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Is the Wagerweb Sportsbook Legal and Safe?

Wagerweb has been serving its clients around the world since 1994. It was established for the first time in Costa Rica, and its main consumer base is in the United States. Wagerweb has proved its safety and reliability to its clients by providing them with a high-quality service for over 20 years.


Wagerweb Sportsbook Registration

If you want to sign up for the Wagerweb Sportsbook, all you have to do is log in to their website and fill in the registration form. The form asks for a phone number which should be valid because the team verifies it before they allow you to set up your account. An automated pin is sent to the number you provide, which you will have to insert after you finish the signup form to complete the process. Wagerweb uses robust security features to protect your account in a way that all your withdrawals are confirmed by a text message code which you will have to insert every time.


Wagerweb Sportsbook Odds, Lines & Betting Markets

Wagerweb is on the continuous run of improvement, and over the passage of the last couple of years, it has improved the speed of releasing the odds. Today, Wagerweb’s betting lines can be compared with the top sportsbooks in the industry. Even though Wagerweb’s primary focus is on North America’s market, they also host clients from around the world. They offer dime lines for baseball, and the list of sports available for betting is given below:

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Racing
  • Women’s basketball
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Cycling
  • Canadian football
  • Arena football
  • Mixed martial arts

Wagerweb Sportsbook Live-betting & Live-streaming

Wagerweb covers a variety of sports no matter international or American, with additional services such as live betting for those who are either at the game or at home lying on the sofa and watching the match. There is an option for live chat available for 24 hours, and bets are accepted all day long throughout the week. Live betting is straightforward to work with on Wagerweb’s website. It has direct options, which make keeping track of lines easier. Now live streaming and live betting is in the palm of your hands with the Wagerweb Mobile version.


Wagerweb Sportsbook iOS

Even with all those amazing services, Wagerweb has not yet launched an iOS application and thus cannot be found on App store. What’s even unfortunate is that it also does not offer apk files that you can download. However, with mobile phones being an active part of our lives, their website is mobile-friendly for all iPhone users. You can use Safari or Google Chrome in order to avoid any kind of lags and slow games.


Wagerweb Sportsbook Android

The same is the case with Android so you do not need to be disappointed if you are an android user. You can also access the website through your mobile’s browser. Make sure to use a good quality browser such as Google Chrome for high-end experience while betting and playing mobile casino games on your mobile phone.


Wagerweb Sportsbook Mobile version

Nowadays, the obsession with our phones has gotten even stronger as all the utilities are now just a tap away through hundreds of thousands of useful mobile applications and mobile-friendly websites. Wagerweb has launched a version of its website that can be accessed from your phones. You do not need to download anything; it is not an application. All you have to do is browse the website on your mobile browser to access the website. And then you easily place bets on it. There are no in-between advertisements to distract you from your betting world, and you can see spreads, money lines, and totals altogether in one window.


Wagerweb Sportsbook Desktop Version

The desktop version is pretty simple to use. All you have to do is go to https://www.wagerweb.eu/ and log in to your account or sign up if you are new.


Wagerweb Payments Methods

With everything going online in today’s time, the most nerve-wracking question is the availability of different payment methods. Wagerweb offers various quick and easy ways for you to make your deposits and withdrawals as shown below:


Additional Fee:

Bitcoin: free Cashier’s check: $50 Bank transfer: $75 Person to person: variable

Customer support

Wagerweb brings to you a customer support team that is available to answer any queries you may have regarding registration or placing wagers. It is all made easy and is just one call away. The team caters to the public in English and Spanish. There are 6-8 different toll-free numbers made available for different concerns. For example, to make any financial queries, you can contact the customer support team at 1-888-464-2387 or 1-800-397-4319. If you want to open your new account, you can reach out to the support team at 1-800-326-6088. If you want to inquire about bookmaking, there are different landline phone numbers you can call at. These include 1-877-512-7095, 1-800-701-2381 and 1-855-924-3793. You can also fax your queries to the support team at 1-877-848-6582. There is also an option to email your queries to the support team at [email protected] Other than this, live chat is a quick option for getting answers to your queries quickly.


Official Info

  • Website: https://www.wagerweb.eu/
  • Established: 1994
  • License: Costa Rica
  • Headquarters: San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Sponsor Deals: Formerly BetCBS, now owned privately

Wagerweb’s welcome bonus:

The Wagerweb offers various bonus options, and one of them is the welcome bonus which is one of the biggest attractions for new users. This option includes a 1.5x rollover and provides you with 55% cash. However, there is a drawback to this option as it does not contain the cashback of 1% on sports. Also, you are restricted to only a 20% bet of the deposit on a single wager. And, if you make an initial deposit then Wagerweb provides 50% that is maximum of $1,000 and for total bonus of $500 to you.


Wagerweb’s benefits and promos:

The other bonus and promotions include a casino bonus in which you receive cashback on losses of 5%. And also, Wagerweb provides cashback of 1% weekly on reload which only requires you to keep balance of $200 in your account and maximum bonus you can get is of $1,000. Moreover, on your reference to a friend, Wagerweb gives you a premium of 25% and a horse racing bonus. The good thing about Wagerweb is it provides you an option to choose your percentage, rollover option and maximum bonus limit for three profiles 1) High Roller 2) Elite and 3) High Bonus.


Wagerweb’s loyalty program:

Wagerweb even has the option of loyalty cards in which the 10th deposit is free after every nine deposits.



Wagerweb has come a long way in its 20-year journey. They have improved a lot, have maintained positive feedback throughout, and now stand at an A grade rating by SBR as of 31st July 2019. It is a reliable platform with a wide variety of sports to bet on and potential promotions and bonuses to benefit from. They have a very knowledgeable customer service team available 24 hours to help you out. They offer opportunities like a free payout per month, outstanding mobile application service, and many events they offer odds on. If you are a US-based bettor, then do not shy away from trying Wagerweb.

  • Free payouts each month
  • Clean and easy to operate the website
  • Can buy 5 points per game
  • Encourages US participants
  • Availability of Mobile App
  • Cheque payouts have a minimum amount of $300
  • The live betting section can sometimes face glitches or go down completely
  • Low wagering limits
  • Not available in every country


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Also ask
Is this sportsbook legal?
Wagerweb has been in the industry since 1994 and have their license registered in Costa Rica.
How to use a sportsbook free bet?
First select sportsbook and add to your betslip that meets the terms of your offer then you can access your freebets through ‘Use available bonus’ option at the bottom of betslip
How to sign up for a sportsbook?
1. Open the website of the sportsbook you are planning to sign up for. 2. Find the “sign up” tab and click on it 3. Fill in the required information 4. Verify the sign up through the email or phone number you have provided 5. You have officially signed up!
How to make a deposit and cash out at a sportsbook?
You can use credit card, debit card, bitcoins, person to person transfer, and bitcoin to deposit or withdraw money.
Does the sportsbook have a mobile app?
No, Wagerweb does not have a mobile app but you can use a mobile browser to access the website.
Is the mobile version paid?
No, the mobile version is free to access, however, you need to log in to start the betting or to play mobile casino games.
Is it safe to use the mobile version?
Yes, in the mobile version, all the confidential details are encrypted and are protected with 128-bit SSL encryption.
Is there an iOS app for Wagerweb?
Unfortunately, there is no app for Wagerweb. However, you can still access the website on mobile.