Download & Install Winabet365 App for Android 2022

Winabet365 is an online platform for gambling on sports betting and casinos. The casino on this platform offers over 6000 games to play including slots, table games, jackpots, live casino titles, poker, and other card and casual games. WInabet365 provides a mobile platform for its clients to have access to it anywhere and anytime. It has all the features of its desktop website and an excellent GUI (Graphical User Interface). It provides a welcome bonus, when welcoming its new clients on to the platform.

Download Winabet365 Android App

How To Download & Install Winabet365 Android App?

In the website itself you can find a link for downloading the app in the mobile application section. This section you can find in the main page bottom part.

To download and install winabet365 Android app. Let me Provide you with some simple and easy steps below:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Scroll down the page to the bottom end
  3. There you can find the mobile app section below that section you can see two app links. One for Sports Betting app and another one for games betting app
  4. If you choose any one of the apps to download then it will download the apk format
  5. To install the apk file in the mobile you need to make some changes in the settings to accept downloads from “unknown sources” (basically it is usually turned off in any android mobile but you can turn it on simply)
  6. After turning on the unknown sources just click install
  7. Finally your app will be installed. (If you followed all the steps correctly)
Download Winabet365 Android App

Winabet365 Android System Requirements

This are the minimum requirements that are required for Winabet365 android app


Winabet365 Android System Requirements

OS Android 8 or more
Processor 1.5 GHz or more
Ram 2 GB or more
Memory 500 MB or more

Account in Winabet365 Android App


How to open your account in an Android App?

After installing the winabet365 Android App to make signup process let me give you some simple steps below:

  1. Open the Winabet365 Android App
  2. There you can find the options like Register, sign-in in the bottom of the app
  3. Click the Register Option
  4. Enter the required details. Required Details: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, E-Mail, Password
  5. After entering the details click the next
  6. Their you need to fill some other information like your phone number, Address, Currency(EUR,USD,CFA,TND) and PROMO Code (If you have any promo code)
  7. Read the terms and conditions carefully and Tick checkbox and then click the register
  8. After finishing these steps you are now successfully registered/opened your account on the winabet365 App


How to fund your account in Winabet365 Android App?

After finishing your signup/register process. You cannot Fund your account without giving the proper government document.

  1. To fund your account click the three line bar that you can find on the top left corner
  2. click wallet option
  3. Then select deposit option
  4. On deposit option choose the amount that you wish to deposit
  5. then you need to enter your document number and payment methods
  6. after finishing these steps click the deposit option


How to withdraw from your account in the Android App?

To withdraw from your account in Android app follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Click the three line bar
  2. Click wallet option
  3. Select the Withdraw option
  4. Select the amount that you need to withdraw and also select the method of withdrawal
  5. Now click withdraw

The money may not be transferred instantly to your account. It may take some time to reflect on it; it depends on the method of payment that you're looking for.

Download Winabet365 Android App

Android App Main Features

The main features of Winabet365 Android app: live betting, streaming, convenience, fast search, live alerts, special bonuses

  • Flexible access and available to bet on sports and gaming events on the go.
  • It has all features that you would find on the desktop site
  • The app provides support with a live chat system with its customers with almost an immediate response
  • Goog selection of game providers
  • The app may be clunky and can load slower than usual
  • You may experience screen flickering sometimes
  • Limited payment methods


Live betting

The live betting option is very responsive and also there is an option called Quick bet on which you can preset your betting amount for making the bets very quickly.



The app itself has a very good streaming interface for the match and also the live streaming available in a unique way. It has live animation that helps to understand easily and quickly. If you need the live stream of the match that is also available in the app itself. But it requires money.



Overall the app interface is very clear and easy to use. The app works well but sometimes it starts the screen starts to flicker and then the app crashes. Overall Convenience is average.


Fast search

The search option is also working just fine


Live Alerts

Live alerts are the most useful option and it worked well and good. Winabet365 Android app giving notifications regularly. Mostly the live alerts helped while betting.


Special bonuses

Winabet365 gives so many offers for new users and also for existing users like bonuses on their first deposit upto 100 dollar, Combo win boost etc., they do not provide any specific bonuses on mobile apps but if you promo code then you can get some more bonuses. The bonuses you receive on the desktop site will be the same as what you receive on the mobile app.


Sports Betting on Winabet365 Android App

Sports betting on the Winabet365 android app is just as easy as it is on the desktop site.


How to Place a Bet on the Android Application

  1. First login with your username and password
  2. Select one or several options in their line-up
  3. Use mouse click to estimate an outcome
  4. You bet amount will be shown on the right side of the page
  5. Now, you should choose your stake and your preferred method of betting: Single betting,System betting,Chain betting
  6. Before you confirm your bet, please read the terms and conditions
  7. Now, you can confirm your bet and carry on betting

Android App vs. Desktop Comparison

Let me give a simple comparison between the android app vs desktop comparison. Since both have pros and cons in their own way.

  • The app is based on the online website but it has a sleek GUI than the website
  • It is more flexible to use in an android app over using a desktop
  • It is more convenient in portability
  • Easy to bet as it has very simple interface
  • Advidesments are very low than desktop
  • Website has advantage in stability because the app itself has unstable
  • App is slow and getting crash frequently and this was the main drawback
  • The website will load very slowly if you have an older version desktop so an app is recommended in this situation
  • Even though the app has much flexibility compared to the website it has less stability and this makes the app worse usability
Download Winabet365 Android App

Winabet365 Mobile Bonuses

Winabet365 mobile application offers so many bonuses and promotions to meet their clients’ desires. It offers a 100% percent bonus on your first deposit. In winabet365, users are given an option to choose between casino bonus or sportsbook bonus. They only choose either one of them. If a user is enthusiastic about betting on live sport he/she is better off with bonuses offered by sportsbook.


Sports Betting Promotions

Winabet365 Bonuses screenshots from Promotion Page of website
Winabet365 mobile Bonuses

This promotion offers clients with a 100% bonus on their first deposit.


Combo Boost promotion