Login to Your Novibet Account Today: Welcome Bonus & Registration Guide

If you're a Novibet bettor, you'll need to know how to get into your account. If you can't log in, you won't be able to place any bets. To ensure that your next Novibet Login on mobile or desktop is a success, we've put together these instructions for you.

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About Novibet

With strategic collaborations with prominent software developers since its inception in 2010, Novibet has evolved into a superb betting platform for everyday users. To put it another way, Novibet is now capable of offering more than 65,000 sports markets every day with competitive odds.


How to log in?

Novibet login is relatively straightforward. Follow the steps below to login into your Novibet account.

  • Visit the website or download the mobile app to get started if you are using the Novibet app login.
  • After you've entered your "username" and "password" in the appropriate fields, click the "login" button to log in Novibet account.
  • Your account would be ready to use as soon as you clicked the "Login" button.

Keeping your login information secure can protect you from having your account accessed by someone else without your knowledge.


Why is it worth undergoing registration on Novibet?

The numerous UK betting online forums recognize Novibet as one of the best online betting sites for British punters, and the company takes great delight in that fact. Since the UK Gambling Commission recognizes Novibet as one of the best betting sites, you can rest confident that your online sports betting experience will always be of the highest quality.

If you want to keep up with the latest in football, horse racing, or any other sport, Novibet has you covered whether you're in the UK or anywhere else in the world, at home or on the move with your favorite mobile device. Because of Novibet's superb, round-the-clock customer service, customers can be assured that their complaints will be addressed promptly.

It's also worth noting that Novibet has a wide range of payment alternatives to meet the demands of each player. If you keep an eye on their promotions page, you'll be able to take advantage of even better deals.

Novibet Sign-Up
Novibet Sign-Up
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Login problems and how to solve them

You must contact Novibet assistance if you are experiencing difficulties with Novibet login into my account. If you're having trouble logging in, there may be a minor issue or technical problem to blame. Forgotten passwords and being unable to log into your account are just a few examples. If something like this happens to you, contact novibet to find out what the issue is.


Try login with mobile Novibet site

You should consider logging in on the mobile site using the desktop or app version, as this might resolve the issue.

Novibet Mobile App
Novibet Mobile App


Try login on Desktop

In some cases, you might have a hard time logging in on the mobile site; you can try to log in using your desktop as this might solve the problem. If it persists, contact the Novibet customer service.


What to do if you haven’t got an account?

Follow the steps outlined below to sign up for a Novibet account.

  • To join, go to the official Novibet website and click "register.";
  • Some sections might ask for information about a user's identity, such as their name, address, and social security number;
  • Complete the form to the best of your ability, and then enter your phone number to receive the verification code. Enter your personal information into a display menu;
  • To get the discount, enter the coupon code "NOVIMAX" while registering and when requesting a promo code;
  • Finally, you should read Novibet's terms and conditions and privacy policy before submitting your registration information.
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Other problems

The account has been deactivated

If you haven't logged into your novibet account in a long time, your account may have gone inactive. This can only be resolved by contacting novibet customer service.

After you've already logged in, requesting that you login again

For technical or browser-related issues, log out and log back in on a new browser.

Invalid account

Your Novibet account has been put on hold and may even be terminated. Please contact Novibet customer service.

I've lost access to my account because I don't remember my username or password

Once you reach the login screen, request your username and password. If you've forgotten your Novibet login or password, you may do so by clicking on the lost password link.

Forgotten login details

Forgot your username or password? Call Novibet customer service and provide them with your ID number; they'll be able to help.

Customer Account Number does not exist

If you see this error message, it is most likely because you entered your username incorrectly. Don't forget to use the phone number you used to register the account.

A message requesting that you accept the terms and conditions

You'll see this error message if you haven't clicked the terms and conditions box underneath the login form.


Customer Support

Customer service is crucial for everyone involved, not just the operator. To put it another way, it's a no-brainer. Who will you turn to if you have any questions or concerns? It's all about the client service. As a result, Novibet provides its customers with a well-rounded array of customer service options.

Novibet has your back. In addition, Novibet offers an excellent customer service team. As seen by the numerous 5-star reviews, Novibet's customers love the company's customer service. Consequently, Novibet has a staff of customer service representatives that take their work seriously.

To contact the Novibet team, you may utilize the live chat or messenger; email them; receive a call back from them; leave a note on Skype, or even get a phone call. Live chat responses are nearly instantaneous with this company. You're connected as soon as you submit your information. It's also available around the clock, every day of the year. At [email protected], you may send them an email. About 24 hours later, they'll get back to you.

novibet different communication networks
novibet support page
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Also ask
Is Novibet a reputable and secure betting site?
For more than a decade, Novibet has been in business. Because of its years of experience, Novibet can be trusted. Additional licenses from the UKGC and MGA are also held by Novibet, as are national licenses from other jurisdictions where Novibet is authorized to operate.
How can I sign up for a Novibet account?
Click register on the top right-hand corner of the home screen to begin registering. Next, enter your e-mail address, followed by the username and password. As part of Novibet's Know Your Customer standards, you'll need to provide your full name, date of birth, and mailing address. Creating an account is as simple as filling out the form and submitting it.
How can I verify my Novibet account?
You'll need to provide the following to prove your identity under the Know Your Customer policy: ID, passport, or driver's license photo. You also need bank statements or utility bills from the past three months are acceptable forms of address verification.
How can I get in touch with Novibet?
Any time you need to get in touch with Novibet, you may use any of the following options to get in touch: Email - [email protected]; Phone - 01412805221; Facebook Messenger - via their Facebook page; Skype - through the link on their customer care section. Please contact [email protected] with any marketing inquiries.
Is Novibet an excellent platform to place your bets?
Everyone's criterion for picking a bookmaker is different. The only person who knows if a specific website is suitable for them is themselves. For example, you may be searching for the most generous deals. A wide variety of sportsbooks may be all that is needed.