Crickex Bangladesh Review: Bonus Codes, Registration and Mobile Apps

Bonus: 1000 BDT
Claim Bonus
Cash Out:
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Crickex Bangladesh Quick Review


Bonuses: Refer A Friend Bonus Up To 1000 BDT, Birthday Bonus Up To 1000 BDT

Deposit Methods: Bank Transfer, PayTm, iPay, bKash, RUPEE-O, Upay, Nagad, Rocket

Withdrawal Methods: Bank Transfer, PayTm, iPay, bKash, RUPEE-O, Upay, Nagad, Rocket

Bets On: Sports, Slots, and more.

Support: Email; Live Chat, Telegram, Facebook


Crickex Sportsbook Review

Crickex is one of the most comprehensive and newest wagering platforms which is introduced in the betting industry. The Crickex platform is known for its betting platform, mainly for the Crickex betting options that make the punters more excited for wagering on a wide range of events. With its establishment in 2019, the sports betting site has been gaining immense popularity among Bangladesh, Indian, and recently Pakistan punters. With its license under the Curacao Gambling Authority, people can safely and securely bet on their favourite betting events. Besides, there are different promotions and bonuses, which makes the betting platform more exciting for punters. Therefore, register on the platform as soon as possible and enjoy your betting experience.


Crickex Pros And Cons

  • Live betting available;
  • Live streaming feature available;
  • Multiple payment options are available;
  • Mobile betting present;
  • Simple interface for every punter
  • Only available in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan

Where Is Crickex Legal And Safe?

The Crickex sports betting site is a licensed betting platform designed mainly for cricket lovers. With cricket being very popular in India and Bangladesh, Crickex is designed completely for cricket lovers and helps them bet on their favourite cricket matches. The Crickex sportsbook platform has gained its license from the Curacao gaming authority, which makes it a safe gambling site for Bangladesh and Indian punters. Thus, every punter who registers on the legal betting site can safely bet without the breach of their personal information. Therefore, if you want to register yourself on the betting site, do it soon and safely bet on the sporting options. Below is a list of accepted countries:

  • Bangladesh;
  • Indian;
  • Pakistan;


Overall Author’s Opinion About Crickex

Priyanki Baruah
Crickex is a quality betting site where the wagers can bet their funds on their favourite sporting events. Besides offering cricket betting options, Crickex is a host of several other betting options punters can enjoy. Therefore, if you have yet to experience the fun of registering on a trusted and reliable cricket betting platform, you must register soon. With multiple Bonuses for the customers, punters will enjoy their betting experience on Crickex. With an improved license from the Curacao gambling authority, you can safely wager on the Crickex betting site without any hesitation. But, one major drawback of this legal and online betting site is that it is limited only to Bangladesh and Indian punters. Customers from outside these two countries are not eligible for wagering on betting events through this platform. However, if you wish to enjoy betting on the wide range of cricket events on the Crickex sportsbook platform, register soon.

Crickex Bonuses

The betting bonuses are designed to make betting more enjoyable for the punters. If you want to experience the joy of such bonuses and promotions, then Crickex is the right place where you can wager your bets. It offers various bonuses and promotions for punters, which they can claim without any hassle. Although, there aren’t any welcome bonuses or loyalty programs available for the punters. But, both new and existing punters can avail of the other bonus options which are present for the punters.


Birthday Bonus

Image for Crickex birthday bonus
Crickex Birthday Bonus

If you are a new registrant on the Crickex sportsbook platform, then you should deposit at least 5000BDT within your birthday month and claim the birthday bonus. But, to do so, you need to communicate with the customer service of Crickex on your birthday and claim the bonus.


Refer A Friend Bonus

Image for crickex bonus
Crickex refer a friend bonus

The crickex sportsbook site offers a refer-a-friend bonus to all punters of the betting platform. You can win money by referring to the crickex betting site to your friend. Once you achieve this bonus, both you and the person who joins the legal betting site will win money. If the invited person deposits 1000BDT minimum and wagers on the betting events of around 5000BDT within the first five days of registration, then both of you can win a prize up to 1000BDT. Thus, register here soon to claim your bonus.


Overall Author’s Opinion About Crickex Bonuses

Priyanki Baruah
Regarding bonuses and promotions, Crickex has not yet been able to compete with its top-class competitors in the betting industry. But, they have offered some comprehensive bonus options that punters can claim without hesitation. The bonus options of Crickex are rewarding and would enhance the betting experience of the punters. With a gift point exchange, refer a friend bonus, birthday bonus and other cashback rewards, Crickex can indeed improve your betting experience and make wagering a success for every punter on the betting site. But, to claim the bonuses, you need to be a part of the website and meet the wagering requirements to win the bonuses. Therefore, register your account on Crickex as soon as possible and claim the bonuses without much hassle. Crickex strives to offer the best bonus options to its customers to maintain its loyal customer base.

Crickex Apps

Crickex has a mobile application for their punters, making wagering more simple for the customers. The Android application is available, which the punters can download on their devices and enjoy betting from any corner of the globe. Besides the Android application, there is also a Crickex mobile version which the punters can access irrespective of their software platform. However, the betting site is yet to make improvements regarding the iOS application, which is not yet developed and is expected to launch soon.


Crickex Android

Crickex offers an Android application for all its punters. The application is available on the official website of sportsbook site, where the punters can visit and download the apk file without much hassle. The Android application allows you to wager on your favourite sporting event from around the globe. Thus, you just need to download the application from the official website of the crickex sportsbook platform.

Also, the Android application has a simple and clean interface making it more straightforward for the punters to navigate through the application. It has the same aspects and features as the mobile and web versions. So, wager your funds on your favourite Crickex betting event using your Android app.


Crickex Mobile App System Requirement for Android

Android Version5.0 and higher
App Size5MB


Crickex Mobile Version

Crickex also offers a mobile version for all its punters. One advantage of the mobile version is that anyone can access it, irrespective of the Android and the iOS versions. So, if you are using your ios device and wish to access the Crickex website from your phone, you can visit the mobile version of the website. The mobile version has the same features and aspects as the website version but is more optimised than the website version. The mobile version is very easy to use. Therefore, log in to your Crickex sports betting account using the mobile version without any hesitation.


Crickex Odds, Lines And Betting Markets

The crickex sports betting site is renowned for offering the best quality odds to their customers. Every punter would like to get quality odds on the sporting events available to them. Therefore, with so many sporting options available on the Crickex betting site, you can simply wager your funds on your favourite events.


Sports Betting Options

The Crickex betting site is mostly focused on cricket betting events for Bangladesh and Indian punters. But, there are several other sporting events available on the Crickex betting site.

  • Cricket;
  • Football;
  • Volleyball;
  • Kabaddi;
  • Soccer;
  • Table tennis;
  • Polo;
  • Golf;
  • Saba soccer;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • Pool;
  • Rugby.

And others.


What Kinds Of Bets Can I Place?

With so many betting events available on the Crickex sportsbook platform, the wagers can also select different betting options according to their requirements.

  • One-click bet;
  • Fancy bet;
  • Even/odd;
  • Ball by ball;
  • Parley;
  • Quick bet.

Bookmakers Comparison

Bookmaker MetaScore Bonus Margin Cash Out Live Streaming
89 1000 BDT Yes Yes Visit Site
90 12000 BDT Yes No Visit Site
88 15% up to $60 Yes Yes Visit Site
Add Bookmaker

Crickex Mobile App Main Features

The mobile application must have some unique things which can attract users to the application. And therefore, to satisfy the demands of the wagers, Crickex has designed unique and exciting features for the punters. Thus, register on the Crickex betting application as soon as possible and enjoy the features of the betting site.


Multiple Sports Options

Crickex has a host of sporting options available for punters. When the users download the betting application, they can access several other sports betting events apart from cricket events. Therefore, wager on your favourite sporting event by registering on the Crickex sports betting application soon.


Live Streaming Feature

Crickex sports betting application offers a live streaming option on certain sports betting events. Therefore, the punters can enjoy watching the live events on the Crickex betting application and wager according to the customer’s requirements.


Excellent Optimisation

The Crickex sports betting application is highly optimised, making it more straightforward for the wagers to get used to the betting application without any hassle. Thus, if you are new to the platform, you need not worry about the different aspects of the Crickex application. So, register yourself on the Crickex betting application as soon as possible.


Licensed Application

The Crickex sports betting application is licensed under a renowned gaming authority, making it safer for punters to wager on different sporting events without much hassle. Therefore, you need not worry about your personal information if you register on the Crickex betting application.


Crickex Mobile App Betting Options

The Crickex mobile application has a wide range of betting options available for punters. There are multiple events which the punters can choose from and wager according to their requirements. Besides the different betting options available, the Crickex mobile application provides multiple sports events that the wagers can access to place their bets. From cricket to football, soccer, rugby and various other sports events, the customers can choose any of the events and select their betting types to place their bets. The crickex sports betting application is very impressive for accessing a wide range of sports without much hassle.


Overall Author’s Opinion About Crickex Apps

Priyanki Baruah
The Crickex application makes it simpler for punters to wager on their favourite sporting event without any hassle. You can simply bet on the betting events of your choice. The improved and enhanced betting application makes it easier for punters to wager on the events and make their events joyful. You can easily download the apk file of the Crickex mobile application from the official website of the betting platform. Therefore, if you want to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and access the different features and aspects of the Crickex betting platform quickly, then the betting application is the best place to do so. The application size is very small, and thus, you can simply download them on your mobile device without much hassle. So, download the Crickex mobile application soon and enjoy wagering on your favourite sporting event.

Crickex Sportsbook Features

There are different features available on the Crickex sportsbook platform that makes betting more enjoyable for the punters.


Bonus Options

The Crickex sports betting platform is known for offering exciting collections of bonuses and promotions, making it suitable for wagers. Thus, register on the platform soon and enjoy the promotions of the betting website without any hesitation. There are a host of bonuses like referring a friend, cashback deals, a birthday bonus and others, making betting enjoyable for the punters.


Live Streaming

The live streaming feature of Crickex is another exciting one as it enhances the betting experience for the customers. Punters can watch the live streaming of the matches and determine the performance of the players and place their bets. Thus, register soon and enjoy the live-streaming experience of Crickex.


Blog Feature

There is a crickex blog feature available on the betting site. You can know the current and live updates of the matches occurring on the Crickex sports betting platform. The Crickex blog section will cover everything occurring within the betting platform.


Overall Author’s Opinion About Crickex Features

Priyanki Baruah
Crickex is an exciting sports betting platform that has numerous features in it, and it makes gambling more exciting for punters. Thus, the crickex features will make gambling simpler and easier for you. There is also the live streaming feature of the betting site, which allows customers to view the ongoing live events on the Crickex sports betting platform. Thus, if you also want to experience the features of the Crickex sportsbook platform, you should register your account soon. With a host of bonuses available, you would not want to leave the site quickly, and the bonus options can be claimed by both existing and new punters. Therefore, register on the Crickex platform soon and enjoy its features.

Crickex Sportsbook Live Betting And Live Streaming

Crickex indeed offers live betting and live streaming feature to its customers. Punters can simply stream live events on the betting platform and bet on them through the live betting feature of the sportsbook site. The live betting and the live streaming feature of Crickex make it an exciting gambling platform for Bangladesh and Indian punters.


Crickex Sportsbook Sign-up Process

Registering your account on the Crickex sports betting account is not a hassle. You just need to follow the simple steps to create your account.


Visiting The Official Site

Visiting The Official Site

Before you sign-up for your account on the Crickex sports betting account, you will have to visit the official website of the sportsbook site. Once you visit the official website of Crickex, you can begin your registration procedure by hitting the Registration menu tab.


Input Your Registration Information

Input Your Registration Information

After you visit the official website of the Crickex sports betting platform, Provide the requested registration information such as your username, full name, password, currency, etc. 


Filling up details

Filling up details

To bring the registration process to a finish, tap on the greenish check symbol.


Crickex Sportsbook Login Process

You need to follow the simple thread steps below tologin into your Crickex Bangladesh user account.


Check-in To The Crickex Bangladesh Official Site

Crickex Sportsbook Login Process

Similar to the registration procedure, to login into the Crickex betting site, you need to visit the official website first. After visiting the official website of the betting platform, you can start by locating and activating the Login menu tab to start the login processes.


Input Login Information

Crickex Sportsbook Login Process

After you have tapped on the Login menu tap, in the prompt login form, input your login info, which is usually a username and password.


Conclude Login Process

Crickex Sportsbook Login Process

Conclude the Crickex Bangladesh login process by tapping on the Login menu tab.


Crickex Banking Options

There are multiple deposit and withdrawal options available for the punters. Let us see them in details.


Crickex Deposit Options

MethodsProcess TimeMax DepositMin DepositFee
PhonePeInstant50,000 BDT200 BDTNone
Bank TransferInstant30,000 BDT500 BDTNone
PayTMInstant50,000 BDT200 BDTNone
iPayInstant50,000 BDT200 BDTNone
bKashInstant50,000 BDT200 BDTNone
RUPEE-OInstant50,000 BDT200 BDTNone
UPayInstant50,000 BDT200 BDTNone
NagadInstant50,000 BDT200 BDTNone
RocketInstant50,000 BDT200 BDTNone


Crickex Withdrawal Options

MethodsProcess TimeMin withdrawalMax withdrawalFee
UPI6 hours2000 BDTNo limitsNone
Bank Transfer6 hours2000 BDTNo limitsNone
PayTM6 hours2000 BDTNo limitsNone
Rocket6 hours2000 BDTNo limitsNone
Nagad6 hours2000 BDTNo limitsNone
UPay6 hours2000 BDTNo limitsNone
RUPEE-O6 hours2000 BDTNo limitsNone
bKash6 hours2000 BDTNo limitsNone


Crickex is an improved and widespread sportsbook site where punters can place their bets on their favourite sporting events. Although, it was made with a focus on cricket events. But the sportsbook site welcomes a host of other sporting events which are available for the customers. Therefore, if you are yet to experience a wide range of betting and sporting events on the Crickex sportsbook account, you should register your account soon.

Also, you will get an Android application that makes wagering more straightforward for the customers. Therefore, if you are staying in any corner of the world and wish to wager on sporting events through Crickex, you can do it using the Android application. Relatively new to the betting industry, the Crickex sports betting site has gained immense popularity among Indian and Bangladesh customers.


Crickex Bangladesh Official Info

LicenseCuracao Gaming Authority
Sponsors Betfair

Crickex Customer Support

The Crickex customer support is highly active and remains activated 24/7 to respond to the customer’s queries. Whenever you face any problem regarding your account, you can contact the customer support anytime. There are different options provided by Crickex to communicate with the customer service team.



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Also ask
Is Crickex sportsbook legal, and where?
Yes, Crickex is a legal sports betting platform with a license from the Curacao gambling authority. It is safe for punters in India and Bangladesh. So, punters can easily bet on their favourite events with Crickex.
How to use a Crickex free bet?
There are no free bets available for the customers on Crickex.
How to make a deposit and Cashout at Crickex?
You can easily make your deposits and withdrawals from your Crickex wallet through the different payment options available for punters.
Does the Crickex sports book have a mobile app?
Yes, Crickex has an Android application. However, it is yet to make developments regarding the iOS application.
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