Gbets Register in 2023: Sigh-Up Guide, Welcome Bonus, Problems

Gbets stands out as a premium sports betting website for those living in South Africa. When you get to the website, you will notice just how good it is with many options for betting on if you are a bettor. Even those new to betting can find it an easy platform to consider. Well, all that does not mean much if you cannot register an account. That is what we will be talking about in this guide. Keep reading to fully understand the Gbets register process.

Sign-Up with Gbets

How to Register with Gbets

With its range of options when it comes to betting, many people may consider Gbets for their gambling activities. But for you to do so, you have to sign up on the platform. Not to worry as the signup procedure is straightforward. Below is an overall overview of the process to follow. 

Registering a new account on Gbets sportsbook
Gbets registration form
  1. Locate the “Register” button that will be at the top right corner of the Gbets website;
  2. The website opens a form for you to key in all the vital details to register an account. Some of the necessary details include the phone number, ID or passport number, email, date of birth, and more. Fill out the form correctly as some of the information may be verified later;
  3. Scroll down the form to find the Gbet’s terms and conditions of the platform. Click the check box to agree with these terms before continuing;
  4. Click the “Submit” button to finalize registering your account;
  5. You will receive a new email from Gbets confirming you have registered on the platform. The same message can be sent to your phone. At this point, you are ready to start using the account;
Sign-Up with Gbets

Registration Terms and Conditions

When you want to set up a Gbets account, there are a few things you should know. Here are some of the Gbets terms and conditions. 

  • You can only register on the Gbets official website. A confirmation email is then sent to your address for verifying the account;
  • A person cannot have multiple Gbets accounts. If these multiple accounts are discovered, they will all be blocked;
  • Only individuals are allowed to open accounts on Gbets and play the games. Companies and corporate entities are not allowed to bet on Gbets;
  • If you click the check box against terms and conditions, it is assumed you have read and you agree with them;

Those mentioned above would be the most basic terms and conditions you can come across. We recommend going through all the mentioned terms on the website to get an idea first before setting up an account.


How to Log Into Gbets

Now that you have a Gbets account, it is time to sign in and start betting. This is even simpler than signing up for an account in the first place. Here is to do it right;

  1. Click on the “Login” button found next to the registration button;
  2. A sign-in form appears. Here, you have to input the Gbets’s username or phone number and then the password;
  3. Make sure the login details are correct and then click the “Login” button on the form;

If everything is right, you will have access to your account and start using it for betting on sports. 

Sign-Up with Gbets

What Account Adjustments Can You Make After Registering

One of the biggest adjustments you will get includes having several methods for banking. These are the methods you would use for depositing and withdrawing from Gbets. Pick a method that is highly convenient to you whether it is depositing or withdrawing from the platform.

You still have the chance of changing the Gbets account password after registering. Maybe you feel like the one you set up earlier is not strong enough or you forgot it, then reset it.

To reset the password, click the “reset password” button when on the log-in page. You should get an email with all the instructions necessary to reset your password.

Changing the odds format is also available. The formats include decimal, fractional, American, Hongkong, Malay, and Indo. So, it all depends on what you understand better. Take note that the decimal format will always be the default.


How to Make the First Deposit at Gbets

Gbets features several methods a bettor can use to fund an account. After all, it will be impossible to bet without funds. Before you can deposit to the account, you should know the various Gbets payment options available. These methods include;

  • Top-up vouchers;
  • Bank wire;

Follow this method when you want to deposit to your Gbets accounts. 

  1. Once you sign into the Gbets account, click on the “Deposit” button that appears at the top right corner of the website;
  2. You will be given several banking methods that you can use. Make sure it is a convenient method for you;
  3. You will then be required to input the amount you want to fund the account with;
  4. Follow the additional steps based on how the system tells you. Just make sure the details you are using are correct so that the funding can go through;
  5. You will need to click the “Submit” button at the end to debit your account. Just like that, your account is funded and you start using it;

Remember that you need to roll over the deposited amount at least once before withdrawals can happen. This is a measure essential for preventing money laundering. Also, the minimum deposit can range from R5 to R50 depending on the method of choice. 

Sign-Up with Gbets

Gbets Register Bonus

How to get a bonus on Gbets signup
Gbets sign up bonus

When you first register on Gbets as a new customer, you are eligible for an R25 free sports bet. This free bet is only usable on live and pre-match sports only. It should be a nice bonus to get you started with betting on the platform.

Here are the terms and conditions you should know;

  • Once the free bet is activated, you have to use it in 48 hours;
  • The bet is only valid for a single bet. The minimum odd per bet is 1.50;
  • If the bet is won, the R25 bet stake becomes voided;
  • For you to withdraw the bonus bet winnings, you must deposit a minimum of R25 and still play a bet that is 1 x turnover of the R25 deposit;

Most people find using the bet bonus quite easy and straightforward. As such, you will often find the users enjoying their first time betting on Gbets.


Sign Up Common Problems

Gbets sign-up process is simple, but at times people often encounter problems. Maybe it is the many details you have to input for the signup process. Well, we look at the common Gbets sign-up problems and how you can resolve them.


Registration form not loading

The chances are there is a technical problem with the Gbets website. Or, it could be that your internet connection has an issue. Try reloading the Gbets registration page to see if it works. If your internet connectivity is fine, give it a couple of hours and retry the process.


You cannot complete the registration process

When you hit the “Submit” button and nothing happens, it could be that you have not filled out all the necessary fields. Some fields are not optional, so make sure they are filled correctly. 


The promo code does not get accepted

When signing up, you have the option of using the promo code vital for unlocking many other special bonuses. If you find the Gbets promo code is not working, then it could be expired. The promotions on the website often expire after some time.


You still cannot submit your information for registration

Let us say you have included all the vital information needed in the signup form, but it seems you cannot submit it for registration still. If this happens, you may have forgotten to click the checkbox for the terms and conditions. Do that and you can expect a smooth registration.

Sign-Up with Gbets


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Also ask
Will Gbets offer a registration bonus?
Yes. You will get an R25 free bet as a registration bonus. Make sure to claim it in 48 hours.
Can I register for a Gbets account via a mobile app?
Yes. You will get an Android app available to use for registering on your mobile device. iOS users have to use the mobile version of Gbets.
How long does the verification process take?
Gbets takes an average of 24 to 48 hours to review the submitted documents and verify the account.


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