BetKing Old Mobile App Review for 2022: Comparison With New Mobile Version

The old Betking mobile app is yet another convenient means of placing bets on the Betking mobile sportsbook. While It is normal to wallow in the confusion of which of the versions to choose from, research has shown that most punters prefer the Betking old mobile lite as a result of its simplicity. it is considered fast, easy to relate with, and compatible with all Android and iPhone devices.

Download Betking Old Mobile App Nigeria

About Old Betking Mobile App

More also, the old Betking mobile site can be said to be designed such that a bettor who is indifferent to the complexity of the sportsbook betting still enjoys the experience of betting in the Betking old mobile version. Safe to say that the old Betking matches other versions function for function as hardly you'll find a Betking old mobile version user complaining of a feature peculiar to the new Betking mobile version that makes betting impossible in the old Betking version.

In fairness, there are features on the new version that can't be accessed from the old Betking version with a direct click and it will be despicable to downplay the direct click advanced advantage of the new version as they serve important purposes which improve general betting experiences. For instance, a person can progress from just being a punter to a Betking agent by simply clicking and following the step-by-step guide in the "Become an agent" button option of the new mobile version. Similarly, there is a promotion icon that can be clicked from the new version with ease which displays all the promos available for Betking. Surprisingly, these features mentioned above are embedded in one of the 12 icons displayed on the Betking old mobile site. So when we say that the old Betking mobile lite matches the newer version function for function, we weren't mincing words.


Old Betking Screenshots


Features Of The Old Betking Mobile App

The old Betking mobile lite version is so attractive a design enough to make their designers push for a pay raise. Characterized by the Betkings traditional Blue and white interface, the site can be navigated easily by the scroll of the app. The top left section of the sportsbook carries the Betking logo while the top right corner houses the "Login and the cyan-colored "Join" button. The former Is needed for Betking's old mobile login processes while the latter is needed for new customers. Interestingly, the Betking old mobile site displays a handful of essential click categories that suit the requirements of any simple betting process.
These categories are:


Live Events

This feature enables a customer to actively participate in an event even while such an event is going on. Some bettors who are experts in predicting a game when the game is on can take advantage of this corner. Though the odds on this section are constantly fluctuating as different scenarios in the event are bound to unfold.


Book A Bet

This feature enables a bettor to access a selection of games already booked from any device using the code generated from the selection. With this availability, a customer who doesn't have a Betking account can as well make his choice from the comfort of his home and walk up to any Betking shop and have his selections printed with the code that was generated. This makes the stake validated.


Check coupon

Customers can use this corner to check the progress of their games, and any available winning instead of having to check the results individually from a different app.


Less than 2

This Feature enables a punter to create a category of events whose odds are less than 2 to make selections easy.


Today Matches

Betking customers can use this click to view a compilation of all sporting activities slated for that day.


New Mobile Site

Clicking on this button enables you to shuttle between the new Betking version and the old Betking version.



The help category is an assistant section of the sportsbook that gives different search results following perceived difficulties that bettors might likely encounter. A click on this icon will surely remedy any hitch experienced while surfing the Betking old mobile site.


Live Chats

This feature allows a bettor an opportunity to engage in an interactive section with a customer care agent. Questions can be asked and issues can be resolved within seconds as the Betking customer care agents are swift in their response timing.

Download Betking Old Mobile App Nigeria

Download Old Betking Mobile App For Free

It is appealing to know that Betking is a free bet application that was developed to conform with the latest v1.00 by PROdesignr. Rated at 5.00, it has recorded over 7300 downloads since it was first launched on 22nd February 2022. The app is compatible with all Android 4.0 up to the latest Android operating system and all iOS 7.0 and above for iPhone users.


How To Download Betking Apk Old Version On Your Android Phone

Certain privacy policies prevent Betking and other sister sportsbooks from being downloaded from the Google play store. However, the latest version of the Betking old mobile APK can be downloaded from different sources via the provided download link. Written below is a step-by-step guide on how to flow through that process:

  • Open your desired phone browser
  • Type on the search engine box of the browser "Download Betking APK for android"
  • Select your choice source and locate the 8.8MB APK file and click the download option

The process that follows is automatic and the download action is completed with a message which pops up indicating the option to install on your device.


Betking Mobile apk download requirements table

Cost Free
Category Sports Betting
Size 8.8MB
Os Requirement Android 4.0 and above
Age limit 18 years


How To Download Betking Apk Old Version On Your iOS Phone

Betking old mobile for iPhone is also available for iOS users although the application is only handy on the iOS and iTunes app store in specified regions as there are areas and regions where accessing the app is impossible. For areas where the app can be accessed, the download and installation process is similar to the process of downloading and installing any other app as long as the correct procedure is followed. For areas where this app cannot be accessed, customers are advised to add a home screen touch icon of the Betking old mobile lite from the browser of their device be it Android or iPhone.


Betking Mobile Apk Download Requirements For Ios Device

The table below gives a summary of the Betking apk requirements when accessing the sportsbook app from an iPhone.


Betking Mobile apk download table

Cost Free
Category N/A
Size N/A
Os Requirement iOS 7.0 and above
Age limit 18 years

How To Install The Old Betking Mobile App And Start Betting

In continuation of the download process, the APK should be installed from the message that pops up requesting you to install the app. Be rest assured that the app has been certified safe by VirusTotal and will certainly occupy a small and insignificant storage space on your device. Follow the illustration stated below to run through that process:

  • Click the install button as it pops up
  • As expected, the warning message will pop up, ignoring accordingly. It has been proven to be device safe and compatible
  • At this point, the browser with redirect you automatically to setting on your phone which grants permission for installation from unknown sources
  • Return to the APK when that permission has been granted and finish off the installation process

From most browsers, a request to add a quick click icon on your homepage will be provided, if your response is affirmative, then a white icon with the inscription "Betking mobile" circumscribed by a thick blue circle will appear on your home screen. A click on this icon takes you to the Betking new mobile version but not without encountering a few ads which you can always ignore. To switch to the old Betking version  locate the arrow button directly below the cyan coloured join button and click on it. Amongst the numerous options available, locate the "Switch to Mlite" and click. The page is then reloaded to display the Betking old mobile version.

To start betting, you can choose to place a bet by creating an account with Betking or booking a Bet from your device and walking up to any Betking shop with the code generated to complete the betting process. For those who already have an account with Betking, their Betking old mobile login details will be requested when the Login button is clicked.

Download Betking Old Mobile App Nigeria


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