Mobile World Congress


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Banking on its SDP footprint for business
Lack of awareness is a major barrier to adoption
Speed is essential to matching growing demand
Support costs up to 50% more than feature phones

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The "Internet of everything" presents major technical hurdles
Tablet makers should align with carrier interests
Stephen Elop outlines Nokia’s plan to connect the unconnected
Outgoing CEO tells MWC he'd still like Android on Nokia phones
Operators demand light-touch policies as they move to 4G
Wi-Fi has key role in TD-LTE strategy: Wang Jianzhou
Dick Costolo wants the same experience on many platforms

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Cisco on the MOOVE
Jeff White announces the launch of Cisco's strategic framework for mobile operators that includes the Videoscape experience, Adaptive Intelligent Routing and an outdoor Wi-Fi antenna that manages 3
What is the IPX?
Bill Dudley from Sybase outlines that the IPX is the backbone for operators to connect to each other and how it has grown to include data services such as Blackberry, messaging and cloud services.

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Caroline Gabriel/Rethink Wireless
Players look to LTE as telcos show support for the tech

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Rysavy Research on behalf of 3G Americas
3GPP broadband evolution to IMT-Advanced
This paper focuses on the congestion impact on the RAN and how Tekelec's RAN-aware policy management solution can enhance the customer experience
Identifying win-win pricing plans