Download & Install 4Rabet App from India for Android and iOS 2024

The 4rabet app is a popular online sports betting platform in India. It offers users a variety of sports and games to place bets on, as well as live betting options and casino games. In this article, we will take a closer look at the 4rabet app, its features, and how to use it to place bets on your favorite sports.

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4raBet Mobile Apps

4raBet Mobile Apps

Google Play
App Store
4Rabet Android
Size 30,00 MB
Version 1.3
Installs 100k+
4Rabet Android
4Rabet iOS
Size 30,00 MB
Version 1.3
Installs 100k+
4Rabet iOS

4rabet Welcome Bonuses

4raBet sports welcome bonus
Image for 4raBet sports welcome bonus

Another feature of the 4raBet sports betting application is a welcome bonus for the customers on the website. Users can claim a sports welcome bonus of 700% up to INR 20000  or a casino welcome bonus of 700% up to INR 40000. Punters need to satisfy all the conditions of the sportsbook welcome bonus to claim the bonus. However, to ensure that you can utilize the bonus amount successfully, you must comply with the terms and conditions of the welcome bonuses of the 4raBet sportsbook application. The bonus program of the betting site is designed to enhance the customers' betting experience.

Get 4Rabet Welcome Bonus

Author’s Opinion About The 4raBet Welcome Bonus

Alisa Barladyan
The welcome bonus program of the 4raBet mobile application is the best to improve the wagering experience of the punters. Therefore, you can claim any of the welcome bonuses and improve your betting experience whenever you register on the sportsbook application. The sports and casino welcome bonuses are designed to cover the losses the punters might incur due to the inexperience of the bettors. So, fulfill the wagering requirements of any of your preferred welcome bonuses and claim the bonus without any hesitation. Register your 4raBet sportsbook account on the betting application for more about these bonuses.


4rabet App System Requirements Android

 ✅ Operating SystemAndroid 
✅ Compatibility5.0 +
✅ Software Version1.3
⭐ Welcome BonusUp to 60000 INR 
✅ Application Size3.2 MB
⬇️ Download link4rabet.apk

4raBet has a mobile application for its users and the system requirements of the mobile application is designed in a way that every punter can download the application on their device. Let us look at the Android system requirements of 4raBet apk on the below mentioned table.


4raBet iOS Devices Compatibility

iPads2, Air, Air 2, Mini, 2nd and 3rd Gen, Mini2 and 3
iPhonesiPhone 5, 5s and higher models
Download 4Rabet App

4rabet App System Requirements iOS

Operation SystemiOS
CompatibilityiOS 8 and higher
App Size30 MB

The system requirements of the 4raBet iOS application is very simple and it can satisfy the demands of the iOS customers. The system requirements are set at low and everyone can download the application with ease. Let us see the system requirements of the betting iOS application in the below table.


4raBet Android Devices Compatibility

SamsungSamsung S series, A series, M series
RealmeRealme 6 and higher
GooglePixel 3 and higher
OnePlusOneplus 8 and higher
Download 4Rabet App

Author’s opinion about 4raBet App

Alisa Barladyan
In my opinion, the 4raBet app download India is one of the best mobile applications, which ensures that betting becomes simpler and much easier for the punters and that they can easily wager on their favorite sports betting event. I believe that 4raBet is highly optimized which provides a smooth experience while wagering on their desired events. Moreover, you can avail of the bonus options by registering through the 4raBet sports betting application. The betting application is small in size and is supported in most devices. Just like I have downloaded the application, you should perform 4raBet download India and wager on the sports betting events from around the world.

Download And Install 4raBet For Android

The downloading and installation procedure of the 4raBet sports betting application on your devices is very simple. You must follow the straightforward steps to download the application on your mobile device and wager without any hesitation.


Visit The Official Website Of 4raBet

The first step towards downloading the 4raBet sports betting Android application is to visit the official website of the betting platform. Once you visit the official website of the Android betting site, you can begin with the downloading and installation procedure of the 4raBet sports betting application;


Visit The MAIN Page

After you visit the official homepage of the 4raBet sportsbook website, you will find a MAIN section marked on the upper segment of the homepage. Click on it, and you will move to another page where you will find the download option for the Android application;


Download The Apk File

After clicking on the option for the Android application, your apk file will be installed on your device. Once the apk file is installed on your device, you can install it. Ensure that you turn on installation from unknown sources before installing the apk file. Once turned on, install the file and enjoy betting on 4raBet from the Android application without much hassle;

4raBet Apk India
4raBet Apk India

Download And Install 4raBet For iOS

There are simple and hassle-free steps involved to install the 4raBet app without much hesitation. Just follow them to download the iOS application on your device.

  • Open the official website of the 4raBet sportsbook platform;
  • Visit the application page from where you can find the iOS download option;
  • Click on the download for the iOS button;
  • Open that particular page on the safari browser;
  • Once the page is opened on the safari browser, share that page by clicking on the share icon at the bottom of the page;
  • Tap on the “ go to home screen “ option and click on Finish. Once done, you will find the application installed on your ios device;
Download 4Rabet App

How To Create An Account In The 4raBet App?

Just follow the simple and easy steps to create your account on the 4raBet sports betting application. The steps for account creation are listed below:

  • Visit the official website of the 4raBet sportsbook platform;
  • You will find a registration option highlighted in red on the upper right corner of the homepage;
  • Click on that option to start with the registration procedure of 4raBet;
  • You will have two options for registration-either by email or by phone. Select the one which suits your requirements;
  • For the email method, you need to enter your email and password and for the phone method, you need to enter your phone number and password;
  • Once done, click on the sign up option to successfully create your account on the 4raBet sports betting application;


How To Verify Your Identity?

Identity verification on the 4raBet sportsbook application is mandatory to establish yourself as a permanent client of the sportsbook platform. You need to update your personal information, including your name, phone number, gender, country, city, and date of birth. Note that you are expected to make a withdrawal payment request and wait for the sportsbook support team to send you a confirmation email, where you will get all the requirements needed for verification. The identity verification procedure on the 4raBet mobile application is mandatory because, without the verification, you won’t be able to withdraw funds from your account wallet.


How To Login Via The 4raBet App?

The 4rabet app login procedure is straightforward, and you just need to follow simple methods to log in to your betting application account without much hesitation. The login procedure on the betting application is much more straightforward using the mobile application. Glance through the steps mentioned below to learn more about the login procedure of the 4raBet mobile betting application.

  • Visit the official homepage of the 4raBet android mobile application;
  • On the homepage of the betting application, you will find a sign-in button marked beside the registration button in the top right corner;
  • Click on the sign-in option to begin the login process;
  • Choose the email or the phone option for logging in to your betting account;
  • Enter the email id or phone number along with the password which you entered at the time of registration on 4raBet;
  • Once you are done entering the correct details, click on the sign-in button and log in to your 4raBet betting account;
  • Make sure that the details you enter are correct because enteri
4raBet Login from India
4raBet Login from India

4raBet App Features

Once you download the 4raBet sportsbook application, you will get access to numerous features on the sportsbook site. All these features of the betting application are designed in a way to enhance the wagering experience of the punters. Let us see the features of the 4raBet mobile application in detail.

Download 4Rabet App

Simple Interface

4raBet mobile application has a user-friendly design that makes it suitable for the punters to navigate to the page they are looking for in the application. The application makes it easier for the wagers to wager on their favorite sportsbook event. Moreover, the simple and easy deposit and withdrawal option make it straightforward for the users to deposit and withdraw money from their account wallet.


Promotions And Bonuses

The number of promotions and bonus programs available on the 4raBet sportsbook application is huge. You can choose any of the promotions according to your requirements. The promotions and bonuses are designed to suit both the new and the existing users of the betting platform. Register on the application soon and enjoy the fun of the promotions.


Live Streaming And Live Betting

This feature is very important in terms of a sportsbook application. 4raBet sportsbook application excels in providing live betting and live streaming feature to its customers. It allows the punters to watch the events live, determine the results of the predictions and make the bets accordingly using the live betting feature of the application. Live betting and live streaming is one of the best features of the 4raBet sportsbook application.



This is another essential feature of the 4raBet sportsbook application. Users are allowed to withdraw their funds which they might have staked on the events before completion. This will protect you from any further losses.


4rabet Sports Markets

There are a host of sports markets available on the 4raBet sportsbook platform. The sports markets available on the 4raBet sportsbook site are:

  • Football;
  • Cricket;
  • Basketball;
  • Horse Racing;
  • Tennis;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • Table Tennis;
  • Boxing;
  • Baseball;
  • Golf;
  • Darts;
  • Kabaddi;
  • Volleyball;
  • Handball;
  • Snooker;
  • Rugby;
Download 4Rabet App

How To Place A Bet On Cricket?

Placing a cricket bet on the 4raBet sportsbook application is very easy. All you need is to log in to the betting account of the sportsbook application. After you visit the betting account, go to the cricket section of the betting app. Select the event where you wish to wager your fund. Once you select the event, enter the amount of money you wish to wager on your betting event. Once the amount is entered, click on the place a bet option to place your cricket bet. You can check my bets section in my profile of your betting account to check the cricket bet entered.


4raBet Mobile Version

The mobile version is another way of accessing the betting application of 4raBet. You can easily access the mobile version of the sportsbook site from the browser. The domain name of the mobile version is the same as that of the official web version of the 4raBet sportsbook platform. Although the mobile version is not as fast as the official mobile application, it is efficient enough to provide a smooth betting experience to punters. Besides the application, perform the 4rabet app sign-up to enjoy the mobile version of the sportsbook platform comfortably. 


4rabet App vs Website

Mobile AppMobile Website
Requires a specific storage space on your mobileNo requirement of storage space on your device
It also requires a download of a fileNo download required to function
Needs updating from time to timeNo updates are needed 
Multiple language optionAlso has multiple language options 
Faster loading timeSlower loading time than the mobile app



The traffic on the 4raBet application is less compared to the mobile website. Since the mobile website is accessed by users from different parts of the world, there are more people betting through the mobile version of the sportsbook site. 


Storage Space

The application of the 4raBet sportsbook site requires a separate storage space on the mobile device. However, the mobile version does not require any specific storage space on your mobile devices. 

Download 4Rabet App

4Rabet Payment Options

There are multiple payment options available for the 4raBet sportsbook application. Users can access these payment methods to deposit and withdraw funds from their account wallet.


Deposit Methods

MethodsProcessing TimeMax Deposit INRMin Deposit INRFees


Withdrawal Methods

MethodsProcessing TimeMax WithdrawalMin WithdrawalFee
UPI24 hoursN/A1000 INRN/A
IMPS24 hoursN/A1000INRN/A

What Can Be Improved In The 4raBet App?

There are several fields where the developers of the 4raBet application can make improvements. The fields where improvements can be made are:


Payment Methods

The 4raBet sportsbook application developers can make improvements in increasing the number of payment methods available for customers. This will allow the punters to deposit funds without much hesitation, and bettors can simply deposit and withdraw funds from their sportsbook wallet.


Regular Updates

Regular updates on the sportsbook application is mandatory as it will allow punters to access the new features of the sportsbook application. The regular updates will also ensure that there are no bugs remaining on the 4raBet application.


4raBet Customer Support

4raBet has an active customer support who are always there to respond to the queries of the customers. The customer support team of the sportsbook application ensures that they are always active to help the punters whenever they are facing any problem regarding the sportsbook application. There are different methods which can help users to interact with the customer support team during any problem.


Conclusion About 4raBet App

The 4raBet sports betting application is one of the best betting tools where users can play sports betting games of their choice. The betting application is highly optimized to provide a smooth betting experience to the users. Therefore, you should download and install the sportsbook application and register yourself to enjoy betting on your favorite sporting event.

However, the 4raBet developers could make some improvements regarding the payment methods. An increase in the payment methods would make things easier for the customers as they could use any of the methods to deposit and withdraw funds in case an option doesn't work. Overall, the 4raBet sportsbook application is one of the most dependable applications for betting online.

Download 4Rabet App


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Also ask
Is the sportsbook app legal?
Yes, the 4raBet sportsbook application is entirely legal and has gained a license from renowned authorities. Therefore, punters can easily use betting applications without much hassle or hesitation.
Is there any mobile application for the 4raBet users?
Yes, there is a application for Android and ios users of the 4raBet sportsbook application. Punters can use the application without any hesitation and bet on their favorite sporting event with ease.
Does winning on 4raBet require taxes?
Yes, since winning on 4raBet is a type of income, every punter must pay taxes for winning on 4raBet. The sportsbook application taxes comply with the government's rules and regulations.
Can you win money on the 4raBet sportsbook app?
Yes, you can win money on the 4raBet sportsbook application by wagering on the sporting events of your choice.
Can I use 4rabet app for casino betting?
Yes, you can use the 4rabet app for casino betting. It provides a convenient platform for accessing a variety of casino games on your mobile device. Simply download the app, sign in, and explore the casino section to enjoy betting on your favorite games.


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