Download & Install Sky247 App from India: for Android and iOS 2023

The Sky 247 is one of the most comprehensive Indian sports betting sites. It has provided its customers with the latest and most updated betting experiences since its inception. Moreover, the site has made betting much simpler for punters by keeping the Sky247 mobile application for the customers. Users can now easily wager on their favorite sporting and casino through the Sky247 betting site using the Sky247 mobile application.

Download Sky 247 Mobile App

How to Download and Install the Sky 247 Mobile App?

Downloading and installing the Sky247 app on your mobile phone is straightforward. Some simple and user-friendly steps must be followed properly to download and install the mobile application on your device. Therefore, if you want to play on the Sky247 betting site using your mobile phone, download the betting application soon and register your account.

Download Sky 247 Mobile App

Download Sky247 Mobile App for Android

Some necessary steps are essential to download and install the Sky247 app for free. Therefore, the steps that are required to download and install the application are as follows:

  • Visit the official website of the Sky247 sportsbook platform;
  • You will find an app section on the upper segment on the sports betting platform's homepage. Click on that option;
  • Once you click on that app option, you will be taken to the app downloading page;
  • Click on the download now an option to download the Sky247 apk on your mobile;
  • Once the application is downloaded, make sure to visit settings on your mobile phone and allow downloads from unknown sources;
  • Once the setting is turned on, click on the install option to install the betting application on your device and enjoy the different aspects of the sports betting site;


Sky 247 mobile Android application

Android VersionAndroid 6.0 and higher
RAM2GB and higher
Storage32GB and higher

Download Sky247 Mobile App for iOS

It appears that there is currently no mobile application available for Sky247 users on iOS devices. However, you can still access the Sky247 website on your iOS device's browser to place bets and enjoy other features offered by the platform. The website is designed to be mobile-friendly, so you can easily navigate and use it on your iOS device without the need for a dedicated app.

Download Sky 247 Mobile App

How to Create an Account on Sky 247 App?

Account creation on Sky 247 mobile application is effortless. You need to go to the official mobile application and open it once the Sky 247 app free is downloaded. After visiting the official homepage of the sportsbook site, you can find a signup option on the top right segment of the homepage marked in yellow. Click on it to start the Sky 247 app sign-up procedure. Enter a suitable username for your account, along with your account password. On the next page, enter your full name, phone number, valid email id and the four-digit code which is mentioned besides. After entering the details properly, click on the green tick below to create your Sky 247 mobile application account. Make sure that the details you enter are correct. Else, at a later stage, you might face difficulties with your sportsbook account.

Get up to 26000 INR


How to Verify Identity?

Some documents must be provided to Sky 247 to verify your account. You need to visit the KYC verification page for your account verification. Enter the legal documents as requested, must be government id proof. Attach the file and submit it to the executives of Sky 247. You need to wait for the approval of the documents, and it might take some time to get them approved. Once the documents are approved by Sky 247 customer support, your account will be verified, and you can easily carry out the transactions on the Sky 247 page.


Sky247 Mobile App Main Features

There are multiple features on the Sky 247 sports betting application which are meant to enhance the betting experience of the punters on the platform. Let us look at the features of the sportsbook application in detail.


Wide Sports Option

The number of sports options present on Sky 247 mobile app is huge, and users can choose from any one of the sporting events where they can wager their funds. Moreover, there is also an exchange option on the sporting section where the punters can spend their time. Therefore, in terms of sports betting, Sky 247 is one of the best betting platforms existing in the Indian market.



Apart from the sports events on the sportsbook platform after you download Sky 247, there are different lotteries that are also present for the customers. There are different types of lotteries available that the punters can select and win huge on the Sky 247 mobile application.



You will also get different promotions and offers on the Sky 247 mobile application once you register your account on the betting site. The number of promotions will improve your betting experience on Sky 247, and you can easily claim the offers to make your betting experience more enjoyable.



After performing Sky 247 app download India, you will get access to an arcade option which has a simple and effortless UI where every beginner can enjoy wagering funds. You can find multiple rewards and cashback on the arcade of Sky247.

Sky 247 Login from India
Sky 247 Login from India

Sky 247 Mobile App Betting Option

Sky 247 is one of the best mobile sportsbook applications for Indian customers. You can find thousands of sports betting options and events where customers can wager their funds to win big rewards. Let us see the sports betting options which are available to the customers on the Sky 247 mobile application.


Types of Bets

Different types of bets are present on the Sky 247 sports betting application. The different types of bets on Sky 247 are as follows:

  • Over/Under;
  • First to score;
  • Total bet;
  • Double Chance;
  • Handicap;
  • Half Time/Full Time;
  • Draw No bet;
  • Both teams to score;
  • Correct score;


What Sports to Bet On?

There are different sports to Bet on the Sky 247. The different sports betting options for placing your bet are as follows.

  • Cricket;
  • Football;
  • Tennis;
  • Baseball;
  • Handball;
  • Soccer;
  • Volleyball;
  • Saba Soccer;
  • Virtual games;
  • Esports;
  • Casino;


How to Place a Cricket Bet?

Placing a cricket bet on the Sky 247 sports betting application is very easy. You will find a sports option on the sports betting site's homepage. Click on that option, and you will find the sportsbook page. From the sportsbook page, select cricket. There you will find the different cricket matches available to place your bet. Select the cricket match and the type of bet you want to place on the Sky 247 sportsbook platform. Enter the amount of money and place your bet on the sportsbook platform. The bet you place will be available in my bets section on your betting account page.

Download Sky 247 Mobile App

Sky 247 Mobile App Bonus

Sky 247 sports betting application is known for its exciting bonus and promotion options. There are different types of bonuses available at different sporting events. Moreover, there is also a welcome or sign-up bonus which the new registrants can claim on the betting application. The welcome offer on the Sky 247 provides a 24% cashback on all net losses. Therefore, if you are willing to play big on the Sky 247 sports betting application, you can register and claim the bonuses according to the requirements.


Sky 247 Mobile Version

Apart from the mobile application of Sky 247, there is also a mobile version available for punters. Although, there is no ios application available for the customers. But, the mobile version can be accessed both by Android and ios users. On the mobile version, you need to perform Sky 247 app login and access your betting account. Once you log in to your betting account using the mobile version, you can bet on your favorite sporting event. The mobile version is highly optimized and user-friendly to offer an enhancing wagering experience to the customers. Therefore, if you can’t download the Android application yet are willing to bet from your mobile phone, do so using the Sky 247 mobile version.


Sky 247 Mobile Version vs Sky 247 App

Sky 247 mobile version is a general platform where punters can wager their funds. The mobile version makes it simpler for every punter to bet on their favorite sporting event easily. Everyone can access it irrespective of the platform device they are using. Thus, Sky 247 mobile version can be used by both android and ios users. However, the mobile version is not as optimized as the application but has all the features of the betting site.

On the other hand, the Sky 247 mobile application is the best platform for Android users to bet on their favorite sporting events. Through the mobile application, punters can wager on the sports of their choice. The Android version of Sky 247 has enormous features and is highly optimized and user-friendly to provide a smooth betting experience. Therefore, if you want to bet using your phone, download the application soon.


What Can Be Improved in the Sky 247 Mobile App?

Sky 247 is relatively new to the sportsbook industry and has done a great job in simplifying the task of the punters by providing a sportsbook application. However, there are some bugs in the mobile application, and the developers can make the mobile platform smoother to give customers an enriching experience. Sky 247 download India is available for Android customers, but there is no mobile application for ios users. Therefore, the developers must work hard to launch an ios application for better usability of the ios users.



Sky 247 has done an excellent job by launching the sports betting application for customers. Those who cannot access the betting site using their computer browser can easily access the sports betting application on their phone. The betting application provides a user-friendly platform where punters can wager their funds on sports events. Moreover, it makes betting more straightforward, and you won’t have to log out every time you access your account using the mobile application.

There aren’t any significant disadvantages of the Sky 247 sports betting application. But, the developers can work more to make the platform more user-friendly and smoother and remove the bugs by providing updates. Also, the mobile application developers should launch an application for the ios customers and make betting simpler for every customer.

Download Sky 247 Mobile App


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Also ask
Is the sportsbook app legal?
Yes, the Sky 247 sportsbook application is legal and has a proper license for its operations.
Can you win money on the Sky 247 sportsbook app?
Yes, you can easily win money on the sky 247 sportsbook application while you are wagering on sporting events.
How to bet on your phone?
Login to your sportsbook account. Select the sport where you would want to place your bet. Wager your money and place your bet.
What taxes should you pay for winning on the Sky 247 app?
There might be some taxes which the winners might pay on the Sky 247 application. However, the taxes are based on government rules and regulations.


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