Betking Aviator Game - How To Play & Win Online

One option offered by the best betting platforms in Nigeria is the Aviator game from Betking. Created in 2019 by Spribe, the Betking Aviator game is incredibly entertaining and engaging. This guide will walk you through playing and enjoying the adventure while you take advantage of the 300% Acca bonus and over 600,000 NGN in free bets that await new registrations.

Aviator on Betking

What Is the Aviator Game

If you can find a better way to say “fly your way to fortune,” then you might just be referring to the Spribes Aviator game on Betking. At the beginning of the game, an airplane takes off and maintains an altitude for a time frame that remains in limbo. This uncertainty in the duration spells the entire excitement of the game. The multiplier value ticks progressively in the Aviator's favor, but the fall comes when the airplane vanishes from the screen. Players must cash out their wagers before this unannounced disappearance or risk losing their stake. Aside from the entertainment, playing Aviator allows users to exercise composure, timing, intuition, and a reliance on a little bit of luck.


Aviator Game

Game NameAviator
Minimum Bet50 NGN
Demo Version Yes
TypeCasino Crash Games
Volatility Medium
FeaturesRain feature, In-Game Chat, Demo Version, Statistics and Live bet, Auto Play, and Auto Cash Out.


Betking Aviator Gameplay

Image Of Betking Aviator Game
Betking Aviator Game Image

The Aviator betting game is a popular online gambling game among Nigerians at the moment. Aviator Game is a crash-style casino game where all the action takes place against a black backdrop. There is a flight path with a red line that indicates the flight trajectory, and the multiplier value with a white font is positioned at the center of your screen.

A distinctive fusion of strategy and suspense may be found in Aviator Game and the suspense in the game increases as the multiplier grows, forcing players to make snap judgments.

Aviator on Betking

Betking Aviator Gameplay

The main feature of the Aviator game is an aircraft that becomes airborne. Following takeoff, the aircraft keeps rising, and the multiplier appreciates in resonance. In this crash-style casino game, timing is crucial because you have to cash out before the plane vanishes from the grid. Otherwise, the game will reset, and you will forfeit the multiplier you have accrued within the allotted period. No doubt, Aviator is one of the most played casino games at BetKing because of its easy gaming mechanics.


How to Play Aviator on Betking

From a distance, the Aviator casino game looks complicated. But a close encounter reveals its simplicity in gameplay. If you want to learn how to play Aviator on Betking, then follow this thread for a smooth flight simulation adventure.


Go to the Official Website

Use your preferred device to access the Betking Aviator wagering site. Usually, iOS and Android devices are predominant in the African region and luckily, these operating systems are compatible with the Aviator Betking gameplay.


Sign-Up and Login

Log in to your Betking account, or register if you don't already have an existing account. Both actions are covered in the later part of this guide by a stroke of good fortune.


Make A Deposit And Select The Aviator Game

Amounts should be added to your Betking account before you may play Aviator. The minimum amount that can be deposited is N100, and several methods are available. Surprisingly, you can play for as little as N50 on the Betking platform.


Play the Demo/Real Money Version

Next, you can access the Aviator Betking area, which is found on the list of sports betting options in the top menu. Then, try the fun mode to get used to the Aviator betting rules before going for the real deal. When ready for a go, you can place a real bet. The amount to bet ranges from N50 to N30000. The Betking Aviator allows you to have two bets in play simultaneously, meaning that the maximum bet you can place each time you play is ₦15,000.

Aviator on Betking

Betking Aviator Registration Process

Image Of Betking Aviator Register Process
Betking Aviator Register Process Image

New players must register for an account to participate in this thrilling betting game at Betking. Nigerian gambling laws strongly frown on underage gambling, so you have to be 18 years or older to register. Registration can be done easily from a mobile or desktop device, and the process does not require any technical expertise. Here, we discuss the entire protocol to qualify for the Aviator game online using the Betking website.


How to Sign-Up Betking Aviator

Image Of Betking Aviator Registration Form
Betking Aviator Registration Form Image

Aviator bet on Betking can only be played from a recognized Betking account. As mentioned earlier, the process involved in having an account is not rocket science, just as the steps here suggest:

  1. Use your preferred device desktop or mobile device to visit the Betking Aviator website;
  2. Select the Arctic Blue button found in the upper right corner of the website;
  3. Provide your mobile number and tap 'Next.' On the subsequent page, input your password, first and last name, then tap 'Next;
  4. Enter your email address, date of birth, and state of residence;
  5. Confirm that you're at least 18 years old and agree to the site's terms and conditions;
  6. Finally, click 'Sign Up Now' to finalize your BetKing mobilelite registration.
Betking Sign-up Nigeria
Betking Sign-up Nigeria


How To Log Into Betking Aviator Account

Image Of Betking Aviator Login Form
Betking Aviator Login Form Image

Creating an Aviator login is even more direct if you already have a functional Betking Aviator account. The good news is that the Betking Aviator login takes you to your general account page, allowing you to carry out other actions. To get right into it, you only have to do this:

  • Use the browser on your phone to visit the Betking website, then hit the "Login" button that appears just before the Join button;
  • Input your verified Nigerian number or username and enter your password. Ensure you carefully carry out this task;
  • You will be logged into your BetKing account as soon as the information you have provided is registered;
  • By selecting "forgot password," you can regain your account if you can't remember any of your usernames or passwords.
Betking Login from Nigeria
Betking Login from Nigeria

Betking Aviator Bonuses

There are no specific bonuses for Aviator and casino games on Betking. However, other regular sports bonuses exist, and any accrued amount can be used for Aviator casino games. Bonuses such as a 300% Acca bonus, 10,000 Ngn free bet club, Flexi Cut, and Royal Cashback can be used to gather funds for your Aviator bet.

However, on the online Betking Aviator game's live chat function, the Rain feature allows participants to donate free bets that can be claimed by anyone. In the spirit of benevolence, you can also utilize the rain tool to provide other gamblers with a certain amount of free bets.


Welcome Bonuses For New Nigerian Players

Image Of Betking Welcome Bonus
Betking Welcome Bonus Image

Your first deposit after successful registration for Betking Aviator does not fetch any special bonus. However, any registration from February 1st, 2024, can record over 600,000 Naira in free bets. Any registration from this period, users can earn a 10% return in free bets on their real money wagers on sports or virtual scheduled football leagues with a minimum daily stake of ₦500. The maximum daily return is ₦22,000 for both sports and virtual games. Remarkably, users can earn up to ₦44,000 in free bets daily.

Get Betking Aviator Bonus!

Betking Aviator Deposit And Withdrawal

Image Of Betking Deposit and Withdrawal
Betking Deposit and Withdrawal Image

If you wish to learn how to make deposits and withdraw your Betking Aviator winnings, you must pay attention to this thread. Like every other payment procedure, the Aviator game has several payment options, and with BetKing's authentication and other security precautions, the transactions are quite safe. The conditions and limitations of the deposit and withdrawal options are stated in the thread below.


Deposit Money to The Aviator Game

In Africa, the most widely used way to deposit money into a betting account is through card and online banking. Impressively, Betking provides much more than two payment options to allow players to have an excellent Aviator gaming experience, The steps here will assist you fund your Betking account:

  1. Go to the main website and log in to your Betking Aviator account;
  2. On the upper right corner of the platform, click the profile button;
  3. Locate the Cyan Blue deposit button and click to reveal the different options available;
  4. Select from Card, Digital Wallet, Online Banking, Bank transfers, USSD, Bank and ATM After making a choice, enter the desired deposit amount and click Proceed Different deposit methods have a pattern to activate payment. Just follow accordingly;
  5. You can instantly see the money deposited into your betting account by reloading the Betking Aviator website.


Withdraw Money from The Aviator Game

Just like the deposit, withdrawals from the Betking Aviator game are also as cool as you like. Bank transfer is the most popular means of taking out your winnings. To withdraw your winnings, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to tour the Betking Aviator account using your user credentials;
  2. Click on the “My Profile” icon to reveal the deposit and withdrawal options;
  3. Select withdrawal to display the amount, bank, and account number selection boxes;
  4. Input the amount and select from a list of over 25 Nigerian banks before inserting the account number;
  5. Click on Proceed to get your reward instantly.

You just need to ensure that the first and last name on your Betking account matches that of your Bank information.


Betking Aviator Betting Options

Image Of Betking Aviator Betting Options
Betking Aviator Betting Options Image

This guide has spotlighted a few important sectors among the betting alternatives offered by Betking for the Aviator betting game. Check them out here.


Instant Cash Out

For the Aviator casino game at Betking, this is the most widely used betting choice. All you have to do is manually place your bet on the game, enter the stake amount, and cash out before the plane crash.


Live Bet and Statistics

The Aviator bet also provides live bets and statistics that can assist players with the right prediction. On the left side of the game interface, you will find the live bet panel which allows you to view all bets made in the current round. In the top panel, you can browse wins by amount, cash out, or multiplier, and see the biggest round multiplier.


Auto Play

The Auto bet feature enables automatic betting but you could cash out after each round manually unless disabled. Auto Cash lets players set a predetermined multiplier for automatic winning exchanges, reducing the risk of losing earnings in a crash and enhancing the game's excitement. It instantly cashes out investments when the chosen multiplier is reached.


Free Bets And Rain Feature

A certain amount of free bets is dropped into the in-game conversation by the rain feature. To redeem free bets, click the "claim" button. The operator or other players may give out free bets. As a mark of benevolence, you can use the Rain button located on the chat's upper side, you can also provide other players a certain amount of free bet.

Aviator on Betking

Betking Aviator App

Players can use the Betking apps for an even more thrilling way to explore the Aviator game. It also works flawlessly on the newest Android phone. Though there isn't a Betking mobile app for iOS phones, Apple customers can still use their local browser to place Aviator bets online on their cell phones. Savor this choice, as we have assisted you in downloading the Betking app stress-free.


Betking App for Android

The Betking apk for Android is readily available from the Google Play Store. It is simple to follow the instructions to download the Betking app for Android. Check out the actions listed below:

  1. When you tap the Play Store symbol on your phone, the app market homepage will open;
  2. Since the search engine is made to recognize these terms, type Betking using the search icon;
  3. You will be greeted by the classic blue-ish icon with the yellow-ish king crown;
  4. To link to the apk file and begin the download, click this exquisitely crafted icon;
  5. You would have finished the download in a matter of seconds since you would anticipate the software to install itself;
  6. Allowing installation from unknown sources is not necessary because Google Play Protect can confirm that the app is safe and up to date;
  7. Launch the Android sportsbook application, register, and take advantage of the existing opportunities.


Betking App for iOS

There isn't an iPhone version of the Betking app so iOS users can move on to other Betking Aviator alternatives. The good news is that you can enjoy your Aviator bets using your browser-based site. After all, you wouldn't be bothered by any downloads, installations, and periodic updates. Use these steps to get started:

  1. Use a standard browser to visit the website;
  2. You might use the search function in your browser to key in the Betking;
  3. You could select any version from those that appear in the options;
  4. To launch the website on your phone, click the link of your choice;
  5. Now that you're logged in, you can start winning big.
Betking Nigeria App
Betking Nigeria App


Best Aviator Games in Nigeria

BetkingUp to 600,000 NGN
Bet9ja N/A
Melbet100% up to N100,000 NGN
Mozzartbet 200% Up to 150,000 NGN
Play Aviator on Betking

How to Win Aviator on Betking

Image Of How to Win Betking Aviator
How to Win Betking Aviator

Winning an Aviator round requires timing and a precise analysis of the situation. A win is recorded in the Aviator bet if a player can cash out just before the plane disappears from the screen. In this section, we will give you tips that can positively influence each round of your Aviator gameplay.


Aviator Game Rules

Understanding the rules of the Aviator game in Nigeria is the first giant step to take. Users should know that the Aviator game offers a theoretical return of 0.97 per stake to players. Another basic rule to hold fast is that internet interruptions during play result in automatic cash out based on the current multiplier. The provable fair feature ensures fairness, and any malfunction voids affected bets, which results in the system refunding the stakes.



The operator and the first three players contribute to the round's result in four different ways. The operator generates a server seed using 16 randomly selected symbols during this process. Before the game round starts, the hashed version of this value is publicly available and may be seen in the "Provably Fair" part of the user menu. Every player has a corresponding client seed value that is created. By clicking the green icon, you can check the fairness of each round from the game's history.



To excel in the Aviator game, it's essential to learn how to play Aviator by starting the demo mode. After that, you can switch to real money betting with conservative bets to mitigate losses. Remember to keep a keen eye on the multiplier pattern which can be found in your betting history, to anticipate the crash framework. Additionally, practice prudent fund management and take strategic breaks to make the most of the game's 97% RTP ratio. Other strategic measures are discussed below.


Parolli Approach

To use this technique, a player will need to roll over their bets until the payout becomes substantial for withdrawal. Of course, the Betking game Aviator allows for the effective application of this technique since players can accommodate as much funds as possible before withdrawal.


Martingale Approach

Players using these tactics must place bets painstakingly even in the wake of bad fortune. This means that if they lose a bet, they double the amount lost and stake until they win. Despite the risk involved, you will make money when you cash out on the double wager since you will be able to recover all of your previous losses.


Aviator Game Predictor

Though the game is entirely random, it is not out of place to rely on Spribe Aviator prediction or other Aviator game prediction software to forecast the next round and determine the multiplier you should cash out. Several aviator predictor are available in the form of software and downloadable apk. This Aviator game - predictor relies on specially designed Artificial Intelligence that monitors the sequence of the multiplier to make predictions.



Apart from being strategic, one could employ clever tactics and outsmart the competition. Here are a few Betking Aviator tricks you can utilize to get positive results for your overall Aviator gaming experience.


Practice Demo Version

It will be an unwise move to jump right into the real money gameplay if you are new to the Aviator. Understanding how the game works is one of the first Aviator game tricks to deploy. Fortunately learning how to play Aviator on Betking is made possible by reaching for the demo version on the website. In the fun mode as it is sometimes called, a perfect simulation of the gameplay is provided by the operator to show you how to bet. You will also learn the multiplier value, flight, and crash pattern of the Aviator game.


Bet Small

Right after you feel comfortable switching over to real money game gambling, it will be a wise decision to start your journey with small stakes. Fortunately, 50 NGN is the minimum amount needed to play the Aviator game on the Betking platform. So regardless of how informed your Aviator prediction online tip is, it is better and safer to start small.


Check Statistics

Viewing the statistics area of the Aviator game is one of the best and most reliable Aviator Betking tricks available. This tip helps influence your next prediction because you can see the largest victories from previous rounds. After that, you can look up the game's history and the study multiplier crash pattern. This can help you determine the likelihood that you will win in the timing of your cash out in later rounds.


In Game Chat

Using the chat feature to engage other players could do the trick, you never might know. On the right corner of the game's interface, you will find the chat icon. You can interact with other players and you all can develop a collective opinion about the multiplier value. Who knows, you could be having a big win when all active players have a common voice.


Betking Aviator Nigeria Pros And Cons

  • Multiple rounds of gameplay;
  • High potential payouts;
  • Simple gameplay style;
  • Affordable bet amount;
  • Live chat and statistics are available;
  • Free bets available.
  • Highly addictive;
  • Limited strategy;
  • No regularity in the flight pattern;
  • Difficult to predict.


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Also ask
Is It Legal To Play Betking Aviator In Nigeria?
Playing Aviator, other casino, and real sports games on Betking in Nigeria is completely legal. Betking is licensed by the Lagos State Lottery Board, Anambra State Gaming Company, and the National Lottery Board. So you can rest assured concerning legality and license.
Does Betking Aviator Have A Demo Version?
Often referred to as fun mode, Betking offers a demo version of the Aviator betting game for players. You can use the demo version to get acquainted with the game style, crash pattern, and cashouts.
What Is the Best Time To Play Aviator On Betking?
As long as you can afford it and you are gambling responsibly then the best time to play Aviator on Betking is every time. The game is programmed to run continuously on the Betking platform. Be informed that the game is highly addictive so knowing when to stop is a virtue to behold.
What Is the Biggest Win In Betking Aviator?
In reality, the win multiplier has no limit, and the airplane can fly indefinitely. So the maximum amount will coincide with the maximum winning amount available on Betking. Maximum win is 100X the multiplier value.


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