Old Mobile Betking for iPhone and Android 2023: How to get access & Old Version Features

To get the old version of Betking mobile app, just click on the button below, and then switch to the Mlite button on the main menu. For more information read our How-to list or just watch the video guide. As an old-version user, you still have a chance to participate at the Kingmaker jackpot promotion and win up to 100 000 NGN!

Get Betking Old App (7,4 Mb)

About Betking

Kingjackpot Betking

BetKing is a sports betting and entertainment company established in 2018 and offers online and agency services in Nigeria. This sportsbook company aims at bringing to its customers the best there can be to betting and expanding the growth of bluebloods both in Nigeria and Africa at large . It specializes in many sports including Football, basketball, Hockey and many more exclusive world wide sports.


Video: How To Get Access To Betking Old Mobile App


Author's Opinion about BetKing Old Mobile App

The old mobile Betking is great for customers who are using lower mobile devices. I would recommend the app for users who prefer a simple betting environment. I discovered that the old mobile app was a bit slow to load when compared to the time frame which is obtainable from the new version. But what I think is most important is the fact that I can carry out my betting activities excitedly and I would not hesitate to corroborate any customer who expresses faith in the platform.

By Alisa Barladyan.


New vs Old Betking App Comparison

For your convenience we compared two versions of Betking App on screenshots. Choose what’s best for you, bet and win!


Betking Main Page

Main page


Betking Markets






Author's Opinion about What is Better Betking Old Mobile App or New Mobile App

I wouldn't be mincing words if I opt for the new version as a result of certain criteria I desire from a betting platform. For a version that can boast of reduced data consumption, a modernized page layout, an added coupon editing option, and faster loading speed and performance, I think I would stick with the newer version of the app. This does not affect the satisfaction that can be derived from the old version of the app

By Alisa Barladyan.


Pros And Cons

Although that is the case for some, not all that glitters is gold. Not everything is ever so perfect. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. And as we make choices with our betting area, we need to analyze and choose what's best for ourselves.

  • It is accessible by all phone types
  • Less complicated
  • Easy to use and grasp
  • Opens on older browsers
  • Very slow
  • Too many ads and cookies
  • Unfriendly user interface
  • Phone freezes sometimes
  • Needs an updated version
  • Too plain

Betking Old Mobile in a Nutshell

Without wasting any space in your phone, you can access the betting platform with just its official  mobile website. But there is even a simpler step to it, which gives you easier and faster accessibility, the Mobile App. BetKing old mobile app is an App available to all who wish to use it via a site. It is accessible for download by searching for it in any search engine, be it safari for iOS users or chrome for Android users. This app is not available on Apple store or Google play store. Betking lite has an app that comes with two different versions: the new updated version and the old mobile version. Although the new version comes with some hot spicy features to it, the old version of it also has a lot of inspiring features capable of keeping you hooked to it. And this review is to give you more insight on the old version of the mobile App.


Inside Old Mobile Betking

Compared to the newest version of the BetKing mobile App, the old version lacks a lot of those new and great features. But ignoring all that, everything comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. This old version of the Nigerian online sports betting platform App has its own features. With this old version, the sportsbook attracts a lot of customers as it allows people with old phones to join in the fun. Below are some of its features.


Design and Layout

The application page has a simple set up with easy navigation as compared to the newest version of the BetKing mobile App. It has fewer options and its main page is a little plain and simple. Although that might be the case, the Betking lite old mobile app version still has the most needed icons that can get your work done. On top of that, every single step is simply outlined which makes it easy to understand.


Accessibility and Usability

As compared to the desktop version of the sportsbook, the mobile version is easier to use and navigate through. It has less complexity and it only contains what you need. It's easier for you to filter out what is unnecessary, making your betting easy, fast and straightforward.

Download Betking Old Mobile App Nigeria

Betking Deposits methods

As we are always forced to compare, let's look at the deposit and withdrawal methods in the old version compared to the newest version. The old version of the mobile app has fewer depositing and withdrawal options as compared to the newest version. Although that is the case, depositing still comes with a lot more methods to choose from. Below are some of the methods you can use to make deposits.

  • GTB
  • Quick Teller
  • Zenith Bank Transfer
  • Polaris Collect
  • Interswitch WebPay

Withdrawal transactions of the previous app can only be done using bank transfers. This is a long and time consuming process which discourages many from using the older version. But, both the updated and the unupgraded versions of the app do not allow cryptocurrency as one of the means of making payments.


Missing new features

As you choose or are forced to remain with the older version of the app, you miss out on a lot of new great features as they are inaccessible in the old mobile app. Below are some of those features which can not be found in the old mobile app version:

  • A new and upgraded market layout for more accurate scores
  • Betking new mobile shop
  • Reduced data use to access the app
  • Option of accessing your search history
  • The last minute page
  • Fast load speed and performance
  • Modernized page layout
  • Improved page for today’s games
  • Added coupon editing option

Author's opinion about What is Better Betking Mobile Version or Old Mobile App

I can confirm that I usually access my Betking account from the mobile version more than I use the old mobile app version. Those features that I have adapted to while using my new mobile app version cannot be found in the old mobile app therefore I resort to using the mobile version in that regard. Though one can agree that sometimes, one is tempted to give the Old mobile app version a try when one wants to hit the already-developed betting option directly.

By Alisa Barladyan.



If you have the capacity to get a phone that can support the latest version of the mobile app, then don't even waste time. The old mobile app is good but the new mobile is even better. But that does not mean you can not carry out your sports betting any excitedly. Betking is good in everything they do and Betking old mobile app is included in that list. They try their level best to make each user comfortable with whatever they choose to go with. Hence or otherwise, you will never go wrong with settling for their sportsbook.

Download Betking Old Mobile App Nigeria


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How easy is it for Beking old mobile login?
Logging in to the app can take quite some time as there are a lot of ads and cookies as compared to the new mobile app.
Does the new mobile Betking app have features that are not in the old mobile app?
Yes, of course! The new mobile has come with a lot of new and improved features. It contains everything in the old app and more. It has a more detailed outlook and a lot more other prominent features.
Do you need the latest phone to use the new mobile Betking App?
Yes. The newest version is only compatible with the latest operating operating systems and browsers of phones. Nonetheless, having an old phone should not stop you from availing some Betking services as you can still use the older version which might still be compatible with your phone.


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