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GTbets is a relatively new sports betting platform in the gambling industry; it launched in the year 2011. Edging in on a decade, they have been spectacular so far. The Curacao Gaming Control Board has successfully licensed them. The sportsbook hasn't faced any issues with legalization so far. They, however, restrict the players from some U.S. states. Players from the U.S. states listed below are not allowed.

  • Washington State
  • Maryland
  • New York
  • Missouri
  • Louisiana
  • Kentucky
  • Washington D.C.

Bonuses offered by GTbets

GTbets, as one among many other sites, offer a couple of bonuses for punters. You will get sign-up bonuses, reload, referral bonuses, loyalty programs, etc. Their bonuses have been proven to be better than some others that have been in the industry for a longer time. Here are the bonuses that we will look at with their eligibility conditions in this GTbets review:


Sign-Up Bonus

Sign-up bonus is the one you get when you register on their website. You stand to get a 100% deposit bonus on your first deposit on the website. Now at this point, most sportsbooks don't give any additional bonus, but GTbets goes the extra mile in giving an additional bonus. You get an additional 50% deposit bonus on your second deposit. The offer is one of a kind.
The sign-up bonus is a cash bonus, so for any wager you place, and win, you get both the bonus and your win into your account. They give a 10x rollover for the bonus. Below are some requirements for the rollover.


Earnings for every $10 Sign-up Bonus Reload Bonus
Sports 5 points 10x 6x
Video Poker 1.5 points 37.5x 22.5x
Table 1 points 50x 30x
Slots 2 points 25x 15x
Baseball 2 points 25x 15x
Horses 7.5 points 6.7x 4x

GTbets will make sure you know the points you are in for before you receive a bonus.

Main page for GTbets eu, step one to signing up.
Sign-Up bonus offered by GTbets.

Reload Bonus

Their reload bonus is evenly spaced out. What the reload program covers is a range of between 5-50% automatic match bonus. Please don't get too excited over it yet though, terms and conditions apply. You have to meet up with three rules before you can get the bonus. The rules of which are:

  • Your account balance must be segmented for you to receive the bonus.
  • The last transaction you made must not be a cash-out. If your last transaction were a cash-out, you would not qualify for the bonus.
  • Your account's amount must be less than or equal to 25% of your last deposit account. If your last deposit was $500, you must have a maximum of 25% of that deposit in your account at that instance, which is $125. If your balance is higher, it makes you non-eligible for the reload bonus.
  • All these measures are put in place to prevent punters taking undue advantage of the bonus.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus

GTbets sportsbook is one among few that offers you a referral bonus. For every friend you refer to, they give you 50% of your friend«s deposit. However, before you get too excited about it and maybe think of ways to get thousands of dollars from the referral, note that the maximum you can get from it is $400. If you do the math, that means to get the maximum; your friend has to deposit $800. Another condition to this offer on your path is that you must have at least deposited your account within the previous three months» duration.


Rewards Program

Rewards programs give you points that you can use for many perks like making entries into contests, and even for redeeming GTbets merchandise. You can get the points through a game-time rewards account. You get more points depending on how much time you spend playing in both dollars and volume.


Alternative GTbets Bonuses

Asides the regular bonuses that you get, which is a requirement for a regular online sportsbook; GTbets offers you additional offers like rebates, which comes in weekly and monthly rates. Casino players on the platform get to enjoy up to 10% weekly rebate while the racebook clients enjoy up to 15% of monthly rebate.


Banking Options Available For GTbets

Of course, you should already know that banking options, in general, covers both deposits and withdrawal methods that are available. The minimum deposit offers that cuts across most of the payment methods are $35, except MoneyGram and quick cash that require a minimum deposit of $100. The company is also one of the modernized gambling sites that offer transactions in cryptocurrencies speaking of bitcoin and litecoin.


Deposit Options

You have a vast array of deposit options at your disposal. Each of the options is capped with a minimum and maximum amount to deposit. They allow Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit and debit cards. For one, if you would love to deposit a large sum of money, the cryptocurrencies offer the maximum deposit limit. The credit card offers the fastest and stress-free method; all you have to do is input your card details and provided you have the specified amount in your bank account, you are good to go. The classifications alongside the maximum and minimum deposit amounts are shown in the table below.


Payout Options

Although they offer various deposit options, sadly, their payout options are quite limited. You have just three options for your payouts. However, your payouts are safe and secured. You have bitcoin, bank wire, and quick cash as your payout options. Bank wire takes the longest time to pay, up to 15 working days, due to the verification your bank has to do to secure your money. Quick cash and bitcoin offer you a significantly lower period of up to 48 working hours. The breakdown of each payout method is shown in the table below.


Sports Markets Offered by GTbets

The brand does not fall short of offering you a wide array of sports for you to play. You would not regret your experience with them. The list of sports they offer are:

  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • College football
  • Canadian League Football
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Politics
  • Auto Racing
  • MMA
Left side of the main page of GTbets.
Sports offered by GTbets.

Types of Bets that you Enjoy on GTbets

Here are the types of bets you stand a chance to enjoy if you decide to join GTbets services:

  • Straight Wagers: Straight wagers are among the most common betting types any gambling industry will offer you. When you bet on a single event or game that entails either a puck line or money line, point-spread, game total, or a run line, simply put, it is just about picking a team to win.
  • Moneylines: Moneyline bet is another common betting type and arguably one of the easiest betting types the sportsbook offers. Simply put, it means placing a bet on a single team.
  • Parlays: A parlay bet is a single bet that has more than one bet combined. It could be two or more. It is irrespective of the types of bets that you combine, and it could be a combination of moneyline, point spreads, totals or any more.
  • Over/Under: Over/Under bets is another bet in which you try to roughly predict the game's outcome statistically. Statistically implies that the scores of the game. In a soccer game, if you wager on over 2.5, you imply that the addition of both team's scores will be more than 2.5, that is, three and above. The same goes for under bets, it just means the opposite.
  • Teasers: Teasers are bets that enable you to make a combination of your bets on two different games.
  • Round robins: The round-robin bet is more like a type of parley bet. It is one that allows you to make different varieties of betting options at once. It is fair enough to say it is like wagering multiple parlays at once on a single game.
  • Point buys/sells: Points buy or sell can be described more as a bet that sacrifices one for another. This time odds are your sacrifice, and you lay them down to receive spreads that you deem more favorable.
  • Half Times: As the name implies, you can only place the bet on sports with two half of gameplay, e.g. soccer. You try to predict the score at half time.
  • Quarters: It is a variant of the half time bet, only that this applies to games that work with quarters, like basketball with four quarters.
  • 1st five innings: It is a baseball betting type. It makes available to you every form of wager that the whole game has to offer.
  • Futures: As the name implies, you try to predict games that have not been played. In a competition, you are predicting the finals when the competition is still in the group stage.
  • Props: Short form for propulsion bet. The bet is made regarding the probability of an event occurring or not during a game. It does not have to relate directly to the game-winner.
  • If bets: It also deals with the occurrence of events. If an event occurs, then another will. So the 'if' has to work out before winning the other.
  • Live-Action: It is a thrilling be that deals with betting on games that have already started.
  • Mobile Bets: The sportsbook makes its services available on the mobile platform.

GTbets Soft

  • Mobile Betting: GTbets make their platform available in diverse ways, including mobile. You stand a chance to enjoy mobile betting on the mobile app, available on both iOS and Android.
  • Live Sports Betting: Nothing is more thrilling than being able to bet when the game is already in play, especially if you are watching it. Although, you don't expect the odds to be as high as pre-match betting.
Rewards Section of the GTbets website.
Live Sports Betting in GTbets.

Customer Service

GTbets has pretty decent customer service. You can contact them for technical difficulties if you are facing any. Their website is also well equipped with a live chat for quick and easy access to the operators. If you require help, the sportsbook has made it easy for you to contact them directly.

GTbets main page. Live Chat is the three dots on the lower right corner. Click on it to initiate a chat.
Live Chat for GTbets.
  • Good customer services.
  • The company has been around for a while, their reputation is solid.
  • VIP members of the sportsbook enjoy lots of exclusive offers.
  • Variety of bonuses and rewards for clients.
  • You have a relatively large amount of sports to wager on.
  • Availability of bitcoin option for withdrawals and deposit.
  • They tend to put restrictions on those that win frequently.
  • Clients can only request payouts once in seven days.
  • Limited payout options.
  • The betting limits are relatively low.

License Jurisdiction

Lack of license on a gambling website is a no go area for punters. GTbets has risen to beat the odds by getting a valid license. The company is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board, which makes it easy to deal with them. Because the company is relatively new, launched in the year 2011, and still managed to get a license, that shows how serious they are to their business. At the pace in which the company is moving, it is evident that they are here to stay.



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Also ask
How old must I be to place bets on GTbets?
You have to be at least eighteen years of age to access their services.
Is GTbets licensed?
Yes, GTbets is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board.
Does the company offer any other services apart from sports gambling?
GTbets also offers a reputable casino service alongside their sports gambling services. Their services are equally outstanding.
Can I access GTbets on my mobile device?
Yes, you can. You could use the mobile apps, provided that you use either an iOS or an Android device.
Is the sportsbook allowed in New York?
Unfortunately, New York is one of the few states that they don’t accept customers from.
How can I withdraw my earnings from the website?
Navigate your way to the banking options section and select “withdraw”. You will see the options which you can choose to receive your payouts.