1xBet Ghana Apk Ghana Download Guide: Where To Find and How To Install

1xBet has Android and iOS apps to make it easier for people to start betting. This guide looks into the 1xBet Android app to ensure to understand how best to use the platform for your betting activities.

Download 1xBet Android App

How to Download & Install 1xBet Android App?

The 1xBet APK download process is simple and you can do it within a few minutes. Here is how to do it.

  • Visit the 1xBet mobile website with your Android device;
  • The website will prompt you to download the app;
  • Tap on the prompt to access the Android file and start downloading;
  • Tap on the downloaded file once it is done to start installation;
  • You can follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation just like any other app;

With the app installed, you can continue exploring the 1xBet sportsbook to see what to bet on.


1xBet Android System Requirements



1xBet Android app Pros and Cons

Easy to useNot data free
Not heavy on phone resourcesIt could use a fresh look
Intuitive design
Does not need updates all the time
Download 1xBet Android App

Account in 1xBet Android App

Installing the 1xBet Android app opens the possibility of many things including how to open an account, fund it, and withdraw too. We explore these possibilities below to see how the Android app can help.


How to open your account in Android App?

Follow these steps to complete the 1xBet sign-up process:

  • Open the 1xBet Android app;
  • Tap on the Registration button on the top menu;
  • You will now get a sign-up form to include the important account details;
  • Tap on the Register button now after filling in the details to create the account;
1xBet Login from Ghana
1xBet Login from Ghana


How to fund your account in 1xBet Android App?

The process of 1xBet APK free download unlocks the option of funding your 1xBet account and start using it for betting. Here is how you would fund the account:

  • Log into your 1xBet account via the app;
  • From the account dashboard, tap on the deposit button;
  • Enter the amount and choose the deposit method in the form that appears;
  • Tap deposit to finish the process. There might be additional steps depending on the choice of deposit method;

Most deposit methods are instant. Once you complete the deposit process, simply refresh your account to see the funds.


How to withdraw from your account in the Android App?

The 1xBet app also allows you to withdraw from the 1xBet account. Here is how to use the application to withdraw the funds:

  • While on the 1xBet account dashboard, tap withdraw;
  • Enter the amount and choose the payment method;
  • Tap withdraw to complete the process;

The withdrawal time depends on the chosen payment method. Most of them will be within 1 to 3 days for you to get your funds.


Android App Main Features

Anyone who has tried out the Android app would enjoy the betting process as it is generally easy to use. Here are more reasons for downloading and installing the 1xBet Android app. 


Live betting

Live betting is a good thing for those who enjoy betting even if the game has already started. Just as you would have enjoyed it while using the desktop version website, you can do the same on the app.


Quick search

When you want to get something on the app, simply do a quick search using the search bar. This is key in ensuring you can get what you need fast. It could be that you want to pick a certain sport, but you cannot find it on the list. The search bar comes in handy.


Not resource heavy

How the app uses its resources may determine if you are going to keep it or not. One good thing about 1xBet Android app is that it will not use too many resources. All you have to do is run it without any worries. Your phone will not slow down meaning it should work great generally when you want to keep betting for longer.



You can expect to get the menus where you might have expected. This is generally a good thing that would ensure you enjoy the ease of use while betting on this app. You can go ahead and install it to start seeing it for yourself.


Sports Betting on 1xBet Android App


How to Place a Bet on the Android Application

Once the app has been installed, the betting process can be done just as it would have been done while on the website.

Make sure that you have logged into your account first. Proceed to choose the sports you want to bet on and add them to the bet slip. If you are happy with the bet slip, enter the betting amount and tap on ‘bet’ to activate the bet slip. All you have to do now is to wait for the bet slip to run its course and see if you win or not.


Android App vs. Desktop Comparison

Looking at the two, we find that they are both good at helping you access your favorite teams and start betting on them.

We can however see that using an Android app makes it easier to access your account. This is because there is no need for logging into your account that often each time you open the app. The same cannot be said for the website.

One thing about websites is that sometimes they can be resource-heavy, especially when opened via Google Chrome. The app on the other hand does not need much memory to operate. That is why it feels better to keep using the app.

The app can also be easy to launch as compared to using the desktop website version. No need to type the URL in the address bar. All you have to do is tap on the Android app and it takes you straight to the sportsbook.

Of course, with the website, there is no need for updating the website yourself. In the case of an app, you must remove the old app and install a new update to keep it working as well as you would have wanted.


1xBet Mobile Bonuses

Getting a 1xBet bonus
1xBet welcome bonus

1xBet does not offer specific mobile bonuses, but there are other bonuses to consider. The most prominent is the welcome bonus. This bonus can offer up to a 200% deposit bonus on deposits of over 761 GHS.

The bonus is available for new accounts upon the first deposit. The bonus is determined by the amount you deposit. Make sure to utilize the bonus as soon as possible as it is valid for only 30 days from the day of registration.


Common problems with the 1xBet Android app

The biggest downside to the 1xBet Android app is that it lacks a live streaming option. In the era that people need such content, it would be great to have it set up correctly.

The app also seems to have a boring design which means sometimes it feels too basic. We hope that there can be a design change when it comes to the next 1xBet APK update.

Download 1xBet Android App


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Also ask
Has 1xBet got an iOS mobile app?
Yes. The 1xBet iOS mobile app can be accessed and downloaded from the official 1xBet website. It is also simple to download and install.
Why can’t I play with 1xBet Android App?
Make sure that your phone has internet connectivity to help you access your account. If the account is blocked, contact the support team to understand what could be the problem.
How to bet in 1xBet on your phone?
Once you log into the 1xBet Android app, choose the sports you want to bet on. Each sport you choose will be automatically added to your bet slip. If you are satisfied with the bet slip, enter the betting amount and activate it.
What taxes should you pay for winning in the 1xBet App?
Bettors may have to pay 10 to 20% as tax on their winnings to the Ghanaian government.


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