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It is common to get confused when looking for the best sports betting site in India. There are multiple websites and platforms that offer exciting sports betting options and bonuses for customers. Thus, to make selecting a quality betting platform for Indian punters easier, we have listed the best betting sites available for Indian punters. This article related to it will indeed help you to look for the best. 

1XBET1xBet is a bookmaker which offers thousands of choices on odds, betting markets and lines. Besides wagering through the website, you can also access the platform from the highly optimized mobile application designed to ease the punters. The 1xBet sports platform offers a live-streaming feature for Indian punters. There is no doubt that 1xBet is a popular bookmaker site of the present generation. There is also a welcome bonus waiting for the New punters!Claim Bonus!
PARIMATCHWith plenty of betting markets in their bag, Parimatch is well known in the Indian sports betting market . With their user-friendly platform and easy-to-navigate site, the Parimatch betting platform makes it simple for bettors from India who can wager on their favorite sporting events. There are several banking methods that also make it more accessible for punters to deposit and withdraw funds from their wallet. Thus, if you wish to have a quality wagering experience, Parimatch will be a good choice! Claim Bonus!
4RABET4rabet is a well-known sportsbook that has become reliable and trustworthy to Indian bet lovers. The promotions and bonuses of this betting platform are extensive, allowing existing and new Indian punters to enjoy the betting experience. With different sporting options available, the 4rabet sports betting platform will surely enhance the wagering experience of Indian punters. From cricket to football to many other sports, the 4rabet sportsbook application will get you covered. Besides, there is also a mobile application for the users, making it more convenient for the punters to place their bets on the platform.Claim Bonus!
FUN88Fun88 has a competitive betting market for Indian users. With a user-friendly registration procedure, punters can easily register on the Fun88 betting platform without hesitation. The competitive odds, high market options and betting lines have made it more exciting for customers to wager on the website. The sportsbook application of Fun88 has made it more convenient for punters to place their bets easily. You can take a chance and register on the Fun88 betting site if you are willing to register your account on any Indian betting platform. Fun88 will get you covered with its host of features.Claim Bonus!

Selecting the ultimate betting platform is a difficult task, as each platform offers something different, so here is the criteria we lay out when choosing sportsbooks.

⭐ Type of Bets Popular in India

The first thing every punter must do is to consider the different betting options available on the sports betting platform. The most basic bet standard in Indian betting apps is the straight bet. In betting lines, a point is chosen, and punters can place their bets on a particular player or team to win the bet outright. On the other hand, odds in the Indian sports betting platform depend on who is an underdog or the favorable choice to win. In such a case, the game is decided on which side wins the game outright.

There is also a total (over/under) betting type in the Indian betting sites. This bet is placed depending on the total score between both teams. For example, if a sport has 11 scores as the total, an over-punter will want the combined total to be higher than the total score and the opposite for a punter choosing under. The wager becomes a push if the combined total is the same as the proposed total. Most sportsbook applications refund the wagering amounts on all pushes. However, a minority considers them as losses.

A proposition is a type of bet made on a particular score and does not depend on the match's final score. It includes the number of goals a popular player scores in a football match or runs scored by a player in a cricket match.

Parlay bets have two bets that reward the successful punters with greater amounts if every bet in the parlay wins. A parlay requires at least two bets, but can be as many as the bookmaker allows. Several other kinds of bets in the Indian sportsbook application are available within the platform. However, the ones mentioned above are the common forms of bets that are available on these wagering sites. Besides, the sports betting options of the Indian wagering sites are.

⭐ Trustworthiness

The trustworthiness of a betting platform is a common thing to consider when you are going to register on an Indian sportsbook platform. A betting platform is trustable when it is licensed by a popular gambling board and when it is safe and secure to use. A platform which is not transparent is more likely to give complications to its customers regarding the banking options or any other factor. Therefore, see a wagering site that offers a good gambling experience before registering on it.

⭐ Odds and Lines

The next focus before joining a betting site must be the odds and lines offered by the sports betting site. They determine the success probability of a bet and how many resources can be accumulated by the payout. Comparing the market and deciding which platform offers the best betting odds and lines is better.

⭐ Bonuses, Promotions and Rewards

The most common way betting sites attract new customers is by offering bonuses and promotions. From welcome bonuses for new customers to many other bonuses for pre-existing customers, the rewards always enhance the wagering experience of the punters. Therefore, you must see which platform is offering the best bonuses and promotions on their platform. 

⭐ Usability

The usability of a sportsbook platform marks the popularity of the platform. The usability also enhances the betting experience, and punters tend to use the site more for wagering. Difficult interfaces often lose customers. Therefore, see which betting platform is the best in terms of usability.

⭐ Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Besides the transparency and security of the Indian sports betting platforms, the deposit, and withdrawal methods of the platforms also need to be straightforward. It will ease the task of depositing and withdrawing funds from the wallet and also claim your winnings without any hesitation.

⭐ Customer Service

Offering quality customer service makes a sports betting company more reputed. Online sportsbooks must have excellent customer service to respond to the customers' queries if there is any issue. Thus, you must join a platform where customer service is always active and is there to answer your issues.

⭐ Live Betting and Live Streaming

The demand for live betting and live-streaming has increased among sportsbook sites because it allows punters to view live matches and place bets based on the players' performance. Live betting enables every user to wager on their favorite sporting ongoing event. 

⭐ Additional Features

Several additional features come into play while selecting a sportsbook platform in India.

➤ Live Experience

Punters can enjoy the sporting events' live experience and place live bets if the sports permits. Live odds, markets, pre-match experience, and HD graphics makes the experience even better.

➤ Everyday notifications

Whether you are inside or outside, it does not matter. The betting site will send you notifications of live updates about sporting events through the sportsbook application.

➤ User-Friendly Interface

Navigating the sports betting site through mobile applications makes it easier and straightforward for punters to discover its features.

➤ Efficiency

The efficiency of a sportsbook site determines how much data it consumes and how much time it takes to load a page.

Get up to 26000 INR

Users can place their bets on sporting events with simple and easy steps. From football to cricket and many other sports, you can easily place your bets on sporting events by following these straightforward methods.

1. Choose Your Sportsbook

The sportsbook application you select must provide you with simple steps for success. It might be a casino or any other game showing you the odds and how much you can make from winning a bet. Online sports betting applications are effective because they help you to remain anonymous. With a few clicks, you are going to experience something which you have never faced before. Thus, before joining any betting site, judge which platform will offer you an easy path to success.

2. Register With A Sportsbook

Before placing bets, you need to register on the sportsbook application and create your account. Click on the register tab, enter all the required details and create your account on the betting platform.

3. Fund Your Account

Before placing bets, you need the fund that is required to wager on sporting events. If you are new to the sports betting site, fill your wallet in small amounts and place small bets to ensure you do not lose massive amounts of money.

4. Place Your First Bet

After funding your account, select the sport you wish to wager on. Once you select the sport, determine the low and high odds that you will wager on. For the low odds, there is high reliability, but the payout is less, and it is just the opposite for high odds. However, it is advisable for beginners to bet on the even odds that will give you both reliability and money.

5. Withdraw Your Funds

Once you win rewards and money after placing your bets, you can withdraw the funds you win. You can always give it a second chance if you did not win any reward on your first try.


Cricket is a popular sport played in India. With test matches and One day matches in a line, it is sure to have cricket as a common option in the Indian sports betting sites. If you are ready to win bigger, you can bet on the cricket matches.


Football is another loved sport among Indians. The big football fans of India always wait to wager on their favorite football events like LaLiga, World Cup, Bundesliga and many more.


Kabaddi was once overlooked as a sport in India. However, today everyone plays Kabaddi in their school, playgrounds and others. The famous Kabaddi players have gained immense cherishment from the betting markets in India.


Hockey is the national sport of India. You will get endless options for placing bets on hockey and winning huge amounts of money. Most of the bets will be on the leagues like the NHL, the largest hockey league. Therefore, waging hockey remains a common choice for Indian punters as it is a popular sporting event in India.

10CRIC Bonuses in India
10CRIC Bonuses in India

There are several bonuses offered by sportsbook sites in India, and some of them are listed below:

➤ Welcome Bonus: This bonus is available to all the new punters on the website. Any new registrant on the sportsbook platform will receive the welcome bonus as their first bonus;
Free Bet: Many Indian sportsbook platforms offer free bets, and the site will give you a free wager on specific events or games;
Referral Bonus: This bonus is also available to new users and existing users. You can refer your friend to the sportsbook site which you are using. In turn, you and your friend both will get some rewards;

➤ Parlay Bonuses: Based on the number of your selections, you will receive a parlay bonus on your successful bets. The bonus amount depends from betting site to site;

➤ Loyalty Program: Some sportsbook sites offer a loyalty program to pre-existing customers. It is mostly made for seasoned punters who are loyal towards the betting platform.

FAQ - Online Sports Betting in India

How to bet on sports in India?
The first thing you must do to bet on sports in India is to register on the betting app through which you wish to wager on the sporting events. Also, check the bonuses available and the variety of odds they offer. Betting always has its risks, and therefore, check the security and reputation of the platform before registering. Add funds to your betting wallet, select the sports, wager your money, and place your bets.
How to choose your sportsbook?
You must judge several factors before selecting the sportsbook application through which you wish to place your bets. Check what kinds of betting offers are provided by the betting platform. See whether the bonuses offered are better than the other betting platforms. The interface plays a significant role. You will face issues while navigating the betting platform if it is not good. There must be proper deposit and withdrawal methods that will make it easier for bettors to deposit and withdraw funds. Determine the trustworthiness of the sportsbook application. Check whether the customer service is constantly responding to the queries of the punters or not. See the availability of the languages.
How to register with a sportsbook?
Select a sportsbook application that suits your demands. Enter the required pieces of information as asked by the website at the time of registration. Submit all the necessary documents. Deposit your funds to begin betting on the website.
Is online betting legal in India?
Yes, online betting is legal in India. There are no such bans on online gambling. However, some provisions distinguish between a chance game and a skill game. The betting site must be licensed.
What is the best sports betting site in India?
Several sports betting platforms are suited to Indian users. Fun88, 4rabet, Parimatch, and 10cric are some sports betting sites in India.
Are sports betting apps safe?
Some websites will always try to scam you. However, sports betting platforms are safe, provided they are authorized and licensed and have security checks. Therefore, you must check for the red flags on every betting website that you wish to register on before joining them.
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