All Merrybet Bonuses and Bonus Rules in Nigeria: How To Withdrawal Your Bonuses in 2023

Generally, betting sites offer their customers special bonuses and rewards as incentives, encouraging them to bet more, and at the same time draw more gamblers attention to thier platforms. Merrybet is not an exemption. Even though Merrybet promotions and bonuses are quite limited, it still makes for an exciting proposition.

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Welcome Bonus

It is important to note that the Merrybet Welcome Bonus offer of 100% on your first deposit has been discontinued. If you deposit 5000 you would expect 10,000 and so on, however, you would have to accumulate 7 bets to withdraw your Welcome Bonus. When and if the Welcome Bonus offer resumes, any alterations or updates are exclusively subject to the Merrybet company.


Merrybet bonuses and their offers

Name of BonusOffer
Welcome Bonus100% of first deposit
Cashback Bonus5%
Referral Bonus30%
Punters Leaugepoints
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Merrybet Cashback Bonus

Merrybet website
Merrybet Cashback Bonus

One way to augment for no welcome Bonus is that Merrybet gives a promo promo code, which can be used for Merrybet cashback. Cashback Bonus is a 5% return on the amount you bet.


How to Get Merrybet Cashback Bonus

Below are the requirements and conditions to get the Merrybet Cashback Bonus:

  • Stake a five-game (or more) accumulator bet on Merrybet to with at least N200 to qualify for cashback
  • Each of your bet selection odds must not be below 1.50
  • If after betting, you lose by just one selection, you will get your Merrybet 5% cash back bonus


To get your Cashback Bonus

For offline betters, use the Cashback code on the physical bet slip and for online users it's on the bet slip online.

  • Login to your account
  • Click the "History" option
  • Click on betslip and it will show details including the Cashback code


Deposit and Payment Options for Merrybet Cashback Bonus

To stake a bet, you'll need to fund your account first of all by making a deposit.

Deposits and payments into Merrybet accounts can only be made in the local Nigerian currency — Naira. This abides with the policies and regulations of FIRS of Nigeria regarding betting houses.

A number of options for payment and deposit for Merrybet Cashback are available. This includes:

Quickteller deposits, GT Collections (GTBank), Paystack, Instant bank transfer (Wema Bank), GlobalPay, Interswitch Webpay and PayDirect.

Merrybet strongly advises that amounts that exceed N20,000 should be directly deposited with the company and not through their agents.

The minimum and maximum deposit payments that can be made to Merrybet accounts depends on the payment system you use. Deposits range from as low as N10 with Interswitch Webpay to as high as N500,000 with GlobalPay.


How to Use and Clear the Merrybet Cashback Bonus

  • Log into your Merrybet account
  • Find the bet you want to make, click to select and it will appear on your bet slip in the top right end of the page
  • Enter the amount you wish to bet, including your cashback bonus and see your potential winnings automatically
  • Click "Place Bet" and your account will be charged the amount you bet


Important note

You must use the promo code or it will expire after twenty-four hours.

Merrybet Login from Nigeria
Merrybet Login from Nigeria

Merrybet Rеfеrrаl Bоnus

Another way to make up for the removed Welcome Bonus is the MеrryBеt rеfеrrаl bоnus. This is more commonly called the Merrybet Affiliate Program.

With you being a part of Merrybet, you can refer and invite friends to join you and be a member of the platform. When they do, you have the chance to win 30% of what they lose in a bet.


How to Get Merrybet Referral Bonus

After 60 days of your referral, what you earn would be credited to your Merrybet account.

To get the Merrybet Referral Bonus, you first have to get the affiliate link that you'll use to invite others:

  • Login to your Merrybet account
  • Click "My account" icon on the page
  • Click the "Affiliate" option
  • Tap the "info" tab
  • Copy your affiliate link on the info page
  • When you send a message of invitation to your friends, paste the link there and ask them to click it to register


Deposit and Payment Options for Merrybet Referral Bonus

There are no special deposits or payments you have to make in order to qualify for referral bonus. As long as you have a Merrybet account, simply invite friends and acquaintances using your unique affiliate link.

On the "Profit" page, you will be able to see your progressive revenue on your referrals.

The total amount you've been paid on each referral after 60 days, appears on the "Payout" page.

To make a deposit from your bonus, you can choose from Instant bank transfer, Paydirect Nigeria Deposit, We pay Nigeria Deposit, GlobalPay Nigeria Deposit, Quickteller ATM Nigeria Deposit, GT Collections Nigeria Deposit, Paystack card/bank deposit or choose from the Agent deposit list.

Get Merrybet Bonuses

To withdraw your bonus

  • From "My Account" icon, click the "Payments" option
  • Type in the bank name, account number, account type and amount
  • Click "Payout" and you'll receive your money to your account


How to Use and clear the Merrybet Referral Bonus

There is no minimum amount to have in order to be paid your referral bonus. You can decide to use your referral bonus by either withdrawals or deposits back to your Merrybet account.


Important to note

It is only within the first sixty days of affiliates signing up that you can earn from their losses.

Merrybet Nigeria Mobile Apps
Merrybet Nigeria Mobile Apps

Merrybet Punters League

The Merrybet Punters League is a betting tournament where you can gather points for winning bets. Those with the most points are picked, hence, the more points you gain the more likely you win the contest. This league runs for six months and rewards are given every week, monthly, and also every quarter.


How to Participate and Win Merrybet Punters League

To be eligible for the Punters League, certain conditions are necessary in the process. Here are the terms and process of taking part and winning the Merrybet Punters League:

  • Your accumulated bets should not include less than 3 soccer events
  • Select only soccer games whose odds are 1.20 and more
  • Stake a minimum of N200
  • Don't use duplicate bet slips as they'll be counted as one
  • Only bets you win will award you points
  • As each month, quarter and season ends, the top 3 individuals with the highest points are the winners


Deposit and Payment Options for Merrybet Punters League

The deposit options to stake in the Punters League is the same as used in all other betting bonuses.

For payments of winnings, the winners will be contacted to go to the Merrybet office to receive their winnings.

Any individual who doesn't appear on the date set by Merrybet to be presented with their winnings will forfeit it.


How to Use the Merrybet Punters League Winnings

Thе top three positions receive grаnd рrizеs for the season in the order of ₦2,000,000, ₦1,000,000, аnd ₦500,000. The more bets you win, the more points yоu accrue. This improves your chances.

You can decide to take a percentage of these winnings and wager back in the league or choose other bets. Or, you can just lay back and enjoy it.


Important note

Other sports events aside soccer can't generate points for the Punters League.

Points are calculated by rounding up or rounding down the total for each soccer event on a bet slip to the nearest whole number. That's to say, odds that are .5 upward are rounded up while odds below this are rounded down.

Thirty slots are given to each punter monthly, and the initial 30 winning bet slips that meet the requirements gain points for the punter. In a case where multiple individuals equal points for a win, the punter with a higher profit is declared winner.

A punter can't win more than once from each prize category. For instance, if Mr X is victorious in the month of January, Mr X is not eligible to win any other monthly prize category. However, he is still eligible to win in the quarterly and season prizes.

This logic applies to Mr X winning in the other categories.

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