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Google Play
Crickex Android
Size 5,00 MB
Version 1.0.0
Installs 100k+

How to Download & Install Crickex Mobile App?

We look at how you can download and install the Crickex mobile app and start betting below.


Download Crickex Mobile App for Android

  1. You can only download via the mobile device browser. Visit the official website of Crickex to start the download process;
  2. Next to the home button is an App button. Tap on it to download the app from the website;
  3. Upon clicking the downloaded Crickex apk, you will be asked to change the settings to install Crickex app;
  4. Keep following the installation onscreen instructions and you should be done in no time;
  5. Once the installation is complete, open the App, log in, and start betting;


Crickex Mobile App System Requirements Android

Android versionAndroid 5.0+
⭐ Refer a Friend BonusUp to INR1000
✅ LanguageEnglish
✅ App size4.17 Mb
DeveloperVB Digital NV
⬇️ Download LinkCrickex.apk
Download Crickex Mobile App

Download Crickex Mobile App for iOS

Crickex does not have an iOS app at the moment. Maybe it will be introduced later.


Pros and Cons of Crickex Mobile App

  • It has a wide range of sports lines
  • Low app size
  • Easy to install and use
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Great live chat support
  • Lacks phone support
  • Needs uninstalling to update the app

How to Create an Account on the Crickex App?

Visit the Crickex app and locate the Sign-Up button on the homepage of the app for Crickex app sign-up. Tapping on it should open a form to input the account details and then sign up on the app. The app still has onscreen instructions you can follow to set up the account.

With the account opened, you should be ready for Crickex app login and start betting.

Crickex Account Login from India
Crickex Account Login from India


How to Verify Identify?

Identity verification is important for an account to access all the features of the account. During the verification process, you are advised to submit a photographic ID. Other acceptable documents include;

  • Full passport;
  • National ID card;
  • Driver’s license;

Crickex Mobile App Main Features

Before someone can decide to start betting with mobile apps, there must be something that drove them to consider it. Here are a few features that make the Crickex app good to consider.


Better mobility

The best part about the Crickex app should be how it helps you bet on your teams and events from anywhere and at any time. There are times you may not have access to a computer. If that is the case, you now have mobile apps to help you with betting easily.


Impressive optimization

The Crickex mobile app is also well optimized to ensure that it is updated in real-time always. There is no lag or delay in the updates of the odds. This is good enough to assure the users of fair competition.

You will also like how the app is optimized for a better user interface. With a good and sleek user-friendly interface, you can always find what you need from the app with ease.


System requirements

We also find the system requirements to be within reason. You may not have to delete various games or other software you have just to accommodate the Crickex app. Just make sure you have enough space for it and it should not be a problem at all.


Multiple sports lines

Just like you would get several sports betting options on the desktop website, they are the same games you also get on the app. The result is that now you have over 40 sports to consider while betting. You also get a betting exchange to give you more flexibility.


Watch live broadcasts

The Crickex app also helps you watch the live broadcasts of the different games. It could be cricket, soccer, or any other game event. The best part is that the broadcasts are free, so go ahead and enjoy them.


A secure app

Another thing that would drive more people to consider the Crickex app should be because it is secure. There have not been reports claiming otherwise, so it should be a good app that helps you bet better and faster without worrying about your account security.


Crickex Mobile App Betting Options

When you get the mobile app, you want to know what your betting options are. Here is what you need to know.

Download Crickex Mobile App

Types of bets

It all depends on what you want to bet on. The types of bets for cricket can be different from that for soccer. However, some of the betting options for cricket can include match winner, away over 12 runs, away group 1-15 runs, away inns runs, and more. So, visit the page of each game to see which types of bets are available.


What sports to bet on?

You will get over 40 sporting disciplines to consider if you want to start betting on the Crickex mobile app. Here are some of the top options;

  • Cricket;
  • Cycling;
  • Hockey;
  • Tennis;
  • Table tennis;
  • Kabaddi;
  • Soccer;
  • eSports;

Of course, once you have opened the app, you can see a lot more sporting options you can bet on easily.


How to place a Cricket Bet?

Make sure to log into your account first before betting. From your account, choose the different sports activities and add them to the bet slip. Once you are satisfied, add the amount you wish to bet with and activate the bet slip.

Download Crickex Mobile App

Crickex Mobile App Bonus

Unfortunately, we find that Crickex does not have bonuses specifically meant for those who download and use the mobile app. Also, the famous welcome bonus is unavailable.

However, you can find other promotions under its promotions page. You can refer and earn, exchange points for cash, birthday bonuses, weekly lucky draw, and others. Keep looking at this promotions page to see if more bonuses are added.


Crickex Mobile Version

Other than getting the Crickex mobile app, you also have the option of using the mobile version website. It could be that you do not have enough space on your device to install the app or you simply prefer using the Crickex mobile version. Is it any good?

It is a good option for those who want something different. Looking at how it is designed, we find it is the same mirror as the desktop version. Since it is responsive and optimized, it makes it easier to access it with ease from any mobile device. At least now you have a good mobile website that can also help do the job of betting with ease.


Crickex Mobile Version VS Crickex App

Now that you have the option of getting a Crickex app, what comes to mind is how it is different from the mobile version and which would be better.

These two have a few differences and many similarities. We shall start with the similarities.

  • You can easily access the live betting and live-streaming of the games right from the app and mobile website. Enjoy the live streams in high-quality videos so that you enjoy the game even from your mobile device;
  • All the betting services are available on the platforms, whether it is the mobile app or website. This is good to ensure there is fair gambling and also you do not need a computer to access the various betting options;
  • Live chat is also available for both options. You might be having a few problems with your account and you need help from the customer support team. Do not hesitate to connect with customer support and get the help you want;

There are many things that will be common in both cases. However, what are the differences?

The biggest difference is how you log in to the account. With the app, you have the option of using your fingerprint and face ID login. This is more about giving you more security while at the same time making it easier to access your account too.

The other difference is that with a mobile version, you do not need to download anything. The options are that you just need your web browser on the phone and access the website.

As for the Crickex app, you have to keep updating it. This is because once an app is replaced, it is no longer supported. So, some people might find it a hassle to keep updating their apps.

Looking at the two options, we find that both have their own pros and cons. What you should do is pick one that can give you the best user experience. For most, an app would be better as it is fast to deploy and still simple to use.


What Can Be Improved in the Crickex Mobile App

Crickex app is all good, but it does have a few things that could be improved. The first thing is that the app lacks an app bonus. This is where you get a bonus for downloading and using the app. We recommend that the company can consider including bonuses meant for app users only to encourage more people to consider the app.

We also find that the app is limited to India and Bangladesh residents only. This means that you will not enjoy the Crickex services if you are not from these counties.

There is no option of contacting the customer support team via telephone. Without a phone, it means relying on the live chat option. It would be nice having more forms of communication that you can use to contact the support team.



Looking at the features of the Crickex mobile app, we find it to be a good pick generally for many people. It is sleek, easy to use, can run on multiple devices, among other benefits. Many other betting platforms are also doing the same and you will be happy to know that even Crickex is offering one to you.

We also see that the app might have a few downsides such as not having phone support and would only work for Indian and Bangladeshi residents. This is enough to lock out potential users around the world.

Download Crickex Mobile App


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Also ask
Is the Crickex sportsbook app legal?
Crickex mobile app is legal considering the website is legal. So long as you are in a country it is legally allowed to operate, you should not have an issue using it.
Can you win money on sportsbook apps?
Yes. It works just like the desktop version or mobile version of the website. You simply download the app and start betting once you have installed it. Many people claim to receive their winnings, so it should be a sportsbook to consider.
How to bet on your phone?
Betting is simple. Once you are logged into your account on the phone, choose the games to bet on and add to the bet slips. Confirm the amount and activate it.
What taxes should you pay for winning in the Crickex App?
The government of India has a tax rate of 30% on all gambling activities. This is levied on the winnings that you get on any betting platform in the country including the Crickex app.


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