Betpawa Registration From Nigeria Step-by-Step Guide in 2024

In order to use all the services of the Betpawa Nigeria sportsbook, you must open an account. How to do this, read the article.

Sign-Up with Betpawa Nigeria

Betpawa Sportsbook Registration

The homepage of the Betpawa betting website.
Image of the Betpawa homepage.

Booking and placing a bet has just gotten easy with access to the Betpawa website and mobile app for selecting and placing your wager on the website and mobile app. With the introduction of an easy registration method, getting your bet placed is now quick and easy. To ease yourself of withdrawal or other issues relating to adding a wrong name, misspelled last, first name, or middle name while signing up for Betpawa, this article will cover the Betpawa signing up steps for your account to begin your bet placement both on the app, and website. In the preceding paragraph, steps to sign-up for your online sports bet will be outlined to ease your betting experience.

Registration for Betpawa Nigeria

How to Register with Betpawa Sportsbook

To register with Betpawa, the sportsbook registration software had in previous time been subjected to different changes to serve her bettors, it has upgraded its webpage and mobile app to enable easy access to trendy odds and high winning stakes. In the process of registering, the easy step to register for Betpawa include;

  1. Access the Betpawa website or download the mobile app;
  2. On the top right-hand corner of the website for those using the website, click on the “Join now” dashboard;
  3. Using the app, access the same by clicking on the “Join now” dashboard;
  4. You will need your mobile number to proceed further, add your Nigerian mobile number;
  5. Add your password, make sure it is a strong password which should be a minimum of 4 characters;
  6. Add your First name in the next row;
  7. Include your last name;
  8. Lastly, before the next slide, click on “join now”;
  9. A one-time will be sent to your mobile number, provide it and proceed further to verify your account.
  10. After entering the pin, you will be directed to a new page where you will be notified of your successful account creation.
The arrow pointing at the Join now dashboard to sign-up for a Betpawa account.
Image of the Betpawa homepage

Betpawa Sportsbook Registration Terms & Conditions

To register on Betpawa, some rules must be fulfilled before and after registering. Some of the terms further help both parties by shedding more light on the gray area where the bettors have issues. These terms and conditions are all valid for betting accounts on Betpawa, and they include;

  • Must have reached the minimum legal age to participate on the website betting;
  • Must have a legal capacity to agree, must not be minor to avoid account closure;
  • Must not sell your Betpawa account to other clients;
  • The name on the Betpawa account must be the same as the account to make the transfer when a withdrawal is requested;
  • Must not open multiple accounts;
  • Multiple betting must not be made with two accounts with the same owner;
  • Closure of account must be in line with the terms and conditions of the company;
  • All deposited balance must be turned over before a withdrawal can be made;

All there terms & conditions must be followed before you open an account and after a successful account opening, you should still follow the terms.

Betpawa Nigeria Mobile App
Betpawa Nigeria Mobile App
Register with Betpawa Nigeria

How to Log in on Betpawa Sportsbook.

To log in to your account after creating your account to state staking on bets, you must have at your fingertip your mobile number and password. To do so, follow these steps to log in;

  1. Access the Betpawa website or mobile app;
  2. At the right-hand corner, two dashboards are available, click on “log in” to start;
  3. Provide your mobile number and password to log in to your account, and voila! you are in.
On the homepage, follow the arrow to log in on the website
Image of the Betpawa homepage

What Account Adjustments Can I Make Upon Registration

If after registration, the details input are noticed to be incorrect or need adjustment, you can only adjust your password and that’s all.


How to Make Your First Deposit on Betpawa

Making your deposit after account set-up is the next step as a bettor on Betpawa, you can make your deposit with different options like; Quickteller, Mastercard, Visa, Verve card, Bank deposit, ATM, USSD, and airtime deposit. All these are available means to deposit your Betpawa account. To deposit through card deposit, you will

  1. Log in to your account;
  2. Visit the deposit link at the webpage;
  3. Follow the simple instructions

To deposit with your bank account, you will:

  1. Log in to your account;
  2. Visit your account page where you have a deposit with bank account option;
  3. Provide the necessary details.

To deposit using your airtime option, click on MTN and proceed by:

  • Click on the MTN logo;
  • Log in to your MTN account;
  • Only MTN subscribers can perform this deposit.
The Betpawa webpage shows how to deposit with different options available.
Image of the Betpawa deposit page.
Register with Betpawa Nigeria

Betpawa Registration Bonus

As new users, registration bonuses are not allocated to new users but offers WIN bonus up to 500% on any bet both on virtual and sports. The bonus depends on the number of bets you place.


Sign-up Common Problems

During sign-up, some customers might encounter some glitch but be rest assured, it is nothing to worry about. These might be from the webpage or the user, these problems also include;


Table showing different problems on regfistration in Betpawa

Sign-up problems from the websiteIssues from customers
High traffic due to more customers on the page.Poor location network
Website clamps down as a result of upgrade or software malfunction.Low android version preventing access to the website, note that devices with android version less than 4.4 will not be able to access the website.
Register with Betpawa Nigeria


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Also ask
Does Betpawa sportsbook have a registration bonus?
Betpawa does not offer a welcome bonus either do they offer a registration bonus to new accounts. It offers only a WIN bonus to its users.
Can I register via a mobile app?
Yes, you can register with the mobile app. To avoid imitation, get the app on the official Betpawa website to enjoy your experience. To register, you can download the app and begin your journey.
How long does the verification process take?
The verification process does not take up to a minute, you are to input the SMS you receive from Betpawa on your sim to the provided dashboard and in less than 30 sec if the traffic is low, you should be done with verification.


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