Download & Install Betpawa App for Android and iOS in 2024

Sportt betting has never had it this good since the advent of improved online sports betting standards set back in 2014 by the Betpawa Ghana online sportsbook.

Download Betpawa Ghana Mobile App

About Betpawa

This bookmaker is undisputedly popular in the region of Ghana, and they are prominent for dishing out the best the loftiest available betting market from several sports such as ice hockey, football, cricket, tennis, basketball, rugby, etc and leagues such as the Ghana Premier League which happens to be sponsored by Betpawa, UEFA league, English Premiership League, Scottish Premier League, and many more around the world. 

Nothing tickles an online sports bettor, more than accessing a betting platform from wherever they find themselves. The devotion of the Betpawa Ghana online sportsbook to customer satisfaction is a sublime little wonder their services have traveled beyond being able to play bets only in an online sports betting outlet, or by using a computer/laptop. This article is primarily focused on Betpawa mobile app and its surroundings.


How to Download and Install Betpawa Mobile App

An image of the BetPawa Ghana mobile app app download page
BetPawa Ghana mobile app download page image

Out of the numerous channels through which the sportsbook can be accessed, Betpawa Ghana mobile app is gradually topping the list of bookers' choices. Circumstantially, it will be necessary to provide a step-by-step guide to assist bookers to get through and through the process. Before we delve into that, It will also be of paramount importance for bookers to have qualified by age before embarking on this installation process. The legal betting age as recognized by the sportsbook is pegged at 18 years. With a reliable data network provider, a smart device, bettors can make a visit to the website of the Betpawa Ghana online sportsbook, and a scroll to the DOWNLOAD APP Menu button displays, and a tap will do the trick.


Download Betpawa Ghana Mobile App for Android

For some punters, the Betpawa app download Ghana version might be challenging. Matter of factly, not every booker is device proficient. Therefore a proper approach to how the Betpawa apk can be downloaded and installed on your Android device should be delivered. The process is written thus:

  1. Check the Betpawa website out by registering and signing up;
  2. Locate the Menu button to display the six points drop box;
  3. Select the Download App which stays bottom of the drop box and click;
  4. A download link in black background houses the Betpawa Apk Click to download the file and flow through the command that follows to install;

The sportsbook encourages customers to turn on download from other sources from the settings on their mobile devices to enable downloading and installation. Then most importantly, the sportsbook website is the only channel through which the app can be downloaded for now to avoid imitation since their apk and IPA files are not yet available on Play stores and Apple stores respectively.

Download Betpawa Ghana Mobile App

Betpawa Ghana Mobile App System Requirements Android

Apk Size2.5 MB
Compatibility Android 4.4+
Play Store availability No
Language English

Prerequisites for the proper functioning of the Betpawa Ghana app on your Android devices are not overwhelming. The bookie's app developers are up to date on modern devices' OS and requirements upon which the Betpawa app was designed to function. 


Download Betpawa Ghana Mobile App for iOS

Unfortunately, for the Apple iOS mobile devices, they will have to make do with the web or mobile version, since there is no mobile app for iOS.

Betpawa Login from Ghana
Betpawa Login from Ghana

Betpawa Ghana Mobile App Main Features

Features of the Betpawa mobile app are thrilling. To appreciate these fascinating features users would need to have undertaken the Betpawa app sign-up task and also successfully used the Betpawa app login button. After which they can commence basking in the benefits of sticking with sportsbooks. A few of the Betpawa app components are spelled out here for your perusal.


Country Switch Enabled

It is well known that Betpawa sportsbook has its footprint in a few other African countries. As a result, the app is designed to allow punters to select their country of residence. So Betpawa patrons in other habitats can switch to their choice of country if they download the Betpawa Ghana version. This is also applicable to Ghanaians who download app versions of other countries.


Live Games

Live events are available for bet betting in Betpawa mobile app. This feature enables punters to showcase their bet prowess when the game is currently in play. Users should know that the odds for each market are constantly fluctuating in resonance with the rhythm of the events as they unfold.


Deposit And Withdrawal

Deposits and withdrawals can be made from the bookmaker's app at any moment. These functions are not difficult to process as Betpawa made the app's interface user-friendly. Customers should be careful when providing their bank details as any discrepancy will affect withdrawals.

Download Betpawa Ghana Mobile App

Sports And Betting Market Variety

The sportsbooks mobile app consists of a wide spectrum of betting markets not available to other betting platforms from a variety of sporting events. Bettors have the luxury to choose any market of their choice garnished with unique odds.


Betpawa Ghana Mobile Version

If you have ever used the Betpawa Ghana online sportsbook mobile app, then you'll have no qualms about the mobile version, though different, they both have the same display functionality. The Betpawa Ghana online sportsbook mobile version is a great option for users who can't find a downloadable mobile app, or enough memory space on their mobile device. The mobile version gives bettors the same online sports betting experience as the mobile or even the web version. Punters would hardly distinguish the mobile version from the Betpawa Ghana app version. While the app version has its unique edges the mobile version functions without any formal download and installation process. With your default phone browser and the URL of the Betpawa Ghana website, you are straight on the track.


Betpawa Ghana Mobile Version vs Betpawa Ghana App

Most bookmakers deliver their services in such a way that they can be accessed from either an app or a native browser. This in turn creates a disparity in which channel outshines the other. While we can't settle that debate yet, both the Betpawa Ghana app version and the mobile version are equal to the task. Though the app provides a faster means of accessing the sportsbook. and also enhances autologin and keeps punters informed when they turn on notifications. The mobile version is devoid of any download and installation process. Whichever one a booker chooses, the experience involved is top-notch guaranteed.


What Can Be Improved in Betpawa Ghana Mobile App

No app developer can boast of having it all, no wonder there's always a room for periodic updates open for all applications. Quite a handful of other modifications should be considered by the sportsbook in their next update. Below is a thread table of the possible things that may need a bit of improvement from the Betpawa Ghana online sportsbook:


Mobile Application For Apple iOS

First of all, Betpawa should make sure that Apple users have an app as most punters pick app access before mobile access. The Android users are already enjoying the benefits of the Betpawa sportsbook, making the iOS bettors feeling left out. So it will only be wise for this aspect to be given consideration.


Data Free App

With most of the competition of the Betpawa online sportsbook turning to give their users an opportunity to still place bets without a mobile data, which is known as a data-free app, it should be made available for data deficient users to stimulate patronage from Betpawa online sportsbook users. 

Download Betpawa Ghana Mobile App

Bonuses Availability

The Betpawa Ghana online sportsbook, has let down their users as there are barely enough promotional bonuses at the moment of writing this piece of article. It will be appreciated if the Betpawa online sportsbook can provide a welcome bonus, parlay bonuses, free bets, etc.


Live Streaming Availability

Users of the Betpawa Ghana online sportsbook will really welcome the idea of making available a live streaming feature, to enable sports betting users watch live online sports betting events.



Having had its impressions in over 10 African countries, Betpawa Ghana is fast becoming a continental sensation. Their achievements in these last years are praiseworthy no wonder on August 3rd, 2022 they were announced by the Ghana Football Association as the official patrons of the Ghana Premier League at the time of this review. But for the few improvements suggested, Betpawa online sportsbook would have been considered an inch-perfect sportsbook. Check out their sublime customer service and join the host of the testifiers. Secure and swift payment and withdrawal methods are just enough to ask punters to focus on their predictions and strategies for the sportsbook have got them covered in terms of rendered services.

Download Betpawa Ghana Mobile App


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Also ask
Is the Betpawa Ghana online sportsbook app Legal?
For sure. The Betpawa Ghana online sportsbook is legal. Their licensing and Regulations are carried out by the Gaming Commission of Ghana. As long as you are 18 years and above you can partake in legal betting from this legal platform.
Can you win money on the Betpawa Ghana app?
Absolutely yes. Deposits and withdrawals are one of the numerous design features the Betpawa Ghana mobile app accommodates. Once the bank details are confirmed, sit tight and enjoy the harmonic sound of an "alert" on your mobile device.
How can I bet from my phone?
To bet from your mobile device, all you need to do is to register and log in to your account. Deposit then make your sports events and market preferences to generate s bet slip. Fix an amount and place a bet. Then fasten your seat belt and watch events unfold.
What taxes should you pay for winning in the Betpawa Ghana App?
There are no forms of taxes required by the sportsbook for winning in the Betpawa Ghana app. Punters should consult their banks for explanations if they encounter shortages during withdrawals.


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Rajiv Oteh
Country Manager
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