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Too many firms favor small-scale, incremental innovations that are less likely to fail - but are more likely to have a marginal impact on customers


If mobile phones can be said to be the "fourth screen", then the fifth screen could be digital signage, which is already being touted as a key new advertising market and yet another revenue opportunity for satellite operators
O3b (other 3 billion) is investing $650 million to build network of 16 MEOsats offering
With reports that IPv4 has more mileage left than many think, few IPSs have started to migrate to v6 - raising the possibility of a mad scramble later on
Service intelligence gives Carrier Ethernet a crucial differentiator as operator demand smart apps
Local content delivery networks take center-state in net neutrality debate
BTS connects to satellite only when it needs a link, rather than 24/7
The technology leading the charge in the cellular backhaul network is that old workhorse: microwave
Singapore taxi firms invest in automated systems to cut costs and reduce wait time
TD-SCDMA - China's struggling 3G standard - has been declared ready for large-scale commercial deployment. But will it be ready by the 2008 Beijing Olympics‾
Bango signs deal with Platinum Studios to take the UK entertainment company's comics to mobile handsets
Subscription music service gives users access to their own music libraries as well as the collection of up to five friends
New messaging services enable users to transform a dumb handset into a smart, speech-to-text device
Micro-projector enables smartphones to project images onto any surface regardless of texture
Taking Net television into the loungeroom via the set-top
The major IM brands see mobile presence as ticket to reach users directly with LBS and viral advertising
Despite its potential technical advantages, Wimax is expected to remain a relativity small-scale technology in developed markets until the end of the decade
The hotspot market is undergoing both a trend toward provider consolidation and an increasing focus on network quality
Carriers shift their strategy from blocking P2P to making it run more efficiently
The value-added services game is not just about creating all-new mobile services, but also adding value to existing ones
Converged network connects the 12 host stadiums, three international media centers and FIFA's headquarters in Berlin, serving 15,000 users