Download & Install Sportsbet Free App for iOS 2022

SportsBet is one of the rapidly growing online gaming and sports betting platforms that seek to make apt use of the latest technical advancements. By positioning itself as a Bitcoin-friendly portal, the company today has touched new heights. Sportsbet has created a unique Android app and iOS app for its players, in order to reflect this significant preference for current technology. With approximately more than one million customers, Sportsbet is termed as one of Australia’s largest online bookmakers.

Download Sportsbet iOS App

Sportsbet iOS App Pros And Cons

  • Entails major racing and athletic events, and specialty events.
  • Partnership with Sky Racing
  • Provides live streaming of Australian and New Zealand racing for free.
  • Popular and significant features such as same game multis, Bet with Mates, and betting advice are included (wide range of bet options)
  • Innovative and unique betting features
  • It may be apt for casual punters, however, there are better options available for high stakes bettors
  • Odds are consistently high across the board; however, suitable for some smaller markets
  • Not considered ideal for VIP bettors

Download & Install SportsBet iOS App

Android 5.0 or above is required to operate the SportsBet app.

Open the Settings app on your phone and search for 'About Phone,' 'System,' or maybe something equivalent, depending on your phone. Check for upgrades and download the recent version of Android. Click the download button to get to the app on Google Play. Alternatively, seek for the SportsBet logo when searching for 'SportsBet' in Google Play's Apps tab.

In order to install the Sportsbet Mobile App, you need to download the Sportsbet app from iTunes.

Get real-time local and international racing odds, live betting (phone only), and over 1000 sports betting markets, including more than 200 AFL and NRL bets. All users of Sportsbet can fund their accounts, source their betting history, check transaction history with the previous and all their pending bets.

Bet on horse racing and sports on SportsBet iOS app
Bet on horse racing and sports on SportsBet iOS app
Download Sportsbet iOS App

Account in SportsBet iOS App


How to open your account in an iOS App?

You would first be required to land on the homepage of Sportsbet. Once you see “Join Now” which is located at the top right-hand corner of the screen, go ahead and click it. The next step is to enter your accurate details.

Now, you should choose your desired username as well as password. Finally, you are required to review the terms and conditions, followed by creating your account.


How to fund your account in the SportsBet iOS App?

Firstly, you need to proceed to the Deposit tab in My Account, followed by feeding in the information of your credit card with the deposit amount. Click the “Deposit Now” tab.


How to withdraw from your account in the iOS App?

At any point, you intend to withdraw, go to My Account and choose the Withdraw tab. Select the Credit Card and then enter your desired withdrawal amount. You can also have the choice to proceed with one of the preset values. Finally, tap on the Withdraw tab.

Download Sportsbet iOS App

iOS App Main Features


Live Betting

SportsBet's large selection of live sports streaming and Fast Code function make it simple to place a live bet. 



You can access live streaming if you are logged in and have funds in your SportsBet account. SportsBet's Live Streaming allows you to watch, bet on, and enjoy the action from any location in the world.

However, if you do not have sufficient mobile data, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi to stream live. Streaming through mobile data could lead to high data usage.



Use a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Poli, to make quick and secure deposits and withdrawals.


Fast Search

The super-simple Multi Builder feature of SportsBets helps you to craft your multis in a limited time.


Live Alerts

The SportsBet iOS app delivers live alerts to you 24/7 with the help of push notifications so that you do not have to worry about missing out on any information. In addition, you can also get stats and insights into various games on this app.

Download Sportsbet iOS App

Special Bonuses

Sportsbet conducts numerous promotions that can be availed by the users.

Your bonus bets in your SportsBet account would be rewarded as a separate Bonus Bet transaction, typically within 24 hours of the event's conclusion.

In SportsBet, you have the opportunity to split your Bonus Bet into two, three, or even four new bonus bets. However, Bonus Bets can only be transferred or exchanged at Sportsbet's sole discretion.


Placing A Bet On The iOS Application

Firstly, you ought to decide what you want to bet on your iOS app. Your bet would then be joined to your bet slip. Later, enter the stake you wish and then hit the bet. Make sure to always check your bet a couple of times to avoid any errors. Finally, click on confirm to place your final bet.


iOS App vs. Desktop Comparison

The most obvious difference between the iOS app and desktop version includes the absence of push notifications in the desktop version. However, it is much more convenient to keep tabs on the multiple games that you have bet on in the desktop version. This is because you can open multiple tabs on the desktop and simultaneously monitor each game’s outcome and progress.

Download Sportsbet iOS App

SportsBet Mobile Bonuses

Availing bonuses on this app is a seamless and fast process and all you have to do is download the app and check out the promotion notifications.

Members who are residing in Australia as well as New Zealand have access to the Sportsbet promotional advertising material. Further, some members also get an offer that is exclusively tailored to them and is only available to and redeemable by them.

All of your offers in SportsBet will be listed, together with the associated monetary value along with the bonus bet expiration date.

While you redeem bet match offers, the bonus amount is dependent on the value of your qualifying bet. For instance, if your bonus bet is capped at 50 dollars, you will be receiving this amount when your qualifying bet is 100 or 50 dollars. Similarly, you will be getting 10 dollars when your qualifying amount is 10 dollars.

The best part about these bonuses is that they get credited to your account within 24 hours of redeeming them!


Common Problems With Sportsbet iOS App

  • You may not be able to log into your account even though you have entered the right information.
  • Some pages may not load properly. For instance, missing odds of events pages.
  • It may so happen that the page will not load.
  • The bet slip may not load your bets.
  • You will be logged out even though you are currently using the mobile site.
  • Time and again, these issues are caused by data packets called "Cookies" that are stored on your device.

Keep in mind that if you a