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Are you in search of the best the punting world has to offer? An escape from uncertainty with regards to getting the right odds in the palm of your hands. Well then, you can stop as we bring to you the Parimatch sports betting platform. Taking it a step further, we unveil to you the Parimatch app for android. The power of the Parimatch web sports platform in an app but now better. We know Parimatch to be top-notch and dependable from their various betting options. The sporting options include Football, basketball, soccer, and many more. The platform gives you access to a wide range of betting options. These make Parimatch a brilliant choice for new and old sports betters. These and many more have been packaged into the app.

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Parimatch Android App Pros & Cons

  • Parimatch android app makes use of a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption;
  • Parimatch offers brilliant odds on sporting events;
  • Live betting;
  • The added feature of live streaming;
  • Limited payment options;
  • Update issues;

How To Download And Install Parimatch Android App

You don’t need to have A1 technical know-how or be a web developer to download and install the Parimatch app. The whole process requires only very little time. Firstly, ensure that the install from unknown sources is checked under your phone security settings tab. Navigate through your android menu and access the google play store. While inside the app, search for Parimatch in the search bar. This will load up the app view where you will see the app. Click install. The download will start immediately. Once completed, run the app. You’ll be able to see the features in Parimatch.

Download Parimatch Android App

Parimatch Android System Requirement

Parimatch android app is free for download and is suitable for most gadgets. For the app to function efficiently, phones must meet these requirements.


Parimatch Android app requirements table

Device Android
Operating system 4.0 or later
Cost Free
Parimatch Sign-Up
Parimatch Sign-Up


Parimatch Sportsbook Mobile App Countries Availability

Available countries include:

  1. Ukraine;
  2. Russia;
  3. Moldova;
  4. Georgia;
  5. United Kingdom;
  6. South Africa;
  7. Nigeria;
Download Parimatch Android App

Account In Parimatch Android App

How to set up your Parimatch account on the Android platform is quite easy. The steps are:

  • Once the download is complete, you can proceed to open the app. After the app is open, proceed to click the signup button;
  • Provide all the required information and put your phone number. A message will be received concerning verification;
  • Click on the message Parimatch will send to obtain the confirmation number and input it where needed;
  • Click on the join now button. Congrats. You have successfully opened an account on the ios app;
Parimatch Mobile App
Parimatch Mobile App


How To Fund Your Account In Parimatch Android App

Immediately you are done with account creation, go ahead to sign in to your Parimtch account. Click on the option saying ‘Deposit”. You will see all the available options and they include:

  • Bank cards (Visa and Mastercard);
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill;
  • Jaton wallet;

Go ahead with your preferred option and put in the rewired details. Once completed, a pop-up text will be shown. This is to confirm the money has been deposited. Remember the service is free.

Download Parimatch Android App

How To Withdraw From Your Parimatch Android App

When you log into your Parimatch account using the app, click on the withdraw button. There are various withdrawal methods. The same ones are used when depositing money into your account. Choose one and then proceed. Fill in all the required information. Be sure to take note of the smallest and largest withdrawal amount. Finally, you will not be charged for this transaction by Parimatch. It is free.


Android App Main Features

The Parimatch android app has a bunch of features that make sports betting enjoyable. They include:



The Parimatch android app gives the user access to watch live sporting events. Punters can keep up to date with a variety of sports live and also alter their bets accordingly. This feature is open to premium users.



The Parimatch android app gives the user access to watch live sporting events. Punters can keep up to date with a variety of sports live and also alter their bets accordingly. This feature is open to premium users.


Search Engine Speed

An impressive feature of the app is its ability to quickly search for sports items at lightning speed.


Live Match Statistics

Live stats on ongoing games are displayed on the home screen. This gives a quick overview upon which the user can click for a detailed view if need be.


Live Alerts

This makes alerts pop up for predetermined sports events even when the app is not open. Things like the start of events or other important changes.


Live Betting

A bet can be placed even if the event has started. This is a welcomed development because most betting sites don’t do this.


Special Bonus

Parimatch gives loads of freebies to new customers and even lost games.

Download Parimatch Android App

Sports Betting On The Parimatch Android App


How To Place A Bet On The Android Application

This process is quite simple. Open the Parimatch android app and log in. Once you are on the home page, proceed to fund your account as shown your account is low on funds. With funds in your Parimatch account, you can stake on events. Head to the sports tab to access a wide range of sports. Go to your preferred choice and choose your betting option in-app. Now when all your various selections have been completed, you can proceed to stake your money against the bets you’ve chosen. Once your preferred amount is set, place the bet.


Android App Vs Desktop Comparison


Parimatch Android app vs desktop comparison table

No storage space required Storage space is needed
Not as many features as the android app. A lot of new features.
Updates and downloads are not required It is given regular updates to improve performance and fix bugs
Optimised for small screens It has an added layer of security
Compatible with all modern devices Compatible with devices running the android 4 version and above
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Parimatch Mobile Bonuses

An image of theParimatch sportsbook mobile app bonuses
Parimatch sportsbook mobile app bonuses image

Parimatch offers its new users a welcome bonus on their first deposit of funds into their sports betting user account, where they can get up to INR 20,000. To get this bonus, register for a Parimatch sports betting account using your mobile application, deposit funds into your account up to INR 20,0000, and get over 150% in bonus. 


Top Bonuses