet whenever, wherever you are in the world, to make targeted bets.

Download Fun88 Mobile Apps

Fun88 Mobile App Bonus

Many welcome bonuses are available on the Fun88 platform that players will get to enjoy once they join the forum


Welcome, Bonus Majestic March

In this bonus, the users are provided with a massive 400% free bet on a minimum deposit of INR 375 with an increase of up to INR1500. The overall rollover you are allowed on this bonus is at least 45.


Virtual Cricket Welcome Bonus

Get a real cash-free bet bonus on virtual games with a percentage of up to 200%. Make a minimum deposit of INR 500, and you will be able to extend your betting ability to INR1000. They will provide a rollover of up to 20 times before utilizing it.


Micro Gaming Slots Welcome Bonus

Time to try out your luck in the world of micro gaming 130% Up to INR 30,000. You will have to deposit INR 500 and get a 130% bonus on your offer. Get a significant bumper bonus of more than INR 30,000 with the lucky offer.


Slots Pragmatic Slots Welcome Bonus

You can make a minimum deposit of INR 500 with up to 300%. You can get significant INR 2000 and RO bonuses 25 times before taking full advantage.


Top Bonuses


What Can Be Improved in Fun88 App


User Interface

The Fun88 user interface's current form is entirely usable and visually pleasing to the eyes. However, it's been a while since the whole Mobile UI has gone through a major reshape and refresh. 

There are still many UI elements that have nowadays been replaced with a more modern, clean look. It has been a long time requested by many fans that the app needs new design ideas to stay relevant.


Certain sports-oriented

While there are many sports on the platform where players can make their bets, some sports are promoted more heavily. For example, cricket and Football take up much of the app's focus, and there needs to be a correction.

In addition, the next version of the app needs to be more balanced and cater to all types of players.


Payment Method

While, in general, some of the methods provide near-instantaneous payments within a few seconds, others can take a while. In the case of mobile payments, long wait times can lead to fewer betting opportunities and a lower winning rate. Therefore, the Fun88 mobile must optimize its payment methods and services to have fast processing time and significant headway. 


Easy Installations

The way to install a Fun88 app can be easy for someone with technical knowledge, but it can be challenging to understand for a newbie. Moreover, changing the hidden settings is not user-friendly even after installation. Henceforth this is something they must work up to help reach the app to the masses.



The Fun88 mobile app is one of the easiest ways to get into sportsbook betting because of the platform's simplicity and the number of promotions they have. Once you become part of the community, it can become an easy process to make bets all across the globe in different sports, casinos, virtual and e-sport sports games, etc. In addition, with the sportsbook platform, you can make a side income and money from it.

Download Fun88 Mobile Apps


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Also ask
Is the sportsbook app legal?
Yes, the platform is completely legal and registered according to the laws of the Indian government. In addition, they are compliant with the rules and regulations of countries like China, Vietnam, and many more countries.
Can you win money on sportsbook apps?
Fun 88 provides you with many opportunities to earn significant returns on your bets on different games. The possibilities are endless; however, it depends on your skill and talent whether you can predict the game's outcome.
How to bet on your phone?
You can make large bets through your mobile phone using the Fun88 apps every day. The process is straightforward, and the cash payments are direct.
What taxes should you pay for winning in the Fun88 App?
The taxes placed on your winnings are determined through the country's laws and charged accordingly by the platform. To know your country's regulations, you can search for Sportsbook tax laws (countries name).


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