Login to Your Mozzartbet Account from Nigeria: Welcome Bonus & Registration Guide 2024

MozzartBet is a Maltese online betting platform operating in Nigeria and several other countries in Africa. They provide an avenue for sports and casino games, offer great odds, and multiple payment options. When you register and log in to the MozzartBet account page Nigeria, you're eligible for several promos. One of such is "First Ticket Can't Lose," where, with a minimum of N1000 first deposit made, you can win freebet of up to N5000.

Log in to MozzartBet Account in Nigeria

How To Log In?

On MozzartBet, customers can access and enjoy features like live betting, jackpot, aviator, and lucky bets. Players can choose from a list of sports which includes football, baseball, water polo, cricket, cycling, handball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, hockey, and more. From these, punters can decide a type of bet to place on any event, i.e., double chance, both teams to score, handicap, full time result, etc. Added to the fantastic odds offered by MozzartBet, there are numerous incentives for customers in the form of triple bonus, refund cashback, and cash out, amongst others. To enjoy all these provisions, users must sign up and log in to MozzartBet. For MozzartBet login:


Visit Website

Visit Website

On your desktop browser, enter the address to the official MozzartBet website and press the ENTER key to load.


Enter Login Details

Enter Login Details

Click on sports betting and go to the login area located at the top right end of the website and enter your account username and password.


Log In MozzartBet Account

Log In MozzartBet Account

After inputting details, click the "OK" button, which is beside the username and password fields and this will automatically log you into your MozzartBet account. Now you can simply navigate and place your bets to win on the site.


Difference Via Log In With MozzartBet App

Customers who don't have access to a desktop computer or laptop to log in, can alternatively login using the MozzartBet app.

Most of the players find themselves always on the go and not stuck in an office space where these devices are readily available. So, mobile devices such as smartphones, pads and the like can do the same thing any other computer can do. In fact, advantageously, you can walk around with MozzartBet - all its features and offers - in your pocket. Establishing a connection to the site to place your bet, check your winnings and claim your bonuses is only a tap away.

All you have to do is download the MozzartBet app to your mobile smartphone. You don't need a web browser to connect either, as in the case of the desktop and mobile sites. Necessarily, you have to have a required amount of phone space and speed on your mobile to contain the and use the app.


How To Download MozzartBet App

  • Visit the official MozzartBet website on your mobile device;
  • Scroll to the end part of the mobile home page, locate the app download area and click GET IT ON GOOGLE PLAY or DOWNLOAD ON THE APP STORE button;
  • Follow the link to download and install the app to your mobile device.

Your mobile phone OS must be compatible with the app. At the moment, MozzartBet app works on most versions of Android and iOS. When you're done downloading the app, next is MozzartBet sign up if you've not done so, then log in.


For MozzartBet App Login

  • Load the app on your mobile device by tapping its icon on your phone screen;
  • Tap the login icon at the top end of the app screen;
  • Enter your username and password into the fields;
  • Tap log in to access your MozzartBet account using the app.
Log in to MozzartBet Account in Nigeria

How To Register For MozzartBet

If you don't have a MozzartBet account already, simply go to the website to register. All you need is an internet-enabled device, an active email or phone number.

  • Go to MozzartBet official website;
  • Click 'Register' button at the top right side of the page screen;
  • Choose the registration method you prefer i.e. by phone or by email;
  • By phone: enter your username, phone number, password, confirm password, accept terms and conditions;
  • By email: enter your username, email address, password, confirm password, accept terms and conditions;
  • Click the REGISTER button, and that completes the MozzartBet sign up process.
MozzartBet Nigeria Mobile App
MozzartBet Nigeria Mobile App

Login Problems And How To Solve Them

There are a few login problems you may encounter now and then when you register to MozzartBet. Most of these issues are one that can be simply rectified, while a few others would require that you contact customer support to aid you. Here are some MozzartBet login problems and how to solve them:


I Forgot The Password To My MozzartBet Account. What Should I Do?

If you've forgotten the password to your MozzartBet account, first, click on the login button. On the login form that appears, click the “Forgotten password” link that is situated below the username and password fields. Enter your username into the field and click the CHANGE PASSWORD button under it. Doing this automatically sends an SMS or email with a link to your mobile or email address, depending on which one your registered with. Click the link and change your password to access your account.


When I Try MozzartBet Login To MozzartBet My Account Won't Open? What Do I Do?

There could be several reasons for this. One is that you could be making some errors entering your username or password. Ensure the username you entered is exactly the same one that you opened your account with. Check to capitalize the letters that should be capitalized and also the ones that should be in small letters. Then try it again.

When typing in your password also check the characters that were used to ensure they remain as they should. Do not use spaces. Use the 'show password' button to see what you're typing in the password field.


I Can't Login Because The MozzartBet Homepage Isn't Loading. How Do I Fix This?

Often, the reason for this could simply be your internet downtime. Turn off your internet connection and leave it for a considerable duration and turn it back on. Also, it can be a technical issue from the part of MozzartBet. They may also be having downtime in their service provision. Wait for a while and try to log in again, but, if the problem continues, reach out to MozzartBet support by email and they'll help you sort out the issue.


Why Can't I See Part Of The Website Graphic When I Try to Login?

Older versions of Adobe Flash Player have an issue while displaying Flash graphics and this could be the cause of the partial graphics display. Try updating to Adobe Flash version and check for improvement. If it does not, contact the customer support team


After MozzartBet Login My Account Is Suspended. Why Is This?

Your MozzartBet accounts could be suspended for a number of reasons. One could be that suspicious activities or transactions have been observed on your account. Secondly, the information linked to your account is inaccurate e.g. you're not up to 18 years of age, which goes against the legal betting agreement. Another reason is that you may have more than one account with the MozzartBet. But, if you are very sure that you are not guilty of any one of these and have kept to the terms and conditions of MozzartBet,then contact customer support and the issue will be rectified.


I'm Not In Town And I Can't Login To MozzartBet Account Using My App. What Do I Do?

You're most probably in a location where the MozzartBet account page Nigeria does not cover. In these instances, you may need to get a VPN or wait till you return. But, if you are still within the country and coverage range of the company, it could be that your internet service range is limited in that area.


Customer Support

MozzartBet customer support is professional and attentive to thier customers. Customer Support is available 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Your requests and reports will be handled satisfactorily by MozzartBet customer support whenever you reach them through the following means:

Call: 0700 66992 78238

Email: [email protected]

Social Media:

Twitter @mozzartbetng

Instagram @mozzartbetnigeria

Facebook @mozzartbetnigeria

YouTube @mozzartbetnigeria2579

Log in to MozzartBet Account in Nigeria


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Also ask
How do I make deposits into my MozzartBet account?
To deposit funds to MozzartBet, login your account and click MY ACCOUNT. Click DEPOSITS and then select the appropriate payment method. Choose the desired amount, click DEPOSIT and follow further instructions.
How do I see my transaction history?
To view your transaction history, login to your MozzartBet account and select MY ACCOUNT. Click TRANSACTIONS. Choose a date, and all the transactions you made that day will appear.
How do I check My Account Balance?
To check your MozzartBet account balance, first login to your account. Click your username placed at the top right end of the page. This will display all your account fund details.


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