Login to Your Msport Account from Ghana: Welcome Bonus & Registration Guide 2024

MSport is a legal betting firm that offers a well-packaged and wide range of online betting services in several countries. It is rated very highly and considered as one of the best in the country. For potential customers and newbies who have just opened an account, registered on MSport, let's find out how to log in to the MSport account page Ghana.

Log in to MSport Account from Ghana

Msport Welcome Bonus in Ghana

Msport Ghana Welcome Offer Bonus
Get Msport Ghana Welcome Bonus

MSport provides a generous welcome bonus to all users who sign up on their website. Upon jumping on the Msport Ghana bandwagon, new customers will bag the welcome bonus which can go up to ₵3000.


How to Login?

You can access MSport on either your Windows PC, Mac computers, Android phone, and iOS mobile devices. The device you decide to use determines the browser you will use to log in to your MSport account. The MSport login process needs only a few clicks to perform. To make it much more easy for new and potential account holders, we will go through this step by guide to log in:


Open Browser and Enter Web Address

Open Browser and Enter Web Address

Choose the browser you want to use and open it;

On your Windows or Mac computers, activate your PC-based web browser. And, on Android or iOS phones open your mobile-friendly web browser.

Type in the MSport login page Web address, msport.com/gh/. Press the enter key on your keyboard or mobile, and the login page will load and appear.


Fill-In The Fields

Fill-In The Fields

Type in your phone number into the field space provided. Type in your password also into the password field space.


Open MSport Page

Open MSport Page

Click the "Login" button below the fields;

Wait for the page to load. When it opens, you can begin to navigate your page to begin betting.


Difference Via LogIn With MSport App

MSport app login requires first that you have the MSport app downloaded to your device. When that is done, follow the steps below.

  • Activate the MSport app on your device;
  • Click the "Login" option positioned at the top-right edge of the app coverage area;
  • Enter your phone number and password into the field spaces available;
  • Tap the "Login" button, and this will open your account page.
Log in to MSport Account from Ghana

How to Register for MSport with Your Mobile

MSport sign up or registration is as direct as they come, which is usual for many sports bookmakers. You can register by going to the MSport website or through the app.

  • Open your web browser and type Msport.com or open the MSport app;
  • Click "Join" on the upper right side of the page or app;
  • Type in your phone number and click "Next" button;
  • Enter a password and click the "Create Account" button;
  • A verification code will be sent automatically and immediately to your phone number;
  • Type in the code to "Verify Your Mobile Number" and your account is registered.
Alisa Barladyan
As a sports betting enthusiast, I must say that registering for Msport Ghana is a breeze. The process is simple and straightforward, which is a big plus for new users who might not be tech-savvy. I think that Msport Ghana provides a user-friendly and secure platform for sports betting enthusiasts in Ghana. So, if you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use sports betting platform, I'll say Msport Ghana is definitely worth considering.
MSport Ghana Mobile App
MSport Ghana Mobile App

Login Problems and How to Solve Them

Sometimes, you may experience some issues as it relates to logging into your MSport account. These problems, most often, are not uncommon and can be solved by following a few guidelines. If the login issue is an isolated case however, MSport customer support services will resolve the issue when you contact them.


Forgot Password

If you are using the MSport app, load it, go to the top-right edge of the app screen and click "Login." When the login page appears, go to the bottom-left end (below the phone number and password fields, and login button), and click "Forgot Password."

With that action, "Find My Account" page appears. To reset your password, you have to confirm your account first by typing in your mobile number. Click "Next" and an OTP will be sent immediately to your mobile number. Type in the OTP to verify your number.

You have just 59 second to do so. Once it's typed in, the "Reset Password" page appears. Enter your new password and confirm it by retyping it into the field provided. Click the "Reset Password" button and you have access to your account again.

However, if you're on the desktop site, go to the top-right side of the site, and click "Forgot Password," which is found under the "Password" field. When you do this, follow the same process as stated when using the app.


My Account Has Been Suspended

Know that there are several reasons MSport might suspend your account as outlined in the company's terms and conditions. Some of these reasons are:

  • If you are below adult age i.e. 18 and above;
  • If you supplied registration information that is inaccurate or unsatisfactory;
  • If the name on your debit/credit card differs from the one used to open MSport account;
  • If you open more than one account on MSport.

In any of these cases, what you should do is contact MSport customer support and explain in detail what the issue is.


I Cannot Login. What should I Do?

Check your username (which is your mobile number) and confirm it's correct. Ensure that the country code before it is that of Ghana (or the country number you registered).

Carefully type in your password to ensure it is correct, particularly if you used different cases, numbers and symbols. Check your data connection to be online and working. If all these are confirmed, you should be able log in. If you still cannot access your account, contact customer support.


I Lost My Phone number. Will It Affect My Account?

Yes. Your phone number is your Username and it is what was used to register your MSport account. You will still be able to access your account if as at the time of loss, you were still logged on to the MSport app with your phone. However, if confirmations on your account are to be made, e.g. resetting your password, you will not be able to make them thereby losing access to it. In this case, contact MSport customer support to report the situation.


Customer Support

MSport customer support is available online round the clock and everyday of the week.

There are a number of channels through which to reach customer support. You can contact them through any of these means that is appropriate for you.


Live Chat

If you are already registered with MSport, you can simply reach them on direct live chat. To do this, click your profile ("Me" icon), then "About Us," and then "Contact Us." This action links you to the Help Center 24 hour chat page.

When you click "Live Chat," you have the option to provide your name, phone number, email and also type a message or complaint then wait for a response. Or, you can skip all that and click "Start chat" to have a one-to-one chat with customer support.



You can decide to call MSport helpline on 0308251166 to have an audio call with customer support.



Preferably, you can send an email to [email protected] to air your opinions, observations, grievances to MSport support.

Also, you can reach them for business and more on [email protected]


Social Media

Reach out to MSport though their social media handles. You can follow them to get updates and answers to questions.

  • @MSportGhana on Twitter
  • @MSport.Gh on Facebook
  • @MSport.Ghana on Instagram
Log in to MSport Account from Ghana


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Also ask
Can I change my password? How do I do it?
Login into your MSport account and click "Me" in the lower end of the Home page. Click on your profile, locate "Account info," and then click on "Change Password." Follow the steps to make changes.
How do I change my MSport username?
The MSport username that you input during the registration process can't be changed. Once you've created your MSport Nigeria account, your username which is a phone number has been verified.
How do I retrieve my login details?
To get back your password, click “Forgot Password?” and then follow the steps to retrieve MSport login details
I want to update my personal details. How do I do it?
Login into your MSport account, tap on "Me" in the lower end of the home page, and click on your profile. Go to your "Account info" and from there your personal details can be updated.
How do I fund/deposit in my account?
On the home page, tap “Me” on the lower end of the page. There you’ll see the "Deposit" button. Click on it and fill in your card information and amount you want to deposit. Click "Top up now" to complete the deposit.
How do I withdraw my money from winnings?
To withdraw from your winnings, click on "Me" at the lower end of the home page and tap the "Withdraw" button. Type in the amount you want to withdraw and tap “Withdraw.”. Right away, after confirmation, your money winnings will be sent to your bank.
How do I place a bet on MSport Ghana?
All you have to do is to first choose the event and betting option that you want to wager on. The betting kinds will appear next to your betslip when you click on them. Next, enter your wager amount and tap “Bet Now.”


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