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The future is awesome and terrifying. That’s why 2015 is the year to transform your business
A flexible, agile partner ecosystem and value chain is imperative
The evolution to SDN/NFV is placing even greater demands on legacy OSS/BSS systems that must also
Amdocs’ Eitan Elkin explains how online charging systems can introduce badly needed real-time
Such networks are already orchestrating better, faster Ethernet service quality

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Tony Poulos
Telcos should  focus on providing constant, clean and fast connectivity
Tony Poulos
IT projects with overly lofty goals are often doomed to fail


Tore Berg/Accenture
To beat the competition, CSPs will - and must - leverage big data to become integrated digital service providers
Michael Barnes/Forrester Research
With marketing taking the lead as CI pros seek to use data to improve customer engagement


Elitecore CEO Nikhil Jain discusses the success of LTE RCM and how the next step is data analytics.

Vaibhav Mehta of Elitecore talks about the pain points LTE operators are experiencing, and how the company’s new pre-