Yesplay Registration: Sigh-Up Guide, Welcome Bonus, Problems

If you like betting on online sportsbooks, then you may have come across YesPlay. This online sportsbook is popular in South Africa, but other people from different nations can use it too. So long as you can verify your account information, it should be easy to use YesPlay for your betting activities. The sportsbook has several ways you can bet and earn money. The most popular category is sports betting.

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How To Register With Yesplay

How to sign up for an account on YesPlay
YesPlay account sign up

Anyone who likes to bet will enjoy how easy it will be to go through the registration process on YesPlay. This section of the guide takes you through the various steps to follow to have the account ready. Let us see what it is all about.

  1. Start by going to the YesPlay homepage to access the signup button;
  2. While on the homepage, you will see the “Sign in/Sign Up” button at the top right side of the website. Click on this button;
  3. The button gives you a form for inputting your information to continue. You are only required to input your phone number to proceed. Simply input your information and click the “Enter” button;
  4. On the next page, another form appears to enter your password. Choose a password you like and click the “Confirm” button to access your newly formed account;

There are still many other ways of setting up a betting account on YesPlay. They include signing in with Google, Facebook, and Apple accounts. This can be a nice alternative for those who are not keen on sharing their phone numbers online.

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YesPlay Registration Terms & Conditions

Like other sportsbooks, expect YesPlay to also have their own terms and conditions too. Here is a quick summary of them;

  1. YesPlay has the sole discretion to process the account applications;
  2. You can access your YesPlay account through the internet, mobile phone, and telebet services;
  3. You need to have a South-African residential address to open an account on YesPlay;
  4. Make sure you can submit all the necessary documents to verify your account. It can include your SA identity document, passport, proof of address, and proof of bank account;
  5. YesPlay can make additional investigations based on the account activity;
  6. YesPlay still reserves the right to delete accounts that have been dormant for an extended timeframe of 6 months. Also, those that do not follow the terms and conditions can lose their accounts;

How to Log in YesPlay Account

You can still log into your YesPlay account with ease. You may quickly realize that the process is relatively the same as when you were signing up.

First, go to the homepage and click on the “Sign in/Sign up” button. You now have a log-in form to input all your vital details. For this part, only the phone number is required. If you have linked the other accounts, such as Google, Apple, and Facebook, you can use the same to log in.

Clicking the “Enter” button opens a new form for your password. Use the correct password, and you should have access to your account.

You can use a mobile app on any of your devices, just as the image indicates above. There is the option of choosing to log in via an Android or iOS device. Both apps are available.

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What Account Adjustments Can I Make Upon Registration?

One of the things you can adjust in your account would be to pick the type of sport you want to bet on. Go through the various sports to identify the various bet types available for each game.

A bettor can also easily request a self-exclusion time from betting. This is to help keep yourself in check to avoid being addicted to gambling.


How To Make The First Deposit at Yesplay?

Ways to deposit funds to YesPlay account
YesPlay deposit method

Assuming you have created a YesPlay account successfully, you would now be able to log in and deposit the funds with ease. Once you have made your first deposit, that is when you can start betting on your favorite team. If you are unsure about how to deposit, here is how to do it.

  1. Once you have logged into your account, click the “Deposit” button on the right of the account’s page;
  2. You will be presented with several methods you can use to deposit your funds. Pick the method you want, enter the amount, and follow the onscreen instructions;

Methods such as a debit or credit card might need additional security checks such as the CVV. This is to ensure the safety of your funds.

Keep in mind that you can only deposit funds if your account is fully verified.

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YesPlay Registration Bonus

How to accept registration bonus
YesPlay registration bonus

YesPlay gives you the chance to get a bonus when you first deposit it into your account. The bonus claims that all you have to do is deposit at least R50 to get a 100% bonus. This type of offer has a time limit attached to it. You will have around 35 days to claim the offer.

You can only wager the bonus you get from YesPlay 5 times within 14 days after the offer has been accepted. The terms can change from time to time, but you can always read them and accept them once you log into your account.


Sign Up Common Problems

Going through the registration method above, you can see that it is generally easy to have your account set up correctly. However, at times problems happen. Below we look at some of the common sign-up problems while creating an account on YesPlay.


Incorrect number format

Remember that YesPlay needs to you to set up the account by using a phone number and a password of your choice. As much as it might not seem like a big deal, using the wrong number format would make it hard to verify the account. So, use the recommended number format to have a working account.


Existing account

Maybe you forgot about your existing YesPlay account. If you try to sign up with the number, you will be informed it already exists. All that is left is for you to recover your password to continue using the account.


Unstable internet connectivity

Having unstable internet connectivity can make it hard to setup the YesPlay account. There is no doubt that only the ISP can help you here. Talk to your ISP to restore the internet connection to have an easier time setting up the account.


YesPlay website downtimes

When YesPlay has downtimes, you would not be able to sign up for an account. At this point, you just have to wait for YesPlay to restore connectivity for you to continue with the account setup process.

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YesPlay account overview

Founded 2000
License No. 10180204-009
Contact methods Live chat, phone, email
Payment methods 1Foryou, OTT voucher, Debit/Credit card, Ozow, ATM Deposit, EFT, aCoin, Zapper, Snap Scan, Kazang


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Also ask
Does YesPlay have a registration bonus?
Yes. You will get a 100% bonus for the first deposit you make. It has to be at least R50.
Can I register via a mobile app?
Yes. There are both Android and iOS apps to use. Simply download them from the YesPlay official website.
How long does the verification process take?
It should mostly take around 24 hours to get your YesPlay account to verify your documents. Just ensure you submit the right documents to avoid any delays.