Login to Your Bolabet Account from Zambia: Welcome Bonus & Registration Guide 2024

Bolabet is a well-known sports betting and gaming company in Zambia. The bookmaker offers customers cool betting odds in various sports events daily, plus interesting promotions. Among other goodies like live betting and Aviator Freebet Rain, new players specifically stand to benefit from the 100% Welcome Bonus, where they can win up to K1,000 immediately after they sign up to the Bolabet register and make a deposit.

Log in to Bolabet Account in Zambia

How to Login?

When you log in to the Bolabet account page Zambia, you’re opened up to enjoyable features available on the platform. The Sportsbook provides satisfactory customer service, and a user-friendly desktop/mobile site and smartphone application. Players only log in with their registered phone number when accessing Bolabet using the app, mobile version or a desktop computer. As a newbie, right after your Bolabet sign up and subsequent login, your personal data and account settings are displayed on your profile. Options to deposit and withdraw, check your bet slip and bet history, alter or update personal account information, become active when you log in to your Bolabet account. Follow this simple guide to login into your account:


Visit Bolabet Website

Visit Bolabet Website

Open your browser, type in the Bolabet official website address, ENTER and wait for the page to load.


Enter Login Details

Enter Login Details

Click the LOGIN button at the top part of the homepage and the login fields box will appear. Enter your registered phone number and password.


Login Bolabet Account

Login Bolabet Account

Click the LOGIN button below the fields, and Bolabet will log you in to your registered account.


Difference via Login with Bolabet App

There is a little difference in the login process when using a desktop or laptop computer compared to using a mobile phone or device. Unlike the desktop login where you have to go to the Bolabet site using any web browser, the app login requires that you, first download the Bolabet app to your device.

To download the Bolabet app to your mobile, follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Open your mobile browser, enter the official Bolabet address into the address bar and ENTER to load the mobile site;
  • Among the mobile options displayed on the page i.e. new Android app, current/new mobile version for smartphones or lite version, choose NEW ANDROID APP;
  • Affirm the apk file download and installation notifications, and allow the completion of the process. With the Bolabet app now installed on your mobile phone, you can open it to use it immediately.

Without logging into your account or owning an account, users can still see the list of sports and events on the Sportsbook homepage. Results of matches that are being played live and those that are upcoming can also be viewed by anyone. However, only registered users can place bets, win and fully take part in Bolabet account provisions when they log in

Log in to Bolabet Account in Zambia

How to Register for Bolabet

One other area you can access without logging in is the bookmakers terms and conditions. Going through these regulations gives intending customers a good idea of what to expect when they decide to enter the Bolabet register. The legal betting requirements, minimum and maximum transaction amounts and other necessary pre-details are prepared for you. But, to keep up to date with new info and more as it comes, you must register and stay logged in.

This is how to register for Bolabet and create a personal account:

  • Visit Bolabet official website or simply load the Sportsbook app;
  • Click or tap the REGISTER button at the top side of the screen;
  • Provide all the data required and enter them into the corresponding fields i.e. mobile number, password, birth date, first name, last name, gender, and email;
  • Then, accept the terms and conditions of the bookmaker by check-marking the option;
  • Click the SMS VERIFICATION CODE button to receive it on your phone;
  • Enter the code into the appropriate field, click REGISTER and your Bolabet account will be created.
Bolabet Zambia Mobile App
Bolabet Zambia Mobile App

Login Problems and How to Solve Them

Bolabet customers may face login issues on their account at certain times. This is not unique to the platform since login problems are quite common to online companies. Most often, these occurrences only need simple actions to correct. Login problems can be due to technical hitches, customers negligence, network issues or just unexpected errors.

Some common login problems and how to solve them are below:


I forgot password to my Bolabet account. What do I do?

Visit Bolabet website and click the LOGIN button. Look below the 'Password' field in the login box and click the LOST PASSWORD link located there. Enter your Bolabet registered mobile phone number in the subsequent dialogue box. Click the SEND button and wait to receive a unique code on your phone. Enter the code into the field of the dialogue box the follows, then your new password and tap the RESET button.


After my Bolabet login my account page doesn't load. What can I do?

This is most likely a network communication issue. Refresh your account page or try re-logging in. If the issue persists, close your browser and check your network signal reach. If it is not from your end, it could be from the ISP. Wait for a while and then try logging in later.


I'm registered on Bolabet. But, I've tried and just can't login. What is the problem?

This can be anything ranging from you entering the wrong mobile number or password to other technical or network issues. Contact customer support and they will help you resolve it.


I tried logging in but My Bolabet account is suspended. Why is this?

Accounts can be suspended for various reasons such as fraudulent activities noticed on your account; inaccurate information provided about you, suspicious transactions linked to your account; more than one account with the same details, etc. However, if you are sure you have kept to the terms and conditions of Bolabet, contact customer support.


I'm out of town and now I can't login to Bolabet app

It is most likely you are in a location where Bolabet login Zambia does not reach. In cases like these, you might get a VPN or you may have to wait until you return to your previous location.


How do I change my Bolabet account password?

Log in to the Bolabet account and go to your account page. Tap your personal account details and click on Change Password options. Enter the old password and new password and confirm it. Save your changes and apply.


I can't find the Bolabet login button? What do I do?

When technical issues like this arise, what to do is to reload the page. And, if there is no change, close your browser completely, wait for a while and load it again and login. If it persists, contact customer support.


I lost my phone number. Will it affect my Bolabet account?

Yes, it will. Your mobile phone number is your account username and was used in the the registration of your account. If, at the time of losing your number, you were still logged into your account on your mobile phone, you will still be able to access your account. However, if by any chance you log out and need to sign in again, it will be requested. Contact customer support to report the incident.

Log in to Bolabet Account in Zambia

Customer Support

Bolabet customer support is available to attend to users every day all year round. As a customer, you can reach out to them anytime to report any issue that might be plaguing your account. With Bolabet, you'll get a professional and prompt response. And, within 24 hours, the problem could be resolved.



  • +260 97744 9933;
  • +260 77 055 2541;
  • +260 77055 2543;
  • +260 96-093 0072;
  • +260 76 243 7006;
  • +260 76 243 7475;
  • +260 95 699 8080.



  • +260 07624 37006



  • +260 96 093 0022




Social Media:

  • Twitter @bolabet_zambia;
  • Instagram @bolabetsportbettingzambia;
  • Facebook @bolabet
Log in to Bolabet Account in Zambia


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Also ask
Can I Have Several Bolabet Accounts?
No, you can't have several Bolabet accounts. Each person is only allowed one Bolabet account; created based on unique personal data. Having multiple accounts will result in your account suspension.
Do I Have To Be 18 To Bet On Bolabet?
Yes. Only persons aged 18 and above can engage in online betting with Bolabet. 18 years old is the legal betting age.
What Is My Account Number And Where Can I See It?
Your Bolabet account number is your registered mobile phone number. It is displayed under your profile.


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