Best Online Betting Sites in Zambia

Zambia, a Southern African country has recorded a huge boost in betting commerce in the last two decades. A recent survey shows that betting in Zambia registered a 50% surge in the number of people who visit physical shopping outlets or online sportsbooks in the last

ten years. With the cost of living in Zambia just about 49.1% lower than in the United States, it is not surprising that many Zambians look to other sources to gain financial stability and ensure a better living standard for themselves and their loved ones. Generally, betting is legal in Zambia, even in the capital city of Lusaka. Legal gambling-related activities such as lotteries and casinos are tolerated by the authorities and are generally considered to be a source of personal income for many Zambians. The love for sports in Africa is on the increase daily and this propels the influx of sportsbooks exceedingly. Bookmakers such as Betway, 888bet, Bwin, 1xBet, and Melbet are among the numerous bookmakers that are on the lips of Zambian bettors.

These betting sites that have gained the trust of punters in Zambia offer a lot of bet markets and different promotional packages that suit the desires of Zambian bettors. Zambians get to partake in the welcome bonus, free bet, and loyalty programs that these betting sites licensed to operate on the shores of Zambia dispenses. If you are a sports lover and you have doubts about the sportsbooks operating in Zambia, this review will assist you in making your choices as they suit your betting preferences.

Hоw Wе Сhооsе Online Sports Betting Sites in Zambia

The competition that exists among sports betting companies in Zambia cannot be overlooked and no law prohibits sports betting whether by physical betting outlets or betting online. So it might be difficult to stop the proliferation of sportsbooks in Zambia as long as they comply with regulations set for gambling activities by the Zambian Government. From a professional perspective, certain criteria were put into consideration by our team of experts to come out with the best betting companies in Zambia. Take a view at some of them:

Operational Licenses

The legitimacy of a bookmaker is one of the most critical factors to entertain when advocating for a sportsbook to our readers. No top sportsbook in Zambia would gain such recognition without having a recognized operational license from the betting Control and Licensing Board of Zambia. Who would want to bank with a sportsbook that doesn't have that recognition? Who would want to deposit their money where no one can be held accountable? So operational licenses form an integral part of our consideration for choosing a top sportsbook in Zambia.

Customer Care Support

Online sports betting will always be faced with one customer complaint or the other as long as technology is involved. The sports betting Zambia cycle cannot be complete except a top class customer care is delivered. A good sportsbook should be able to accommodate these issues as they occur. Betting sites adopt different means of receiving customers' complaints. live chat, email, and phone calls are all the various ways through which complaints can be reported and addressed accordingly. A sportsbook that can boast of all three, and can respond to customers as swiftly as possible is a bookie to pitch your tent with.

Bonuses, Freebet, and Promotions Offers

Nowadays, betting cannot be perfected if some form of reward is not attached to betting practices. Zambians as well as other sports betting lovers would appreciate a bookie who spoils them with bonuses. It will be worth the move if a punter migrates from one sportsbook to another in search of the bookie that offers the best bonus and reward for long-term patronage and consistency in deposit. The table below shows the welcome bonuses offered by some of our top-rated Zambian mobile sportsbooks.

Betway Zambia1000 ZMW welcome bonus
GSB Zambia100% up to 2000 ZMW
Paripesa Zambia  ZMW 2,200 welcome bonus
Premier BetK200 welcome bonus
Bwin Zambia100 % up to 2000 ZMW
10Bet 50% up to 2000 ZMW

Payment Methods

Other important criteria for selecting a good sportsbook are the ease, numerosity of payment gateways, and the time frame to which deposits and withdrawals take to reflect in a customer's bank account or bet account. Also, a sportsbook that accepts Cryptocurrencies will outrank close competitors in this regard.

Type of Sports Offered

The dynamism of the events that are covered by a bookie will always stand tall as a factor to take away. Sports betting has gone beyond football or basketball events to a whole new height involving other sports. A sportsbook that includes games like Rugby, Chess, Boxing, and UFC fights, as well as esports like League of Legends, Defence of the Ancient, etc, will always catch the most attention in the top sportsbook ranking. 

Mobile App Availability

Downloadable mobile apps should be available for Android and iOS devices from a standard mobile app. Most Zambian citizens who are app dependent would frown at bookmakers who are deficient in this area. We acknowledge the role mobile apps play as long as sports betting is concerned.

1xBet Zambia Mobile App
1xBet Zambia Mobile App
Betway Zambia Mobile App
Betway Zambia Mobile App
Bwin App Zambia
Bwin App Zambia

Odds and Betting Market

Most specialists consider this factor a very important component that should be looked out for when choosing a sportsbook. We chose the sportsbook who has the best odds comparatively in our top sportsbook in Zambia. In the same light, Bookmakers with unique betting markets are in for a huge consideration when in search of a top-class betting platform.

Regulations for Betting Companies in Zambia

Zambia has recorded a tremendous influx of betting companies in the last two decades. Since gambling is legal in Zambia, lotteries and sports betting are the most prominent ones for operators to capitalize on. The three games which have been legalized to play are Sports betting, Casino gambling, and lottery games. Gambling operators are required to get proper betting licenses to have permission to legally operate in Zambia.

Trustworthy Betting Sites that have a License in Zambia

Having pointed out the criteria for choosing a good betting site, we will now suggest trustworthy betting sites where bettors who reside in Zambia can wager their stake and have good returns. Despite the benefits that come with betting, customers should as well be wary of the addiction that is associated with sports gambling and be sure to seek help if and when they lose control of their betting activities. A list of the trusted and licensed betting sites in Zambia.

  • 1xBet;
  • Bet365;
  • Bwin;
  • 22Bet;
  • 888bet;
  • Betway;
  • Melbet;
  • Paripesa;
  • PremierBet;

Online Gambling Laws in Zambia

After multiple amendments to the Betting Control Act, The act established a four-member Betting Control and Licensing Board which determined the rule under which the board will issue licenses to bookies and betting premises is still intact. Fortunately, online Gambling is not regulated in Zambia as their rules are focused mainly on physical shop outlets. These days, many bettors prefer online betting to land-based operators because of the convenience that the latter possesses.

Good to Know About Betting in Zambia

Just like in every other African country, betting in Zambia is as exciting as betting can ever be. The gains of betting in the region are overwhelming and like everywhere, football is the most predominant sport and the most dominant betting market in all our top-rated betting sportsbooks. We have listed the cracking benefits of betting in Zambia below:

  • Sports betting is legal in the region;
  • Deposit and withdrawal of the licensed bookmakers are instantly processed;
  • Online betting is not prohibited;
  • Zambia is a member of the Gambling Regulator of Africa which assists in gaming regulatory laws;

How to Find the Best Betting Companies and Sites in Zambia

To find the best betting company and site in Zambia, the sportsbook license to operate must be the first consideration to make when finding a good sportsbook. Knowing the risk involved in engaging an unregistered sportsbook, it will not be out of place to overstretch the importance of this necessity. Having settled this, a client would need to go all out in pursuit of their betting preferences. Though some prerequisites are mandatory for a betting company to meet up with before being considered the best or one of the best betting companies. Those conditions have been considered in our review as the procedure necessary to find the best betting company:

  • The banking options the sportsbook offer;
  • Bonuses, free bets, and loyalty program;
  • Types of betting markets offered by the sportsbook;
  • General services offered and the sportsbook's interface;
Betway Login from Zambia
Betway Login from Zambia
1xBet Login from Zambia
1xBet Login from Zambia
Bwin Login from Zambia
Bwin Login from Zambia

Mobile Betting

Betting is mostly carried out from a mobile device as such Zambians should ensure that the bookmaker offers a website that is compatible with modern mobile devices. Some are celebrated for having a lite version or an old mobile version to allow users of old mobile devices to partake in betting fervently. You can also download the iOS or Android mobile apps of some of these sportsbooks.

Deposit Options

Sticking with a sportsbook is dependent on the diversity of payment options the sportsbook has. Zambians will go for a bookmaker that has the three most prominent means of depositing Zambian shillings Airtel, Kazang, and MTN Mobile Money. If you are using an oversea betting site that is authorized to operate in Zambia then you can use other deposit methods that will assist in the currency conversion.


The benefits of sticking with the Airtel deposit money are given in the list below:

  • Very straightforward to use;
  • Instant arrival of deposited amount;
  • Money is secured;

MTN Mobile Money

The list below also highlights the gains of using one of the locally acceptable deposit methods: 

  • Instant reflection of deposits;
  • Safety of the transaction is guaranteed;
  • Easy to comprehend;


Similarly, there exist some fringe benefits of utilizing the Kazang deposit method: 

  • Payment agency that has a reliable app;
  • Instant deposits;
  • Safety of the transaction is guaranteed;

Bonus & Promotions

Bwin Boostele Jackpot Offer
Bwin Boostele Jackpot Offer

Welcome bonuses are the first set of bonus packages that new Zambian bettors are exposed to. Welcome bonuses have percentages that are attached to them and these are used to improve the first amount new customers deposit into their accounts. Though the welcome bonuses of these sportsbooks have certain wagering requirements that customers must fulfill, the conditions are worth the deal.

In addition, most top-rated sportsbooks in Zambia have periodic promotional offers customers can take advantage of and earn big. Not disregarding the reward for long-term patronage by some operators.

Use the promo code "TelecomAsia" to receive a 100% welcome bonus up to 2000 ZMW from Bwin Zambia!

Sports Betting Events & Markets

Top-rated bookies are all loved up for the best betting markets. It is advisable to see for yourself what the bookmaker offers before giving in your signature. It is very relaxing that most sportsbook services can be studied from a neutral perspective, then a panorama of what the sportsbook has to render is put up on display.

Mostly, soccer betting markets are predominant in most platforms. This does not obscure the betting market that they have for other sporting events like Basketball, Cricket, Baseball, Handball, and all. Carefully put, a good betting site will have a unique betting algorithm that will be unique and exclusive to that operator which makes it stand above its competitors. Zambians will surely have the luxury of a betting market to choose from our recommended betting platforms.

How to Bet on Betting Sites

To place a bet on any betting site in Zambia, you will have to decide on the sportsbook you have fallen in love with as a result of how convinced you are about the sportsbook. If that operator has a physical betting outlet, follow these steps:

  • Walk into the branch of the sportsbook in Zambia closest to you;
  • Select your preferred betting option from the compilation provided by the operator;
  • Hand your selections over to the agent in control;
  • Commit the amount you wish to stake;
  • Take the slip generated and monitor the progress of your predictions;

If you wish to engage the services of the online version of the sportsbook you need to have a functional and internet-enabled mobile device. Then these steps should be utilized to get it right:

  • Visit the website of your preferred sportsbook or launch the already downloaded app;
  • Access your online sports betting account using your peculiar login credentials;
  • Make deposits to have a positive staking power;
  • Make your betting selection from the available betting market;
  • Monitor the progress of your bet, take cashouts if you desire;

How to Sign-Up for Sportsbooks in Zambia

Registration for our top betting sportsbook in Zambia is not different from what is obtainable anywhere in Africa. All you need do is to recognize the operator that tickles your fancy and follow these steps to register your signature:

  • Visit your preferred sportsbook's website;
  • Pinpoint the "Register" or "Sign-Up" button in the top or bottom corner of the web page;
  • Provide necessary credentials as requested by the page that displays;
  • Tick necessary boxes to comply with privacy policies and other terms and conditions;
  • Verify your Identity to authenticate your registration;

Depositing Money on a Betting Site in Zambia

It is not complex to deposit money into your betting account in any sportsbook of your choice. Matter of factly, most platforms make this process very easy to help boost patronage. In Zambia, these sportsbooks adopt the local deposit methods as earlier stated, and other methods to keep it all-encompassing. To crown it all there is usually an "FAQ" section in most of these bookmakers to assist in that process. But from our end customers can click on the "Deposit" button of the sportsbook and follow the command prompt that follows.

Registering And Withdrawing Your Winnings

As much as the excitement that comes with withdrawals can be understood, customers are advised to key in the right information carefully to be on the safe end. Though most sportsbooks are very strict and meticulous at dispensing funds to avoid crediting the wrong recipient. To withdraw your winnings simply click the withdrawal button and choose your preferred withdrawal method and comply with the demands of the operator. Don't forget to verify your identity before registering a win.

Registration would require a few personal details and the process has been discussed in detail earlier in this review. Zambians are advised to follow the procedure accordingly to get their registration done and dusted.


Is a Mobile app for sports betting allowed in Zambia?
All sportsbook licenses cover their full operation and this makes mobile app usage legal in Zambia. All a bettor needs to do is to find out if their preferred sportsbook has an iOS or Android app and go for it as swiftly as possible.
Do Sportsbooks in Zambia accept CryptoCurrency?
Cryptocurrency betting is not prohibited in Zambia. Acceptance of this payment method is dependent on the choice of the sportsbook. If the desired sportsbook is Crypto efficient then you are good to go. Just initiate that deposit command and flow with the process.
Is online betting legal in Zambia?
Oh yes, it is. It is one of the three legal forms of betting in Zambia. Provided your endeared sportsbook is licensed by the betting Control and Licensing Board of Zambia then you are right and well on track.
Do sportsbooks in Zambia have numerous payment options?
All sportsbooks in Zambia have more than just the local means of depositing money which are Airtel, MTN Mobile Money, and Kazang. Other payment channels are possible, especially sportsbooks that are globally recognized and accept payments as much as CryptoCurrencies.
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